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Why Soul Span Matters More Than Lifespan The article posits that while lifespan and health span are important, the quality of our life experience, or “soul span,” holds greater significance. Health is described asthe optimization of lifespan, health span, and soul span. Soul span pertains to the meaningfulness and joy we derive from life. The author highlights how our internal dialogue often undermines our happiness and advocates for observing thoughts non-judgmentally, as through meditation, to improve soul span. Searching for life’s meaning can be counterproductive, and instead, living a meaningful life through connections and purpose is more beneficial. Avoiding self-deception is crucial; living a life aligned with our true selves is essential for soul span. The journey to optimize soul span involves striving towards our highest goals and enduring the associated challenges, bringing a deeper sense of fulfillment and meaning. The author underscores that the pain and suffering encountered on this path are worthwhile, contrasting it with the greater suffering from not pursuing our true selves. This perspective asserts that while lifespan and health span matter, soul span is the most vital aspect of a life well-lived.

Special Guest Dr. Peter Scelfo

DR. PETER SCELFO has dedicated nearly his entire career to the healthcare field. Initially working as a cardiovascular technologist in the cardiac catheterization lab at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida, he later attended Georgetown University’s School of Dentistry, graduating in 1979. Over his forty-two years in practice, Dr. Scelfo has participated in the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology’s mass disaster course, handled numerous life-threatening emergencies requiring CPR, and has always maintained his CPR certification. His personal medical history is profound, having undergone seven cardiac catheterizations, received five coronary artery stents, and ultimately, a quadruple bypass surgery in 2016. Inspired by the fear he once saw on a colleague’s face, Dr. Scelfo recognized the importance of addressing sudden medical emergencies in front of children, emphasizing the need for early education and preparedness.

Welcome to another insightful episode of “Homeopathic Hits” on The Robert Scott Bell Show.
Today, we’re focusing on Corallium Rubrum, a homeopathic remedy derived from red coral.
Known for its effectiveness in treating whooping cough and various respiratory issues, Corallium Rubrum offers a natural approach to managing these conditions.
Let’s explore the therapeutic benefits of this potent remedy.

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Pandemic Preparedness: Arsonists Run the Fire Department The current approach to pandemic preparedness is exacerbating the threats it aims to mitigate. Gain-of-function research, which genetically alterspathogens to be more transmissible or deadly, is seen as unnecessary and highly risky, posing potential man-made pandemic threats. The COVID-19 response involved rushed vaccine development and the suppression of alternative treatments, leading to widespread harm. Advocates call for a complete halt to gain-of-function research, destruction of dangerous viral stocks, and removal of individuals responsible for previous mismanagement. Recommendations include a focus on good hygiene, isolation of the sick, and transparent use of existing therapies. Citizens are urged to pressure elected officials and institutions to end gain-of-function research and prevent future disasters, emphasizing the need for common-sense approaches to managing respiratory viruses and ensuring public health safety.

Special Guest Jane Pulkys

JANE DURST-PULKYS, PhD, is a clinical and holistic nutritionist, author, educator, and life coach. She specializes in Metabolic Balance® weight management practices in Canada and is the USA brand ambassador for Metabolic Balance® and national license holder for Hong Kong. She consults with clients from all walks of life from around the world. Fortune 500 companies find Jane’s work to be extremely valuable for their executives and employees. Jane is an authority on health and optimal performance and a faculty member and advisor for the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto. With over 40 years of practical experience, Jane is on the leading edge of proactive approaches to personal health. She is a bestselling author and a frequent guest on TV and radio.Jane’s goal? To help millions learn about the awesome benefits of Metabolic Balance and to share the opportunity to be a coach in the US and Canada.

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Toxic PFAS absorbed through skin at levels higher than previously thought New research proves that toxic PFAS chemicals are absorbed through human skin at levels much higher than previously believed. Using lab-grown tissue that mimics human skin, University of Birmingham researchers measured the absorption rates of 17 different PFAS compounds. The study found significant absorption of 15 compounds, including 13.5% of PFOA, one of the most toxic PFAS, with prolonged application increasing absorption to 38%. Smaller, short-chain PFAS compounds, which are more commonly used now, were absorbed at even higher rates, up to nearly 60%. This challenges industry claims that ionized PFAS in personal care products and makeup are not absorbed through the skin. PFAS, used in various products like waterproof clothing, makeup, and baby products, are linked to severe health issues, including cancer and thyroid disease, making this new information critical for public health and safety.

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