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The Cult of Safety Explodes
Jeffrey A. Tucker discusses the rise of the “cult of safety” in society, emphasizing how safetyism has become a dominant ideology. He argues that this obsession with safety has led to significant societal changes, including the erosion of personal freedoms and the rise of authoritarianism. Tucker highlights the impact of safetyism on various aspects of life, from education to public policy, and calls for a reevaluation of our approach to risk and safety.

‘Parents Should Be Outraged’: Congress Weighs Legislation to Wipe Out State, Local Laws Designed to Protect Kids From Pesticide Exposure
Children’s Health Defense reports on proposed federal legislation that could override state and local laws designed to protect children from pesticide exposure. The piece emphasizes the potential risks pesticides pose to children’s health and development, and the controversy surrounding the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) refusal to enforce stricter safety measures. It highlights the tension between federal authority and state rights in the context of environmental health regulations.

EPA Refuses to Make Pesticides Safer
The Alliance for Natural Health USA criticizes the Environmental Protection Agency’s refusal to make pesticides safer. The article discusses the potential health risks associated with pesticide exposure and the EPA’s reluctance to enforce stricter regulations. It also addresses the broader implications of the EPA’s stance on public health and environmental safety.

Are Kids Most at Risk? Glyphosate Tied to Anxiety, Gut Bacteria Changes
Research suggests a link between glyphosate exposure and adverse effects on children’s health, particularly concerning anxiety and changes in gut bacteria. The article delves into studies that explore the impact of glyphosate, a common herbicide, on the human microbiome and its potential role in increasing anxiety levels in children. The findings raise concerns about the widespread use of glyphosate and its long-term health implications.

Marijuana component offers opioid alternative by effectively treating dental pain
A study finds that a component of marijuana could offer an effective alternative to opioids for treating dental pain. The research highlights the potential of this marijuana component in managing pain, which could have significant implications for pain treatment, especially in the context of the ongoing opioid crisis. The findings suggest a promising avenue for developing non-opioid pain management strategies.

Inside the cult of Mother God: Followers of ex-McDonald’s manager Amy Carlson’s ‘abusive’ New Age sect lay bare group’s harrowing descent into anarchy and violence
The article delves into the disturbing world of the Love Has Won cult, led by Amy Carlson, also known as ‘Mother God.’ It chronicles the cult’s descent into anarchy and violence, highlighting the bizarre beliefs and practices that defined the group. The piece also covers the eerie circumstances surrounding Carlson’s death and the cult’s continued influence despite her passing.

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Frankenfoods 2.0: Lion Burgers or Zebra Chops, Anyone?
The Alliance for Natural Health USA discusses the emerging trend of lab-grown meats, including those from exotic or even extinct animals. The article raises concerns about the nutritional differences and environmental impacts of lab-grown meats compared to traditional meats. It also questions the ethical implications and consumer acceptance of these novel food products.

Special Guest: Edward Bartlett

Bartlett is the Founder of SAVE. He received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University. Former faculty member at three universities, and former federal regulator at the Department of Health and Human Services. Author of over 100 peer-reviewed articles and editorials. Proud father of three and an avid bicyclist.

SAVE’s mission is to assure that every student and faculty member across America is afforded their constitutional protections of fairness and due process, especially in the context of sexual harassment and sexual assault. In particular, SAVE seeks to assure that the federal Title IX law is applied consistently and fairly to all students, both male and female.

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In this episode, we’re exploring Bellis Perennis, a remedy often sought for its effectiveness in treating bruises, muscular soreness, and injuries to deeper tissues.
We’ll do a brief dive into the various applications of Bellis Perennis, especially in the context of trauma and overexertion.

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