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Vaccine Injury Systems ‘Jeopardized’ Safety and Health of Americans, Witnesses Tell Congress – Witnesses in a Congressional hearing testified that the U.S. government’s vaccine injury surveillancesystems compromised American safety and health during the COVID-19 pandemic. They argued the system was overwhelmed with vaccine injury reports and failed to adequately address or compensate for reported injuries. Experts highlighted significant issues in the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trials, including serious adverse events. Dr. Patrick Whelan pointed out flaws in the trial data reporting, suggesting a higher incidence of adverse events than acknowledged. Renée Gentry, director of George Washington University’s Vaccine Injury Litigation Clinic, emphasized the importance of trust in vaccines and proper compensation for rare but real vaccine injuries. She advocated for modernizing the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) and better handling COVID-19 vaccine injuries, rather than utilizing the less favorable Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP).

Special Guest Dan The Messenger

March 2020 Covid hit and almost took my life. May of 2020 I was in the hospital for Myocarditis As the year went on I was in and out of the Hospital 10 times, 2 Strokes , Kidneys where failing, early Ms, muscle waisting down to 168 lbs by March of 2021. I was diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s and CTE. With the Help of a few teams, Dr.Braun and Cold Laser we where able to reverse it. We did a mini trial with Dr Rhett Bergeron in Rosewell Georgia in the summer of 2022. I have since joined the team at Mercy Medical and Wellness in Winter Park , Fl treating Long Covid and Long Vax. My Goal is to help those who can not afford treatment through my Charity Hope4Humanity2020.Org . Through Grants and our Hope Houses.


FDA Settles Lawsuit over Ivermectin Social Media Posts – The FDA agreed to delete several social media posts that discouraged the use of ivermectin for COVID-19 treatment, labeling it as animal medication. This settlement came after a lawsuit filed by doctors advocating for ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment. The legal challenge highlighted the FDA’s lack of authority to offer medical advice or prioritize certain treatments. The posts to be removed include messages cautioning against the use of ivermectin for COVID-19. While the FDA has not changed its stance on ivermectin’s effectiveness against COVID-19, the settlement marks a significant moment in the ongoing debate over the drug’s use and the FDA’s communication strategies.

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Flu Shots — Not COVID Boosters — Caused Strokes in Elderly, FDA Says – An FDA-funded study published in JAMA concluded that flu vaccines, not COVID-19 boosters, increased stroke risk among the elderlywho received both vaccines simultaneously. Analyzing data from Medicare recipients, the study aimed to investigate a safety signal detected in January 2023. It found an elevated stroke risk associated with the flu vaccine, particularly in older adults. The study suggests further research is needed to understand the relationship between flu vaccination and stroke risk. Critics argue that the study attempts to deflect from potential COVID-19 vaccine side effects, emphasizing the need for transparency and comprehensive research to address public health concerns effectively.

Special Guest John Richardson

John A. Richardson, Jr.’s journey with apricot seeds began in his childhood, where they were a staple in his daily diet. As he transitioned into adulthood, he developed a profound dedication to spreading awareness about the potent health benefits of Vitamin B17, a key component found in these seeds.

His network of close friends was significantly influenced by his connection with G. Edward Griffin, a lifelong friend of his father, Dr. John A. Richardson, MD. Dr. Richardson, a visionary in the realm of nutritional health and alternative treatments, ventured into politics by running for congress in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1960s. His platform emphasized the values of God, Family, and Country. Despite his pioneering efforts in healthcare, Dr. Richardson faced adversity, losing his medical license, freedom, and eventually, his life.

Driven by a desire to carry forward the legacies of both his father and G. Edward Griffin, John is the President of Richardson Nutritional Center. RNC promotes wellness and healthy living through the use of safe and effective dietary supplements that support the body’s natural healing processes, including products that contain premium Vitamin B17.

John is also the Chief Visionary Officer of Operation World Without Cancer, a humanitarian global marketing effort to create widespread understanding of all natural, organic, metabolic, God-given solutions to cancer, with the ultimate goal of making cancer as rare as scurvy in our lifetime. This position allows him to continue the crucial work initiated by his father in promoting alternative health solutions and educating the public about the potential benefits of Vitamin B17. John’s vision extends beyond personal well-being, aiming to contribute to a world where cancer is better understood and, ultimately, eradicated. 2024 is the 50th anniversary of the original publication of the book, World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17, which explains the science behind B17, discusses the evidence that cancer is a deficiency disease, and uncovers the war that has been waged to hide the profound benefits of Vitamin B17 from the public.

Question of The Day!

Hi Robert,
I listened to your interview on Autism Parenting Secrets. It was awesome. We do use homeopathy at home, but am looking for a great homeopath. Do you have a list of recommendations?
Also, I have a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease and am working on healing myself. You mentioned in your interview helping others with a digestive disorder heal. Can you provide me any recommendations, guidance or resources?

Welcome to “Homeopathic Hits” on The Robert Scott Bell Show.
Today, we’re focusing on Colocynthis, derived from the bitter cucumber, known for its striking efficacy in soothing neuralgic and abdominal pains.
This remedy is a testament to homeopathy’s ability to provide relief from intense, spasmodic discomforts. Dive into the benefits of Colocynthis and discover its role in alleviating pain naturally.

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