November 12th, 2023 1-2PM ET

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Special Guest – Rolf Christian Mueller-Uri

Born in Germany based in London, UK for 20 years. Working in global hotspots on corporate finance and development projects for international institution. Extensive travel to over 30 countries with ambassadorial status. Political analyst and international guest speaker.

In an intriguing and thought-provoking interview with Rolf Christian Gabrielle Mueller-Uri, a range of profound topics were explored, shedding light on the human experience and spiritual understanding. Mueller-Uri delved into the historical context of the fall of the Soviet Union, reflecting on the profound impact it had on individuals who were experiencing freedom for the first time. He discussed how the dissipating fear paved the way for new perspectives and opportunities. The conversation then shifted to the Law of Balance, a principle that underscores the importance of equilibrium in our lives and the universe. Mueller-Uri also touched upon the concept that outer abundance, while seemingly desirable, can lead to a spiritual slumber, suggesting that material wealth and comfort might detract from deeper spiritual pursuits and awareness. Finally, the topic of reincarnation was broached, offering a unique lens through which to view our allegiances and oppositions in life. Mueller-Uri proposed that understanding reincarnation could profoundly shift our perspective on who or what we align with or stand against, encouraging a more holistic and interconnected view of life and our role within it.

Incorporating insights on “HU: The Sound of Soul,” the interview with Rolf Christian Gabrielle Mueller-Uri takes on an additional layer of depth. The website delves into the concept of HU, an ancient name for God, revered as a sacred sound or mantra used in various spiritual traditions. It emphasizes the significance of sound in uplifting the individual, with HU serving as a key to open one’s heart to the divine presence. This concept aligns seamlessly with Mueller-Uri’s discussion on spiritual awakening and balance. The site describes HU as a universal sound, present in the wind, rain, and even in human emotions like laughter and weeping, suggesting a profound interconnectedness of all life. This perspective enriches Mueller-Uri’s dialogue on outer abundance and spiritual slumber, as well as his views on reincarnation, by highlighting the omnipresence of the divine in everyday life and the continuous journey of the soul. The interview, thus, not only explores historical and philosophical themes but also connects them to a timeless spiritual practice that transcends religious and cultural boundaries, offering a holistic view of human experience and spirituality.

HU: Experience the Sound of Soul from ECKANKAR on Vimeo.


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