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RFK Jr.’s rising profile sparks Democratic jitters Democrats are growing concerned that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s profile is rising just as President Biden embarks on a challenging campaign to keep the White House out of Republican control. Kennedy, an anti-vaccine proponent who launched a primary bid against Biden this spring, is doing unexpectedly well in some polls and receiving increasing media attention as a result. He has also been on a press tour this week that included a Twitter Spaces discussion with Elon Musk and digital town hall with journalist Michael Smerconish. Democrats widely consider Kennedy to be a problematic fringe candidate who freely spreads conspiracy theories. But his relatively decent poll numbers, as well as his media-ready image as an heir to the famous political dynasty, have caused some to worry he could gain steam and potentially distract from the task of reelecting Biden in 2024. “Democrats would be foolish to mock or belittle RFK Jr. Every time we make fun of those who hold fringe positions, we lose,” said Michael Ceraso, a Democratic strategist and former campaign aide to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. “The Democratic Party acting smug never works.” Kennedy has indeed stirred up some untapped anger within his own party; Democrats have seen him rise to double digits in several recent polls, leading some establishment figures to acknowledge the parts of his message that may be resonating with voters. A recent Fox News survey placed Kennedy at 16 percent support among registered voters. And a CNN poll released Friday shows him with 20 percent of support among Democratic and Democratic-leaning respondents.

Special Guest Lewis Herms

Lewis Herms has been humorously dubbed the “Godfather” of the Patriot Movement. He is the creator of Screw Big Gov, Freedom in Action and The Truth Tour and is co-founder of SBG Prosper (coming soon).  He also developed an amazing app that will connect Patriots worldwide within their own communities. Lewis is recognized worldwide as a leader and mentor in this movement and has been interviewed hundreds of times on several platforms.  He’s a successful Filmmaker with his most popular film to date disclosing deuterium in our water supplies.  This is the “ORIGINAL” film “Watch the Water” and is in the final stages of yet another ground breaking documentary!  “CAGES” premieres April 2023.  This bone-chilling documentary on human trafficking takes a deep dive into the sinister underworld, exposing all it’s evil truths…once held as conspiracy theories.Lewis and his family have sacrificed immensely in this battle to free our planet from tyrannical/globalist control. He is on video saving lives at the Capitol on January 6th in yet another suppressed, untold story. He has been harassed and stalked by the FBI. The mere act of standing up at the Capitol and supporting President Trump resulted in his two oldest daughters disowning him. Even with this adversity, plus the loss of a 2.5 million dollar business fighting for our freedoms, he continues to lead with perseverance and will NOT yield until every man, woman, child and pet is rid of the globalist death grip. He believes God has already WON but We the People need to put in the work locally so we can reap the harvest. Funded by his own pocket and love donations from fellow Patriots. Lewis answers to God and “We The People”… That’s it!

Clinical trial: Daily beetroot juice reduces rate of repeat procedures, heart attacks in angina patients with stents Drinking beetroot juice every day for six months after having a stent fitted reduced the chance of angina patients having a heart attack or needing a repeat procedure, according to new research presented at the British Cardiovascular Society conference. The finding on the benefits of the vegetable comes from a trial by the National Institute for Health and Care Research and the British Heart Foundation (BHF), presented at the conference in Manchester. The researchers, based at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and Queen Mary University in London, found that 16 percent of angina patients had a serious heart or circulatory incident, like a heart attack or need for another procedure, in the two years after having a stent fitted. However, when patients had daily, this dropped to 7.5 percent. Thousands of patients each year in the UK have a stent implanted to widen one of the blood vessels in their heart and ease their angina, in a procedure known as a (PCI). Around 10 percent of patients experience restenosis, where the stented blood vessel narrows again and heart disease symptoms return, within five years of a PCI. By advising that patients drink beetroot juice, doctors could soon reduce the chance that the stent fails in this way. When the blood vessel width of patients was measured six months after stenting, the vessels of those who had beetroot juice showed around half as much narrowing in that time as those who had the placebo treatment.

