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Behavioural interventions to reduce vaccine hesitancy driven by misinformation on social media: The article emphasizes the significant impact of vaccine misinformation on social media, contributing to vaccine hesitancy, a major public health threat. It highlights the limited evidence base for interventions to correct or mitigate misinformation and the need for better approaches to evidence generation. The authors discuss the effectiveness of various interventions, such as debunking, pre-bunking, and accuracy prompts, in reducing misinformation sharing and changing beliefs. However, the impact of these interventions on actual vaccine uptake remains unclear. The article suggests that simple messaging about vaccine benefits and risks is insufficient to overcome hesitancy, emphasizing the importance of trust in the message, the messenger, and the vaccinated provider. It also notes the mixed effects of debunking efforts on social media and the potential backfire effect. The article calls for more proactive involvement from social media platforms in countering misinformation and highlights the need for direct partnerships between behavioral researchers, healthcare clinics, and public health agencies to develop more effective interventions. The authors recommend a robust research agenda for social media interventions, focusing on specific types of vaccines, target groups, forms of hesitancy, and misinformation sources. They stress the importance of framing messages to be relevant to specific populations and considering cultural values and trust in information sources. The article concludes that tackling vaccine hesitancy through social media is an urgent global public health issue, requiring a coordinated effort to develop and implement effective strategies.

Special Guest – Dr. Jason Dean

Dr. Jason Dean is a Husband, Father, and Doctor Calling out Medical & Pharma Cartels. Dr. Dean is best known for helping people reverse chronic health issues. For 19 years Dr. Dean and his wife have operated Palmer Natural Health, the largest Nutrition & Chiropractic office in the World, utilizing whole food nutrition and Quantum Nutrition. Dr. Dean is the Creator and Host of BraveTV.com and the Owner of Revolution Health. BraveTV is a media and content channel for Restoring the American Republic. This is done through the education of Health Freedom, Constitutional learning and maximizing Knowledge.


Welcome back to the “Homeopathic Hits” segment of The Robert Scott Bell Show.
Today, we’re exploring Ipecacuanha, a homeopathic remedy often used for persistent nausea, vomiting, and certain respiratory conditions.
This segment will delve into the therapeutic applications of Ipecacuanha in these specific areas.

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Montana’s Effort to Expand Religious Exemptions to Vaccines Prompts Political Standoff: Montana is experiencing a political standoff over proposed changes to child care licensing rules, including a contentious provision for religious exemptions to routine vaccinations for children and workers. The Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Interim Committee, comprising both Republican and Democratic legislators, renewed their informal objection to these rules, delaying their adoption potentially until spring 2025. The health department’s proposal, part of a broader package to simplify licensing processes and reduce paperwork, would require large child care facilities to enroll unvaccinated children due to religious reasons. This proposal aligns with existing religious exemptions for school-age children in Montana and 44 other states but extends it to younger children in child care. Health care advocates express concern that increasing vaccine exemptions could lower community immunity and lead to outbreaks of preventable diseases. The proposal also suggests eliminating the requirement for child care facilities to send home infected and unvaccinated children and staff during outbreaks. The standoff reflects broader tensions between public health objectives and religious freedom, with implications for child care standards and vaccination policies in Montana.

Special Guest Rob Jenkins

Rob Jenkins is an associate professor of English and former administrator at Georgia State University – Perimeter College, as well as a Higher Education Fellow at Campus Reform. He is the author or co-author of six books, including Family Man, Think Better, Write Better, Welcome to My Classroom, and The 9 Virtues of Exceptional Leaders. In addition to Brownstone and Campus Reform, he has written for Townhall, The Daily Wire, American Thinker, PJ Media, The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. The opinions expressed in Rob’s writings and public appearances are his own, and not those of his employers.

The Collapse of Credentialism: The article discusses the decline of credentialism in the United States, a trend where the authority of self-selected “experts” or the credentialed class has been increasingly questioned. Credentialism is defined as the pursuit of degrees in pseudo-sciences and quasi-academic subjects for career advancement and personal policy preferences. The author, Rob Jenkins, argues that Americans’ tolerance for this system began to wane around four years ago due to a growing realization that these experts don’t always act in the public’s best interests and their advice often lacks a scientific basis. This skepticism was fueled by the contradictions and misinformation spread by technocrats during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly regarding masks, social distancing, and school closures. The article also highlights the role of alternative media, legal actions, and platforms like Twitter in exposing these contradictions and bringing the truth to light.

Higher use of any prescription medications seen years before IBD diagnosis: A study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology reveals that individuals with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) exhibit a significantly higher use of prescription medications in the years preceding their diagnosis compared to those without IBD. The research, conducted by Linéa Bonfils, M.D., and colleagues from Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark, analyzed medication use in 29,219 individuals diagnosed with IBD in Denmark between 2005 and 2018, and 292,190 matched IBD-free individuals. The study found that the IBD group had a 1.1-fold to 1.8-fold higher use of medications across 12 of 14 Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical main groups, 10 years before diagnosis. This trend was consistent across age, sex, and IBD subtypes, with the most pronounced increase in medication use for Crohn’s disease (CD). The CD population showed 2.7 times more users of immunosuppressants, 2.3 times more users of antianemic preparations, and 1.9 times more users of both analgesics and psycholeptics than the controls, a decade before diagnosis. The findings indicate a multiorgan involvement in IBD and underscore the importance of early detection and management strategies.

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