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Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

ABC News Hit Piece on RFK, Jr. Illuminates the Vaccine Religion Like the Daily Beast, ABC News has put out a mindless hit piece on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in response to the announcement of his candidacy for president. The article, written by Laura Romero and titled “Some experts fear rise in medical misinformation following RFK Jr.’s presidential announcement”, is a useful example of how professional propagandists masquerade as journalists, doing policy advocacy instead of journalism. Indeed, the article illuminates how the mainstream media perpetually refuse to substantively address any of the countless legitimate concerns people have about vaccines and instead proclaim official dogma in service to the high priesthood of the vaccine religion. The term “anti-vaccine” appears three times in just the first two paragraphs. Kennedy is “an anti-vaccine activist”; “one of the most prominent faces of the anti-vaccine movement”; the founder of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), “known mainly for its anti-vaccine efforts.” As usual, the term “anti-vaccine” is then euphemistically equated with “misinformation” because, to the faithful adherents to the religion, it is axiomatic that any information that doesn’t align with their dogma that vaccines are “safe and effective” must be untrue. Children’s Health Defense, Romero tells us, was “kicked off Instagram and Facebook last year for spreading misleading claims about vaccines and other public health measures.” Tellingly, throughout the entire article, Romero doesn’t bother to identify even a single claim from Kennedy or CHD that isn’t true. Instead, she lazily expects her readers to accept the false premise that social media companies like Facebook never ban anybody for telling the truth on the false pretext of having spread “misinformation”.

People ‘been pushing me to attack RFK Jr because he won’t say THE COVID VIRUS IS A FAKE In case you’re one of those readers who looks at the headline and one or two sentences of an article and then moves away…let me start this way: I DON’T GIVE A SHIT THAT ROBERT KENNEDY BELIEVES VIRUSES EXIST. OK? As my readers know, since the beginning of the fake pandemic, I’ve been offering evidence that there is no virus. I’ve made that claim many times. With proof. Lots of proof. Meanwhile, others who agree with me—and also have stunning evidence—have approached Kennedy with their evidence, and he’s tap danced away from really LOOKING at it. I don’t believe he’s willing to think it through. I don’t believe he wants to go there, because THE VIRUS DOESN’T EXIST, as a position, would bring TONS of shit down on his head. That’s my view. I’m not sure why no-virus people picked out Kennedy to approach with the issue. But they did. So be it. Maybe they approached him because they thought he was the one super-famous guy in America who would listen…and then he didn’t. OK. Do I really have to point out there is nobody running for President and nobody of Kennedy’s stature who will actually think it through, who will examine the evidence showing SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist? I mean, COME ON.

Special Guest Krissy Chin

Krissy Chin has years of experience helping thousands of multi-passionate entrepreneurs that want to streamline their business, leverage automation, show up as a professional, and attract their dream customers online. While Krissy loves all things business strategy, marketing, and mindset she has a team of coaches that support her community in branding, copy, and design making her and her team the ultimate crew to learn from and execute. There is nothing Krissy loves more than to help others embrace her “done is better than perfect” motto to get unstuck and take action to Build a Blissful Business so they can work less and enjoy (and earn) more!


Question of The Day!

Hi Robert,
I appreciate your show so much! I hope you can offer some suggestions. I was not sick at all during all of 2020 and 2021, though my husband and I were around sick grandchildren (I babysit them 2 days a week), many “vaccinated” and not vaccinated family and friends. We went to church, went to work and were around plenty of people and never got sick…until October of 2022. My husband and I had lunch with a couple, sitting at a small restaurant booth for about 2 hours. Both of these people told us they took the jab. I didn’t think anything of it until 2 days later when both husband and I became ill but we had different symptoms and I was sicker than he – I had a severe sinus infection and then a cough that lingered for weeks. I’m convinced its from the shedding phenomenon. Since then, I’ve had 2 more sinus infections and now I seem to have bronchitis!! This is ridiculous, I’ve never experienced anything like this in 65 years!! We eat very high quality food and take whole food supplements. Nevertheless, it seems like my immune system is damaged or not responding properly to these insults. What can I do to improve my immunity? I have also noticed cognitive deficits since October. I experienced that before with thyroid problems so I know what that looks like and even though others may not notice it, I do. Just today I saw a study come out in bioRxiv talking about spike protein accumulation in the skull-meninges-brain axis. My husband and I did a parasite protocol after the October attack and recently I’ve been taking Nattokinase and Serrapeptase. I’m sorry this is so long – trying to give enough details so you can get the overall picture. Thanks again for all you do!

Hour 2

Cash will become ‘less useable’ as high street goes contactless, says Bank of England Cash is to become “less useable” as shoppers embrace the internet and high street stores increasingly reject bank notes, the deputy governor of the Bank of England has warned. Sir Jon Cunliffe said that it will become harder to spend physical money in coming years owing to the rise of online shopping and contactless payments. He added that it is therefore essential for Threadneedle Street to press ahead with developing an electronic version of sterling – the so-called digital pound – which can underpin future confidence in the financial system. Speaking at the Innovate Finance Global Summit on Monday, Sir Jon said: “Cash is likely to decline further and cash itself will become less useable in everyday transactions, for example if internet commerce grows and if merchants increasingly accept only digital payment.” The mass shift away from physical cash to electronic payments has been “very clear” and is set to continue, he added. Card payments took over cash as the most dominant form of payment for retail in 2016. By 2021, 85pc of payments were made electronically, through either card payments or bank transfers. Nine in 10 people use contactless payments and nearly a third of all UK adults now use mobile payment apps such as ApplePay and GooglePay. Sir Jon said: “Most obviously, what I have called the digitalisation of everyday life will continue. “The growth of internet commerce or use of banking and payments apps, for example, is forecast to grow and unlikely to stop.”

