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‘Autism Tsunami’: Society’s Cost to Care for Expanding, Aging Autism Population Will Hit $5.54 Trillion by 2060: A study warns of a looming “autism tsunami,” forecasting the societal costs of caring for theexpanding and aging autism population in the U.S. to reach $5.54 trillion by 2060. Initially published in 2021, the study faced retraction due to methodological concerns and “non-financial interests” criticism but was republished, highlighting the escalating costs tied to the disorder’s rising prevalence. It explores various scenarios, including continuation of existing trends and potential mitigation through environmental intervention. The study emphasizes the urgent need for addressing the root causes of autism as a public health and economic policy issue, pointing out the significant financial and societal impact of an increasing autism rate and the shifting care needs of the affected population.

Special Guest Lisa Rooney

With a focus on transformative healing, Lisa Rooney blends the power of Integrative Coaching and Homeopathy to guide individuals on a journey towards reclaiming their health and vitality. Lisa is a seasoned Life Coach and Homeopathic consultant, who intimately understands the intricate dance between physical and emotional struggles, recognizing their profound impact on well-being. Specializing in guiding overwhelmed individuals, women in various life transitions, young adults, and first responders, Lisa tailors her approach to address a spectrum of challenges. Through personalized
coaching sessions, Lisa helps clients navigate emotional challenges such as overwhelm, fear, trauma, and uncertainty, while also addressing physical ailments including sleep disturbances, digestive issues, chronic pain, and skin conditions.

In addition to establishing Vibrant Life 24/7, Lisa co-owns Homeopathy Haven, an online platform devoted to empowering individuals to achieve health independence through homeopathy. She possesses extensive training as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, an Energy Healer, and a Homeopathic Consultant. Her educational pursuits led her to esteemed institutions such as The Coaches Training Institute, Healing Touch, Energy Psychology, Lotus Health Institute, Joette Calabrese, and currently, The College of Practical Homeopathy, UK. As a mother of two young adults, she raised her children holistically, employing many of the same methods she uses today. Nestled in the greater Atlanta area with her husband and two canine companions, Lisa finds joy in traveling, kayaking, hiking, sharing movie nights with loved ones, and embracing a lifestyle in harmony with her core values.

10 Years of Studies Link Pesticide Exposure and Childhood Cancer: Research over the past decade consistently links pesticide exposure to an increased risk of childhood cancers. The compendium of studies underscores the dangers associated with pesticide use, particularly in proximity to living areas and food production, highlighting the vulnerability of children to these toxic chemicals. The findings contribute to growing concerns about the widespread use of pesticides and their potential long-term health impacts, advocating for stricter regulations and the pursuit of safer, non-toxic alternatives in agriculture and pest control to protect children’s health and well-being.

Hour 2

More than 100 US deaths linked to Ozempic and similar weight loss drugs: An analysis reveals that over 100 deaths in the U.S. have been associated with the use of Ozempic and similar weight loss drugs.Among the reported cases are a 28-year-old who died from an ‘intestinal mass’ and a pregnant woman, highlighting significant concerns about the safety and side effects of these medications. The findings prompt a reevaluation of the use of such drugs, especially considering their popularity and widespread promotion as effective weight loss solutions. This situation underscores the importance of thorough drug safety monitoring and the need for patients and healthcare providers to weigh the benefits against the potential risks carefully.

From ‘honey laundering’ to fake caviar: The seven types of food frauds: This article illuminates the prevalent issue of food fraud, detailing seven common types that deceive consumers and harm public health. These types include adulteration (adding non-food substances to products), tampering and mislabeling (altering expiry dates or origins), over-run (producing more than agreed to sell outside regulated channels), theft (selling stolen legitimate products), diversion (selling products outside intended markets), counterfeit (replicating products and packaging), and simulation (creating lower-quality knock-offs). Food fraud affects high-value items like saffron, seafood, and dairy, costing billions globally. The piece emphasizes the need for consumer vigilance, stricter regulations, and advanced detection methods to combat these deceptive practices and ensure food integrity.

Nightmares of the Elite: This reflective piece delves into the author’s recurring dream, which symbolizes a realization of the pervasive failure of educational institutionsand”truth-seeking” organizations to foster genuine debate and critical thinking, especially in response to Covid measures. Highlighting the nearly unanimous compliance of American colleges (except Hillsdale College) with controversial Covid policies, the article critiques the intellectual conformity and lack of courage among faculty and leadership in challenging the status quo. It underscores a broader concern about the education system’s role in society, questioning the integrity and effectiveness of institutions tasked with nurturing future leaders. The narrative expresses a deep-seated fear that these shortcomings signify a profound crisis in leadership, critical thinking, and the pursuit of truth, suggesting that the very essence of freedom and bravery foundational to American identity may be at risk. The piece serves as a call to re-evaluate and potentially reform educational and societal structures to encourage more open, informed, and courageous discourse.

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