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X sues Media Matters over report about ads appearing next to Nazi posts
Elon Musk’s social media company, X, has filed a lawsuit against Media Matters for America and one of its staff members, alleging that the progressive watchdog’s report falsely claimed Nazi content appeared alongside advertisements from major corporations on the X app. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Fort Worth, Texas, seeks unspecified damages and the removal of the article. X contends that Media Matters’ portrayal of the app was untrue, arguing that the article did not reflect the typical user experience and was intended to harm X’s advertising sales.

Texas Attorney General opens investigation into Media Matters for ‘potential fraudulent activity’
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is investigating Media Matters for “potential fraudulent activity” following allegations by X CEO Elon Musk that the group manipulated data on the social media platform. The investigation comes after a report by Media Matters accused X of placing ads next to “white nationalist hashtags,” leading to a significant advertiser withdrawal. Paxton’s office is examining the matter under the Texas Business Organizations Code and the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, focusing on ensuring that the public has not been deceived by the actions of Media Matters.

Special Guest: Drew Thomas Allen

Drew Thomas Allen, author of America’s Last Stand: Will You Vote to Save or Destroy America in 2024, is the VP of client development at Publius PR, a premiere communications firm, where Allen has worked as a publicist for many of the biggest names in politics: Peter Navarro, Dr. Naomi Wolf, Dr. Ben Carson, Alan Dershowitz, and Kari Lake, to name a few. In addition to running PR Campaigns for some of the most recognizable names in politics, Allen is a widely published columnist and host of the popular Drew Allen Show podcast.

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Hi Guys,
Could you please talk about the Electroculture Garden Sticks–How do they work?- Have you tried using them?
Thx. Bill

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What is Medical Freedom, Exactly?
Medical freedom is a concept that encompasses the right of individuals to make autonomous decisions about their own health and body, without coercion or mandatory imposition from governments or other authorities. This includes the freedom to choose or refuse medical treatments, vaccines, or other health interventions. The article emphasizes that medical freedom is a fundamental human right, deeply intertwined with bodily autonomy and informed consent, and is crucial for maintaining personal liberty and dignity.

The US Army is having a hard time recruiting. Now it’s asking soldiers dismissed for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine to come back.
The United States Army, facing a significant recruitment challenge, is reaching out to approximately 1,900 soldiers previously dismissed for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, inviting them to rejoin. This move follows a Department of Defense memo that rescinded the military’s COVID vaccine mandate, allowing service members to seek religious, administrative, or medical accommodations. The Army’s recruitment shortfall and the decision to reinvite these soldiers highlight the ongoing complexities and debates surrounding vaccine mandates and military readiness.

Moderna Halts Epstein-Barr mRNA Vaccine Trial After Myocarditis Case
Moderna has paused its Phase 1 trial of an mRNA vaccine for the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) following a suspected case of myocarditis in an adolescent participant. This development raises concerns about the heart-damaging potential of mRNA technology, which is also used in Moderna’s and Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines. The trial’s suspension, not disclosed in public filings, adds to the ongoing scrutiny and debate over the safety and transparency of mRNA vaccines, particularly regarding their association with myocarditis, especially in young, healthy males.

Half of Americans admit to holiday party-hopping just to eat free treats
A survey of 2,000 Americans reveals that 48% have attended holiday parties primarily for the treats, with 43% admitting to staying at gatherings just to eat sweets before leaving. This behavior underscores the significant role of desserts in holiday celebrations, with many respondents associating sweet indulgences with childhood memories and holiday traditions. The survey, highlighting Americans’ love for holiday sweets, also notes common practices like hiding favorite treats and the popularity of specific holiday flavors like gingerbread and salted caramel.

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Today, we’re focusing on Cantharis, a remedy primarily used for its effectiveness in treating burns, scalds, and urinary tract irritations.
This segment will explore the various applications of Cantharis, particularly in these areas.

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