Hour 2

Some Sudden Deaths Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines, Autopsies Confirm Some sudden deaths were caused by COVID-19 vaccines, autopsies have confirmed. Eight people who died suddenly after receiving a messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID-19 vaccine died due to a type of vaccine-induced heart inflammation called myocarditis, South Korean authorities said after reviewing the autopsies. “Vaccine-related myocarditis was the only possible cause of death,” Dr. Kye Hun Kim of the Chonnam National University Hospital and other South Korean researchers said. All of the sudden cardiac deaths (SCD) occurred in people aged 45 or younger, including a 33-year-old man who died just one day after receiving a second dose of Moderna’s vaccine and a 30-year-old woman who died three days after receiving a first dose of Pfizer’s shot. Myocarditis wasn’t suspected as a clinical diagnosis or cause of death before the autopsies, researchers said. Thirteen other deaths were recorded among those who experienced myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination but no autopsy results were detailed. Some of those who died had received AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine. The results show the need for “careful monitoring or warning of SCD as a potentially fatal complication of COVID-19 vaccination, especially in individuals who are ages under 45 years with mRNA vaccination,” according to the researchers, who reported the findings in a study published by the European Heart Journal on June 2.

Widely Used Artificial Sweetener Linked to Leukemia, Obesity, Liver Problems Sucralose is the most widely used artificial sweetener in the U.S. Most commonly sold under the brand name Splenda, the chemical is used in over 6,000 food products. It is often found in “diet” sodas including Diet Coke with Splenda, Diet Pepsi with Splenda, as well as Gatorade’s Propel Water, low-calorie Kool-Aid, Atkins Diet products and other low-calorie foods and drinks. Sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar and contains no calories. Although it has been marketed as a healthy product that can help fend off obesity and diabetes, sucralose consumption has been linked to leukemia, weight gain, obesity, diabetes, liver inflammation, metabolic dysfunction and other illnesses. Sucralose backers have also claimed it is poorly absorbed and does not significantly bioaccumulate in the human body. However, a 2018 study found that sucralose metabolizes and bioaccumulates in rats. Based on this recent science, U.S. Right to Know petitioned the Federal Trade Commission to investigate deceptive advertising claims by Tate & Lyle and Coca-Cola. In May 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) advised people not to consume non-sugar sweeteners, including sucralose, for weight loss. The recommendation is based on a systematic review of the most current scientific evidence, which suggests that consumption of non-sugar sweeteners is associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and all-cause mortality, as well as increased body weight.

FDA’s ‘Rumor Control’ Hub Encourages Public to ‘Snitch’ on ‘Misinformation Spreaders’ The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched an updated “Rumor Control” hub aimed at enlisting the public to help stop the spread of “misinformation.” The updated webpage, first launched in August 2022, includes a new video that defines misinformation as information that is “false, inaccurate, or misleading … spreading intentionally and unintentionally.” The agency said its Rumor Control hub provides the public with tools to identify and report on “misinformation.” “Some individuals and organizations promote opinions online disguised as fact,” the FDA site says, adding that misinformation spreads “six times faster than facts.” The video warns that people may be misled by headlines or out-of-context statements, particularly when they are shared by a trusted person. But, according to the video, people can determine whether something is actually true by getting the information from three types of “authoritative” sources that can be trusted to provide real facts: medical journals, a nonprofit “fact checker” or a government website. “The FDA is concerned ‘health misinformation’ is negatively impacting the public’s health,” the agency said. The FDA tweeted the video to promote the hub. The Rumor Control site includes links for reporting misinformation on all major social media sites. By following the links, users can find instructions to mark posts as “false news,” “false information” or “inappropriate content,” depending on the website. “Bernie’s Tweets” on Twitter called the website the FDA’s “‘snitch’ page.” “The federal government continues to try and fool the public into thinking misinformation is a dire problem and a crime,” Dr. Meryl Nass wrote on her Substack. “Misinformation is whatever the government does not want you to know.”

How Canadian wildfires are worsening U.S. air quality and what you can do to cope Dozens of wildfires are burning in the Canadian province of Québec, and the smoke is so bad that it’s causing air quality problems across large swaths of the U.S. The National Weather Service said air quality has “plummeted” across the Northeast. Officials from the Midwest to the East Coast and as far south as North Carolina are warning residents to take precautions as the hazy smoke floats south and poses a risk to public health. Canada has been experiencing a particularly brutal wildfire season this year, as extreme weather is worsening in part due to climate change. Blazes have recently flared up across Alberta, British Columbia and Nova Scotia. Earlier fires have also sent smoke into the neighboring U.S., and Canadian officials are warning that the country’s wildfire situation may get worse as the summer wears on. “This is a scary time for a lot of people, not just in Alberta, but right across the country, including in the Atlantic, the North and Québec, too,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a news conference on Monday. So far this year, there have been 2,214 wildfires across Canada, according to Minister of Emergency Preparedness Bill Blair. The blazes have burned 3.3 million hectares — or more than 8 million acres.

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