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Thousands Believe Covid Vaccines Harmed Them. Is Anyone Listening? Many individuals believe they have suffered adverse effects from COVID-19 vaccines, which they claim persist long after the typicalvaccine side effects subside. These individuals have reported their symptoms to various health databases and authorities, but feel their concerns are dismissed by mainstream medical communities and public health officials. They are calling for more extensive research into the vaccines’ long-term effects and for the medical community to acknowledge and address these issues. This group seeks recognition of their experiences and better support systems for those who report similar health impacts post-vaccination.

Throwing Kids’ Health Under the Bus? FCC Wants to Put Wi-Fi on School Buses An FCC initiative aims to install Wi-Fi on school buses to improve internet access for students, but it has faced significant opposition from parents, politicians, and health advocates. Critics argue that prolonged exposure to Wi-Fi could lead to health issues such as increased cyberbullying, eye strain from excessive screen time, and exposure to potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation. Moreover, the unsupervised use of internet on buses might make children vulnerable to online dangers. Opponents of the plan emphasize the need for safeguards and better supervision of internet use on buses to protect children’s mental and physical health.

Moderna takes a ‘Coffee Break’ with new social media series spotlighting scientists Moderna’s new social media initiative, “Coffee Break Science,” aims tomake complex scientific topics more accessible. The series features short, engaging videos with Moderna scientists explaining their work on vaccines and immunology in a casual, easy-to-understand format. By demystifying science and humanizing their experts, Moderna hopes to enhance public understanding and trust in their work, particularly in the field of vaccine development. The series, which is shared across multiple platforms, leverages informal settings and straightforward dialogue to educate the public on important scientific topics.

Why restoring trust in science starts with art, history and education Dr. Frederic Bertley advocates for a holistic educational approach that integrates arts, history, and science to restore public trust in scientific discourse. By incorporating these disciplines into science education, Bertley believes we can make scientific concepts more relatable and understandable, thus bridging the gap between the public and scientific communities. This STEAM approach (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) not only makes science more accessible but also highlights the role of creativity and critical thinking in scientific advancement. Bertley’s methods aim to cultivate a well-rounded, informed public that appreciates and trusts scientific processes and innovations.

On today’s “Homeopathic Hits” on The Robert Scott Bell Show, we turn our attention to Xanthoxylum, derived from the prickly ash tree.
Celebrated for its prowess in soothing dental pain and boosting circulatory health, Xanthoxylum is a staple in natural medicine for managing discomfort and enhancing blood flow.
Let’s dive into how Xanthoxylum can revolutionize natural health practices.

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High Stakes for Our Country’: 49 Senators Call on Biden to Reject WHO Agreements Forty-nine Republican senators have urged President Biden to withdraw support for two proposed WHO agreementsconcerning global pandemic management, arguing that these agreements would grant excessive power to the WHO and infringe upon U.S. sovereignty. They expressed concerns about the WHO’s failures during the COVID-19 pandemic and suggested that the U.S. should instead focus on reforming the organization. The senators emphasize the need for these agreements to be reviewed by the Senate as treaties, reflecting their significant implications for national policy and sovereignty. They are also concerned about the amendments increasing WHO’s authority over national health policies, which they believe could undermine U.S. rights and interests.

University of Minnesota strengthens case to treat COVID-19 with metformin, not ivermectin Researchers at the University of Minnesota have publishedfindings that strengthen the case for using metformin, a common anti-diabetes drug, over ivermectin in treating COVID-19. The study indicates that metformin not only lowers viral loads in patients but also reduces the risk of severe outcomes like hospitalization and long COVID. These effects were most pronounced in patients who were unvaccinated, although the benefits also extended to those vaccinated. By contrast, ivermectin and another drug tested did not show significant benefits in reducing viral loads. The results suggest metformin could be a viable treatment option for COVID-19, pending further validation from larger clinical trials.

First photo of Texas farm worker who caught bird flu shows bleeding in his eyeballs A Texas dairy farm worker has shown severe symptoms, including bleeding in the eyeballs, after contracting bird flu in what is feared to be the first case of mammal-to-human transmission of the H5N1 virus. The farm worker, who had direct contact with infected dairy cows, presented these unusual symptoms, which are attributed to conjunctivitis with subconjunctival hemorrhage. This case has prompted increased vigilance from health authorities regarding the potential for bird flu to cross species barriers, raising concerns about pandemic risks. The incident underscores the unpredictable nature of zoonotic diseases and the need for stringent health surveillance in agricultural settings.

Two possible bird flu vaccines could be available within weeks, if needed The United States has prepared two bird flu vaccine candidates that could bedistributed quickly if the H5N1 virus, currently observed in dairy cows, begins transmitting among humans. Health officials have indicated that these vaccines could be mobilized within weeks to combat a potential outbreak. The readiness reflects concerns about the virus mutating to a more transmissible form between humans. Both vaccine candidates, already stockpiled in limited quantities, are part of proactive measures to manage potential public health threats posed by the bird flu, especially given the virus’s historically high mortality rate among humans. This strategic preparation aims to ensure rapid response capabilities in the event of an outbreak.

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