April 14th, 2023 3-5PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Special Guest – Shai Danon from Israel

Shai has been working extensively to help people all over the world and specifically Israel, to wake up and see the hidden realities we have been fooled to blindly believe.
married+1 with a record of music production healing music festival, having his own media platform including live broadcasts and establishing Bio-Hacking center as well as Magneto-Electro culture centers in Israel filing the 5G court case against the gov. of Israel, and many more public service deeds.

Special guests Ula Tinsley and Lori Harvey

Ula Tinsley aka Autism Mama Bear is a passionate autism advocate, featured writer at  and a talk show host on Autism Mama Bear Talk. She’s been raising autism awareness on a local and national level since 2010, when her son was diagnosed with a regressive form of autism. After gaining more experience and knowledge about different ways of treating ASD, she’s been supporting and consulting other families living with autism. Her latest project, Autism Mama Bear Talk, is a fast-paced interview show bringing informative and everyday inspiring stories from leading autism advocates, self-advocates, parents and medical experts.

Fasting and Cancer Fasting, or not eating food for an extended period of time, is well-known as a religious diet practice. But some are also beginning to use it for specific health benefits. Over the past several years, many studies have been published showing that intermittent fasting or a fasting-mimicking diet can reduce risk factors for and reverse symptoms of serious health conditions including cancer. Intermittent fasting is fasting on a schedule, alternated with times of eating. For example, you may eat normally for most of the week, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays only eat for an 8-hour period and fast for the remaining 16 hours. Some also call this a fasting-mimicking diet. Although it seems unusual in modern society where food is abundant, the human body is built to accommodate times when food sources are scarce. In history, fasting has often been necessary in the face of famine or other natural disasters that limit food supply. Your body is designed to protect you against starvation. To do this, it stores a reserve of the nutrients needed to survive when you eat. When you’re not eating normally, this puts the cells under mild stress, and your body begins to release those stores to fuel itself. Doctors suggestTrusted Source that as long as your body has time to heal itself after this period of stress, you won’t experience negative effects. One of the most immediate results of this type of diet is weight loss, since your body is using more calories than it’s taking in.

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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