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Special Guest Scott Newgent

The accidental star of Matt Walsh’s What is a Woman? documentary. Transman. Gender medicine survivor. Lesbian. Mother. Speaking out for kids.
Scott endured medical complications after medical complications due to transgender “healthcare.” Scott lost everything he’d ever worked for: his home, car, savings, career, wife, medical insurance, and most importantly, his faith in himself and God. In a battle to survive, he went from ER to ER, trying to solve the mystery of why his health was failing. He learned firsthand the truth about how dangerous medical transition is. Scott realized that if you get sick because of transgender health, you will be deserted by the medical field, who might also gaslight you. The truth is that medical transition is experimental, dangerous, and doesn’t cure anything; but convincing society it saves lives opens a new trillion-dollar industry, and your child is the target! Because of the truth, Scott has dedicated his life to educating the world about medical transition and saving your children from the carnage it renders! He is SCREAMING “Stop transing kids and get the new LGBTQ+ out of our children’s schools!”



Matt Walsh: “Scott Newgent is the hero of the film.

CDC gives guidance for trans people ‘chestfeeding’ kids, accused of failing to consider possible health risks The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s official website published advice for trans and non-binary individuals on seeking guidance on how to “chestfeed” their infants. In sections of the major health institute’s guidance on breastfeeding, it contained information for those who have had much of their breasts removed in gender-reassignment surgeries, or for biological men taking hormones to grow breasts, on how to feed their newborn children. However, several doctors criticized the guidance, not simply because CDC has appeared to guide biological men in how to breastfeed children, but because they claimed the CDC has failed to gauge the risks posed to children drinking milk produced by chemicals used in gender-reassignment medical operations.  In the CDC website’s section on “Health Equity Considerations” – found under its “Infant and Young Child Feeding Toolkit,” the center declared that “Transgender and nonbinary-gendered individuals may give birth and breastfeed or feed at the chest (chestfeed).” It also stated that “The gender identity or expression of transgender individuals is different from their sex at birth,” and that, “the gender identity of nonbinary-gendered individuals does not fit neatly into either man or woman.”

Johnson & Johnson sues researchers who linked talc to cancer Johnson & Johnson has sued four doctors who published studies citing links between talc-based personal care products and cancer, escalating an attack on scientific studies that the company alleges are inaccurate. J&J’s subsidiary LTL Management, which absorbed the company’s talc liability in a controversial 2021 spinoff, last week filed a lawsuit in New Jersey federal court asking it to force three researchers to “retract and/or issue a correction” of a study that said asbestos-contaminated consumer talc products sometimes caused patients to develop mesothelioma. One of the researchers, Richard Kradin, declined to comment. The other two, Theresa Emory and John Maddox, did not respond to requests for comment. Lawyers who have represented the three researchers in similar litigation in the past declined to comment. J&J is facing more than 38,000 lawsuits alleging that the company’s talc products, including its Baby Powder, were contaminated by asbestos and caused cancers including ovarian cancer and mesothelioma. J&J is attempting to resolve those lawsuits, as well as any future talc lawsuits, through an $8.9 billion settlement in bankruptcy court. J&J says that its talc products are safe and do not contain asbestos.

Hour 2

Our ‘Community Microbiome’ Is Under Attack — Should We Worry? This thought came to me in the middle of the night. Those are usually my best ideas so I’ll try to transcribe it faithfully without too much daytime editing. Pharma ain’t gonna like this but as long as we are still free to think and use common sense, that is what I’m going to do. In the medical freedom movement we focus a lot on the wisdom of the body’s innate immune system. But that’s just one (very complicated) piece in a much larger and more interesting system. For the first year of life, infants don’t have much of an immune system. But nature already solved this problem. Infants are messy. They touch everything and so they are introducing a constant stream of dirt, bacteria, viruses, saliva, feces, and urine to everyone in their orbit, especially the mother. In the process, the mother is exposed to microdoses of a wide range of, for lack of a better word, germs, for which she develops immunity that she then passes on to the child through breastmilk. But this process of building a shared microbiome starts long before that. The microbiome is the community of microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses that exists in a particular environment. In humans, the term is often used to describe the microorganisms that live in or on the body, such as the gastrointestinal tract or the skin. But the individual microbiome exists within a community microbiome and the larger microbiome of the planet itself.

Special Guest Celia Farber

Celia Farber is a journalist, author, and editor based in New York City, who grew up in Sweden and New York City. Farber has written on a variety of subjects for SPIN, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Harper’s, Salon, New York Press, and many more. She hosts a show called “Radio Free Science” every Friday at 3 pm on PRN. (progressiveradionetwork.com) and is the author of Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS (MHP)

Celia Farber is the daughter of radio legend Barry Farber, and has one son, Jeremy, and shares 3 cats with her former husband Bob: Mickey, Carlos, and Jack. Her sister Bibi Farber is a singer/songwriter who also hosts a website on sustainable living called Next World TV (nextworldtv.com) which Celia is also a regular contributor to.

Questions of The Day!

On a recent show (July 7) you had a doctor on and you were discussing ablation and asked why doctors don’t go to the source of the issue which is a mineral deficiency instead of destroying or ablating tissue. I had a catheter ablation many years ago for an arrhythmia and racing heart that started after high school and became more frequent. It was triggered by anxiety (emotional) and sudden movements (physical). Did I develop a copper deficiency and what supplement or protocol would you suggest to remedy this? I still have the occasional heart skipping and times I feel like I have to stop breathing for a second to prevent my heart from racing.
Also, just wondering why I’m not seeing previous shows on Rumble?
Thanks a lot. Love your show!


Hi – I’m looking for information about taking iodine. I was thinking I had heard you talk about it recently and there is another supplement or mineral that iodine needs to be taken with. I appreciate the answer or a date of the show you talked about it on.
Thanks so much.

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