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A Record Number of Kids Are in Special Education—and It’s Getting Harder to Help Them All More American children than ever are receiving special education services, with 7.5 million students, or 15.2% ofthe public-school population, qualifying in 2022-2023. This increase is driven by factors such as lingering pandemic-related learning and behavioral challenges, reduced stigma around special education, and rising autism diagnoses. However, schools face significant challenges in providing adequate support due to a shortage of special education teachers and aides. Budget pressures are intensifying as federal COVID relief aid is set to expire, and federal funding for special education has historically fallen short. The increase in special education needs, coupled with staffing shortages and funding constraints, has created an unsustainable situation for many school districts. The growing demand for services and the integration of students with disabilities into general education classrooms highlight the urgent need for more resources and support for special education.

‘We’re flying blind’: CDC has 1M bird flu tests ready, but experts see repeat of covid missteps The CDC has prepared one million bird flu tests, but experts fear a repeat of COVID-19 testing errors due to slow deployment and insufficient involvement of clinical labs. Despite having the tests, only about 45 people have been tested nationwide. Experts, including Jennifer Nuzzo from Brown University, warn that inadequate testing could miss the virus spreading between humans, risking another pandemic. The CDC’s tests are distributed to public health labs, but major clinical labs lack authorization to use them, hindering widespread testing. The CDC has offered royalty-free licenses for its bird flu tests, but delays and lack of reference rights have slowed progress. Researchers stress the need for immediate testing through private sector labs, as seen in South Korea’s effective COVID-19 response. The current approach risks repeating the mistakes of early COVID-19 testing, potentially undermining public health efforts and international credibility.

DOD Turning Plastic Waste Into Food? How Your Food Is Being Corrupted The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is funding research to convert militaryplastic waste into bacterial protein powder for human consumption. This initiative, managed by DARPA, raises significant concerns about the future of food and its safety. The article highlights the growing corruption of the food supply, driven by technologies like genetically modified organisms (GMOs), fake meats funded by figures like Bill Gates, and genetically engineered animals. Additionally, there are projects such as Aanika Biosciences’ bacterial spores, which are used to track food from production to waste, and can’t be removed by washing or cooking. The push for insect-based foods and extensive food tracking by cities like New York and London, in collaboration with credit card companies, aims to reduce meat and dairy consumption under environmental pretexts. This shift towards highly processed and monitored food systems is seen as a strategy to control food choices and undermine traditional dietary practices, raising alarms about food sovereignty and public health.

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Special Guest – Michael Boldin

Knowledge is Power. Ignorance is Weakness. Learn the Founders’ Truth Emphasizing the importance of education on the original meaning of the Constitution and founding principles, this article underscoresthe need for understanding the strategies of the Founders to protect and defend liberty. The Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) aims to counteract the ignorance propagated by government-run schools by educating people about the Constitution and their rights. Drawing on quotes from Thomas Jefferson, Abigail Adams, and Benjamin Rush, the piece highlights the necessity of learning to preserve freedom. TAC’s efforts focus on building knowledge and support for constitutional principles, advocating for a grassroots approach to limit federal power. The organization relies on membership and donations to continue its educational mission, emphasizing that the battle to restore a truly free society requires persistent effort and dedication.

Texas Secessionists Working With Five Other States, Leader Says The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is collaborating with secessionist groups in Alaska, California, New Hampshire, Florida, and Louisiana, according to TNM President Daniel Miller. This cooperation comes amid increasing activity from Texas independence advocates and heightened tensions between Texas authorities and the Biden administration. The Republican Party of Texas has included support for an independence referendum in its 2024 Legislative Priorities and Platform. Miller supports the right of states to discuss and vote on secession and claims TNM interfaces with movements like Calexit, New Hampshire exit, Free Louisiana, and the Alaskan Independence Party. Despite some public support for secession in states like Florida and Louisiana, Miller emphasizes that the decision must be made by the citizens of each state. A Newsweek survey found that 23% of Texans support secession, while 67% prefer to remain part of the United States.

The Ten Commandments is a good start to fixing government schools A new Louisiana law mandates the display of the Ten Commandments in every publicschool classroom, aiming to address what some see as a moral crisis in education. Proponents argue that the Ten Commandments, viewed as a moral rather than religious code, can help instill values like honesty and respect among students. The law’s sponsor, Representative Dodie Horton, claims it honors Louisiana’s legislative history and emphasizes morality over religion. However, the move has sparked controversy, with opponents, including the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State, arguing that it violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and could alienate students of different faiths. Critics also recall the 1980 Supreme Court decision in Stone v. Graham, which struck down a similar law in Kentucky. Despite legal threats, supporters believe reinstating the Ten Commandments in schools is essential for restoring discipline and ethical behavior among students.

Unlock the Pursuit of Happiness: The Founders’ Ignored Message The Tenth Amendment Center highlights a deeper understanding of the “pursuit of happiness” as intended by the Founders, often overlooked in modern education. This phrase from the Declaration of Independence is rooted in the philosophies of John Locke and Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui, emphasizing the necessity of liberty and property rights for true happiness. The Founders saw happiness as tied to virtue and freedom from oppressive government, advocating for limited government and individual rights. The podcast episode explores these principles, urging a return to the original intent of fostering a society where individuals can freely pursue their own paths to happiness. The center’s mission is to educate the public on these foundational ideas to combat government overreach and restore personal liberties.

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