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Total solar eclipse 2024: Spectators stake their spots along the totality path: Spectators across the US, Mexico, and Canada are eagerly staking out spots for a rare coast-to-coast total solar eclipse, the firstin 21 years, despite concerns about cloud coverage along much of the path. The eclipse’s path extends from Mexico’s Pacific beaches to Canada’s Atlantic shores, crossing 15 US states. An estimated 44 million people live within the eclipse’s path, with millions more expected to witness at least a partial eclipse. Key viewing locations include Mesquite, Texas, where locals and visitors alike hope for clear skies to witness the celestial event, despite the cloudy forecast across many areas. The eclipse, drawing enthusiasts from around the globe, emphasizes the universal fascination with such natural spectacles, regardless of weather uncertainties.

Louisiana Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Block Control of UN, WHO, and WEF in the State: The Louisiana Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 133, aimed at preventing the United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), and World Economic Forum (WEF) from exerting jurisdiction or authority within Louisiana. Authored by Republican Senators Valarie Hodges and Thomas A. Pressly, and Representative Kathy Edmonston, the bill is a statement against what is seen as overreach by these organizations. Critics, including Sen. Hodges, argue that regulations from such bodies have adversely affected Americans, particularly regarding vaccine safety. The bill seeks to maintain state sovereignty by prohibiting the enforcement or implementation of any rule, regulation, or mandate from these international entities within Louisiana.

Yes, the states have authority to control the regulation of healthcare in their state: This article dissects the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution,debunking common misconceptions about its implications on state powers versus federal authority, particularly in healthcare regulation. It explains that while the clause prioritizes federal laws over state laws, it does not permit federal overreach into areas exclusively managed by states, nor does it allow treaties to override state laws without Congressional approval. The article critically examines the Biden administration’s potential move to cede U.S. health policy sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO) via treaties without state or Congressional consent. Highlighting legal perspectives and strategies, it champions using state authority as a bulwark against undue WHO influence, asserting that state powers remain a pivotal mechanism for safeguarding U.S. sovereignty in healthcare governance.

RIGGED MEDICINE: Report finds nearly 60% of U.S. doctors received payments totaling over $12 billion from Big Pharma firms between 2013 and2022: A study by Pennsylvania State University revealed that around 57% of U.S. doctors received approximately $12.1 billion in payments from pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers between 2013 and 2022. The study, utilizing data from the Open Payments national database, indicated pervasive financial conflicts of interest in the medical profession, which may influence prescribing practices and erode patient trust. Payments varied across medical specialties, with orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, and psychiatrists among the highest recipients. The findings highlight concerns over the influence of Big Pharma on healthcare practices and the potential impact on patient care…

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Tennessee Lawmakers Pass Bill Targeting mRNA Vaccines In Food: Tennessee’s Senate passed HB 1894, requiring food containing vaccines or vaccine materials to be labeled as pharmaceutical drugs, after the House passed it with significant support. This legislation responds to research, notably by the University of California-Riverside, into embedding mRNA vaccines in edible plants, which would then be consumed as a form of vaccination. Critics, including Rep. Scott Cepicky, argue such products should be classified and prescribed as pharmaceuticals to ensure proper dosage and efficacy. The bill’s passage reflects growing concerns about the intersection of biotechnology and food production, emphasizing the need for clear regulations and informed consumer choice.

Special Guest Peter Simonson

Juvent Health’s Mission

Juvent delivers clinically validated solutions to improve musculoskeletal health. Our patented Micro-Impact Platform® has clinically demonstrated the ability to help users manage their osteoporosis and improve bone health non-invasively. Additionally, our technology helps users decrease joint pain and increase lymphatic drainage. Juvent’s Micro-Impact is an essential ingredient for total health and vitality; a Vitamin of Exerciseˇ

Juvent Health’s History

Juvent Health was founded and led by Jack Ryaby, renowned medical device pioneer and expert in bone growth stimulation. While exploring ways to strengthen particular bone areas, he discovered Juvent’s amazing technology—and was astonished to find that it demonstrated significant benefits throughout the entire body.

After assembling his team of experts from his earlier bone growth successes and millions in research and development funds, Juvent was born. Now the subject of numerous studies and clinical trials that confirm the amazing medical benefits, Juvent Health has won the support of clinicians and consumers, from sports legends like Mats Wilander, Mike Bryan, and David Leadbetter, to thousands of everyday users seeking a safer, easier, and more effective way to rejuvenate and reinforce their bodies.

Juvent Health’s Values

At Juvent, we take pride in supporting our users, employees, and partners. We believe in helping our user maximize their health using validated technologies, education, and lifestyle changes. We believe in supporting a clean environment. We believe in manufacturing in the country we sell. We support all efforts to improve musculoskeletal health and are members on the Corporate Advisory Roundtable of the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF).™

Bird Flu Could Be ‘100 Times’ Deadlier Than COVID: Experts warn of an impending bird flu pandemic that could be significantly more lethal than COVID-19, highlighted by a recent human infection in Texas. TheH5N1 avian flu virus, rare in humans but recently found in various species, could pose a major threat if it mutates for broader human transmission. With a potential death rate in humans of up to 50%, significantly higher than COVID-19’s fatality rate, concerns are mounting about preparedness for such a pandemic. Efforts to understand and mitigate the potential for a deadly outbreak involve government and research collaboration to bridge knowledge gaps and prepare vaccines. The situation underscores the need for vigilance and rapid response to emerging infectious diseases.

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