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Insurance Industry Execs ‘Alarmed’ by Surge in Deaths Among Young People — But Stop Short of Blaming COVID Shots
Insurance executives are concerned about the significant rise in death claims among young adults, which has created financial pressure on the industry. The mortality rate for Americans aged 15-45 has seen a sharp increase since 2020, with a more than 20% rise above historical norms in 2023. The Society of Actuaries, however, did not link these excess deaths to the COVID-19 vaccine mandates, instead attributing them to indirect effects of the pandemic.

Special Guest Chris Hoar

Satellite Phone Store was started in 2006 by a team of satellite communication professionals with the idea to solve the problem of unavailable communication in remote areas of the world. By providing high quality global satellite communication access at a very competitive price Satellite Phone Store is now the #1 choice for Individuals, Corporations, Travelers, Boat owners, Emergency Responders, Off-road Racers, Construction Companies, Small and Large Businesses. This grand idea never changed and resulted in a successful ever growing business that serves thousands of customers, across the whole globe, every day.

Our mission is to help people stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Our national team is made of communication experts, IT engineers, travelers and adventure enthusiasts who passionately explore the world. For the same reason, we understand how important communication is and we actively innovate and provide solutions for a stable connection. Whether it’s voice and high speed internet offshore, a regular call from the Grand Canyon or working online in the remote areas of the Amazonian jungles, it is our pleasure to provide you a solution and a piece of mind that you have the technology to stay connected anywhere under the open sky.

Our specialty

Satellite Phone Store expands through 3 offices located in Sarasota Florida, San Diego California, and Anchorage Alaska. Our team of certified experts sell, rent, and support mobile and fixed satellite communication products using both Iridium and Inmarsat as well as Globalstar and Thuraya satellite networks. List of products and solutions we specialize in include satellite phones, satellite internet hub spots, maritime data terminals, fixed and mobile land terminals and service plans customized for each customer to receive the best value for the lowest cost.

In the wake of current world events, particularly the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza, the importance of being prepared for any situation cannot be overstated. A satellite phone becomes an indispensable tool in scenarios where traditional communication infrastructure is compromised or non-existent. Here’s why having a satellite phone is a smart choice, along with scenarios where it could be life-saving for you and your loved ones:

1. Natural Disasters

In the event of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, or floods, cellular networks often fail. A satellite phone can be the only means to call for help or to let family members know you are safe.

2. Remote Travel

For those who venture into remote areas where cell service is unreliable or unavailable, such as deep-sea fishermen, hikers, or journalists in conflict zones, satellite phones can be a lifeline in emergencies.

3. Political Instability and Conflicts

In regions experiencing political unrest or military conflicts, communication networks may be shut down to control information flow. A satellite phone allows individuals to bypass local networks, ensuring they can reach out to the outside world.

4. International Crises

During international crises, such as the current situation in Israel and Gaza, where airstrikes and hostilities can disrupt daily life and communication, having a satellite phone ensures that you can maintain contact with others and access vital information.

5. Pandemics

In the case of a pandemic, where infrastructure may be overwhelmed or personnel unavailable to maintain systems, satellite phones can provide a reliable means of communication with health services and authorities.

6. Terrorism and Kidnapping

In the unfortunate event of terrorist attacks or kidnappings, satellite phones can be used to coordinate with law enforcement and negotiate for safety, especially in areas where such risks are heightened.

7. Power Outages

Satellite phones do not rely on local power grids, which can be crucial during extended power outages, allowing users to communicate when most needed.

8. Search and Rescue Operations

For search and rescue teams, satellite phones are essential in coordinating efforts, especially in vast, unpopulated areas where traditional communication is not an option.

Current Events: The Situation in Israel

The ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza, as reported by AP News, has led to a significant loss of life and destruction of property. With Israel taking “overall security responsibility” in Gaza indefinitely and the heavy fighting, communication lines are likely to be affected. In such a scenario, a satellite phone could be a critical tool for those caught in the conflict to reach emergency services, contact family members, or coordinate evacuation.

In conclusion, a satellite phone is a smart investment in preparedness for a wide range of scenarios. It provides a reliable method of communication when all others fail, which can be the difference between life and death in critical situations. Given the unpredictable nature of current world events, such as those unfolding in Israel, the value of a satellite phone cannot be underestimated.

Source: AP News

Today’s “Homeopathic Hits” segment features Borax, a remedy used for mucosal membrane issues and fear of downward motion.
It is particularly noted for its effectiveness in treating these specific health concerns, offering a diverse range of applications within homeopathic medicine.

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Special Guests – Jamie Dorley and Kristine Glein

Jamie Dorley has been involved in the natural health field in a variety of capacities for over twenty years. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree from Slippery Rock University in community health, and certification from the American College of Sports medicine as a certified trainer, Jamie’s career includes having counseled and coached athletes, executives, and school teams, and many years serving as a sales executive and formulator for several national nutritional and sports supplement companies. As co-founder with Dr James Winer of Nutritional Frontiers, Jamie is the current CEO and oversees the formulation and distribution of premium therapeutic quality nutritional supplements through health professionals nationwide. His expertise is highly valued by the many patients whom he has helped with a wide variety of health challenges since joining the staff of Winer Wellness Center in 2007.

At Nutritional Frontiers we take tremendous pride in the partnership we have with all of our clients. It is an incredible time right now for natural healing and the supplement industry and we are at the forefront. The quality control standards with the new cGMP regulations are at an all-time best and the technology with new delivery systems are maximizing compliance, absorption and results. We have surveyed thousands of people requesting non-tablet supplements and we have listened. During the past year we have introduced over 30 new formulations utilizing cutting edge and unique delivery systems such as powders, liquids, sprays, sustained released tabs and chewable’s. All of our formulas are 100% guaranteed to meet label claim! We must look beyond just meeting label claim and we do so by using therapeutic dosing, bioactive forms of ingredients and all natural inactive ingredients. Our professional team has over 150 years of experience and is consistently learning the newest research. We are the first concierge service for natural healthcare professionals and patients. At Nutritional Frontiers the healthcare professional and patient always come first. Nutritional Frontiers provides a 100% money back guarantee on all products and services.

Special Guest Kristine Glein

Soul Intelligence™. It’s what gives your life meaning. It’s not just your intuition, it’s your purpose. It’s the WHY behind the WHAT. SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ means that you are in alignment with your mission, vision, values, and purpose. You know it, you feel it. It’s where the practical meets the spiritual. As a turnaround specialist in the corporate world for more than 25 years, I was driven every day to identify people, process, and technology that wasn’t working well together in order to streamline operations and improve business outcomes. In essence, I discovered where the energy was stuck, and what was needed to shift to make the energy flow better for the people and the organization. I help executives get their GAME ON and align their mission, vision, value, and purpose through the use of Soul Intelligence™. My super power is that I can help identify and eliminate any energy blocks for frustrated executives, struggling teams, and stagnant organizations to eliminate what is preventing the desired successful outcomes.

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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