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Look Who’s Controlling Our Access To Natural Supplements The growing control of large corporations over the natural supplements industry is reshaping access and consumer choice, as highlighted in thisanalysis. Traditionally, small health companies championed natural and preventive health products, which stood in contrast to Big Pharma’s focus on symptom treatment. The article reveals that many trusted brands, once independent, have been acquired by major corporations like Nestle and Bayer, which are known primarily for their non-supplement products. This trend has led to concerns about the dilution of product quality and the prioritization of profit over consumer health needs. Furthermore, legislative efforts like those by Senator Dick Durbin aim to standardize supplement dosages, which could restrict consumer choice even further by favoring generic formulations over potent, high-quality options. The transition from a diverse market to one controlled by a few large players could limit access to effective natural supplements, essentially reducing consumer options to lower-quality products that align with corporate interests rather than health efficacy.

Lawmakers target heavy metals in baby food with new legislation A recent legislative push by U.S. lawmakers, led by Sen. Amy Klobuchar and supported by other Democrats, aims to combat the pervasive issue of toxic heavy metals in baby food. The Baby Food Safety Act of 2024 is a response to alarming reports indicating that a significant majority of commercially available baby foods contain dangerous levels of neurotoxins like lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury, which can severely affect neurological development and cause long-term intellectual and behavioral issues in children. This legislation intends to establish stringent standards for testing and limit the presence of these heavy metals in baby food products. Advocates for the bill argue that such measures are overdue and critical for ensuring the safety and well-being of children. By granting the FDA enhanced regulatory authority, the act would enable mandatory recalls for non-compliant products, a significant shift from the current voluntary recall system. This legislative effort reflects a broader call for increased accountability and safety in food manufacturing, aiming to protect the most vulnerable consumers: infants and toddlers.

Dr. Deborah Birx: We need ‘transparent panel’ on COVID origins Dr. Deborah Birx, the former White House COVID-19 response coordinator, has emphasized the need for a transparent investigation into theorigins and management of the COVID-19 pandemic, akin to a 9/11-style commission. Highlighting the necessity of transparency to restore trust in public health and science, Birx pointed out the significant challenges in the pandemic’s early responses, including issues with vaccine efficacy and safety. She critiqued the handling of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Europe, where early approvals were followed by suspensions due to safety concerns, notably rare blood clots. Birx advocates for clear, open discussions on vaccine effects, particularly on lower-risk groups and the long-term consequences of vaccines and COVID-19, including long COVID. She also criticized China’s initial handling of the outbreak, notably its early denial of human-to-human transmission, which contributed to global spread. By addressing misinformation and conspiracy theories through factual engagement and addressing public concerns, Birx believes a more informed public discourse can be achieved.

Today on “Homeopathic Hits” on The Robert Scott Bell Show, we delve into Anthemis Nobilis, more commonly known as Roman chamomile.
This homeopathic remedy is renowned for its soothing effects on both the digestive system and emotional disturbances.
Let’s explore the gentle, healing properties of Anthemis Nobilis and its wide-ranging applications.

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Nothing says ‘trust the science’ like hiding the science for 24 months The narrative surrounding COVID-19 and related vaccine policies is under intense scrutiny, with accusations that vital scientific data was deliberately withheld from the public for political and financial gains. Critics argue that this suppression has engendered widespread distrust towards public health leadership and the scientific community. The article highlights how various interventions and treatments were initially dismissed or ridiculed by authorities, yet later recognized as effective. This growing skepticism has prompted calls for greater transparency and accountability, emphasizing how secrecy has potentially damaged the credibility of many in authority. Moreover, the piece discusses the broader impact on public perception, suggesting that the lack of openness has not only eroded trust in health advice but also in broader scientific practices. The call for openness is now coupled with a push for reforms that ensure future health crises are managed with greater transparency and inclusivity in decision-making processes.

Bird Flu Could Be ‘10 Times Worse’ Than COVID, FDA Commissioner Warns FDA Commissioner Robert Califf has issued a stark warning that a potential bird flupandemic could be significantly more lethal than COVID-19, with mortality rates possibly as high as 25%. However, he acknowledges that the immediate risk of human transmission remains relatively low. In response, extensive preparations are underway, including stockpiling vaccines and planning comprehensive rapid response measures. Despite these warnings, some experts and public health advocates have labeled the heightened alarm as potentially overblown. They point to a long history of managed avian flu incidents, arguing that health authorities might be using scare tactics for bureaucratic and funding advantages. The article also explores the implications of such warnings on public policy and health preparedness, stressing the need for balanced information that neither underplays nor exaggerates the risks associated with bird flu. It calls for continued vigilance and rational response strategies to manage the threat without causing unnecessary panic.

If Pigs Get Bird Flu, We Could Be In for a Real Nightmare The concern about bird flu, H5N1, transitioning into a human pandemic is significantly heightened with the potential for the virus to infect pigs. Pigs are unique as they can harbor both avian and human influenza viruses, allowing for genetic reassortment of viruses which can lead to new, possibly more virulent strains. Historical precedents, like the 2009 H1N1 pandemic that originated from pigs, underscore this risk. Current agricultural policies lack provisions for systematic testing of asymptomatic animals, particularly pigs, which is crucial for early detection and containment of the virus. This oversight mirrors early COVID-19 response failures where insufficient testing allowed undetected spread. The U.S. agricultural sector, already monitoring birds, faces challenges in extending these measures to pigs and cows due to lack of compensation for farmers whose livestock test positive, creating a disincentive for cooperation. Without policy changes that encourage comprehensive testing across species, the risk of a severe outbreak remains high, underscored by experts who note the silent, ongoing transmission among animals and the critical need for broader surveillance and response strategies.

How the Nobel Prize Summit sold out on real science The Nobel Prize Summit, themed “Truth, Trust, and Hope,” attempted to address the viral infection of misinformation, yet critics argue it fell short, veeringtowards a narrative controlled by big corporations and the reinforcement of mainstream ideologies. The summit incorporated discussions on AI and cancel culture as tools against scientific misinformation, prompting concerns about the authenticity of the scientific discourse promoted. Critics point to the summit’s use of art and performance to manipulate perceptions and strengthen a corporate-backed scientific narrative, which might suppress diverse scientific opinions under the guise of combating misinformation. This event has sparked a debate on the integrity of the scientific process and the influence of corporate and political entities on public scientific discourse and policy-making, highlighting a growing skepticism towards the so-called definitive scientific truths that align with corporate interests. The summit’s focus seemed to overshadow the complex nature of scientific inquiry, promoting a singular, narrow view of science that aligns with specific global narratives and interests, potentially at the expense of open scientific debate and the exploration of varied scientific viewpoints.

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Can spike proteins get into people who did not get vaxxed, if they were in close proximity to vaxxed people?
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Hi RSB, I have a friend who is pregnant and the Dr’s say her hemoglobin in low, so they have her taking iron supplements, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. My friend asked my advice since she knows I am health minded. I remembered that you’ve mentioned before that often when the dr’s say we are low on iron it’s actually a deficiency in another mineral that helps our bodies absorb the iron. I cannot remember what that mineral is!! Can you refresh my memory? Any other suggestions you have that I can pass on to my friend would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.

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