New Instant Digital Payments System Isn’t a CBDC, Feds Say — But Critics Say It’s Still About Control The Federal Reserve wants everyone to know that its new FedNow instant digital payments system, which it plans to roll out in July, is not a central bank digital currency (CBDC). “The FedNow Service is neither a form of currency nor a step toward eliminating any form of payment, including cash,” the U.S. central banking system said in recently updated statement on its website. Last week, the Cato Institute, Associated Press and Yahoo all followed with articles echoing the Fed’s position — FedNow is “not a central banking digital currency,” with the articles dedicated to “fact-checking” the assertion. After reports about FedNow started circulating in November 2022, and after the Fed’s March announcement that the system would launch this summer, bankers, crypto experts and people concerned with personal financial autonomylashed out, arguing that the system is a step toward a CBDC, or at least toward government control over the financial system. A CBDC is a government-backed digital currency issued by a central bank — a purely digital form of money, promoted as a tool that could make transactions easy between individuals, companies and the state. But such centrally controlled digital money is also programmable. It could be set to expire at a given time, or restricted to particular kinds of spending — and all transactions would be trackable by the federal government.

Special Guest Scott Schara

Grace’s dad, Scott Schara, is working tirelessly to bring his daughter’s story to all corners of the world to help prevent anyone else from going through the pain of losing a loved one at the hands of medical personnel. More importantly, he hopes Grace’s story will stir people’s hearts to turn to the Lord – the only one who will protect them into eternity.  Grace, a 19-year-old girl with Down syndrome, was killed by the actions of unethical medical personnel at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (Ascension) in Appleton, Wisc., after medical personnel administered three drugs that, when given together, are known to hasten severe hypoxia– Precedex, Lorazepam, and Morphine. Scott and his wife, Cindy, Grace’s mother, had to watch Grace die on FaceTime because they were prevented from being with her  in the hospital, and no doctor or nurse would help save her life because of an illegal Do Not  Resuscitate (DNR) order placed on Grace without family knowledge or consent. Grace died on  Oct. 13, 2021.

The Schara family has filed a first of its kind lawsuit against St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (Ascension), and doctors and nurses related to the wrongful death of Grace Schara. The first step  in the process is a request for mediation with the Director of State Courts, which was filed on  March 30 in Madison, Wisc. The lawsuit was filed on April 11 in Outagamie County. Grace’s legal case will lay the groundwork for other hospital victims where their right to  informed consent was denied and the patient suffered injury and death. Scott is the host of the recently launched podcast called “Deprogramming with Grace’s Dad,”  where he discusses, with guests, the various ways we’ve all been programmed to believe  narratives. Scott is the president of Our Amazing Grace’s Light Shines On, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3)  established to help people with disabilities the opportunity to use their talents and spread the  light that Christ has intentionally placed within their hearts. The foundation is also focused on  educating people on the dangers of incentivized health care.

Please visit www.GraceSchara.com and watch a wonderful tribute to Grace.

Social Media:

Website: www.OurAmazingGrace.net

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GraceEmilysDad

Telegram: https://t.me/+zLHu3Kfv1GRkOGMx

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OurAmazingGrace/

Family plans to sue Appleton hospital for teen’s death The family of a Freedom teen who died in October of 2021 plans to file a lawsuit against Ascension St. Elizabeth Hospital in Appleton and several of its health care providers. Grace Schara’s family claims the doctors and nurses who cared for the 19-year-old during a hospitalization more than a year ago, violated her patient rights when they listed her as a DNR, or do not resuscitate, without consent. The family of a Freedom teen who died in October of 2021 plans to file a lawsuit against Ascension St. Elizabeth Hospital and several health care providers March 30, 2023. (WLUK) They also say she was given a lethal cocktail of drugs that led to her death. And when family members asked for doctors to step in and save the young woman, they did nothing. The family filed paperwork on Thursday with the state, taking the first step towards a lawsuit they said will be filed soon. “We not only hope that justice will come for Grace but, also, for the hundreds of thousands of lives stolen by this medical tyranny,” said Grace’s sister, Jessica Vander Heiden. “These crimes against humanity must stop. They need to be held accountable for their actions.”

‘Unprecedented’ number of DNR orders for learning disabilities patients Turning Point, which provides supported living and residential care for people with learning disabilities, has raised concerns to HSJ that it has received 13 “unlawful” do not attempt cardio-pulmonary resuscitation or do not resuscitate orders from hospital specialists and GPs since the beginning of April, half of which came in the last week. The provider said that, of the orders it usually receives, around 12 each year would require a legal challenge. Turning Point, which operates facilities across the country, plans on challenging the lawfulness of the orders received this month, which it said appear to have been carried out without consultation with patients or their families. The orders have come despite NHS England telling all primary care, community trust and acute CEOs on 3 April that any decisions on a treatment for people with learning disability and or autism should be made on an individual basis. NHS trusts, GP providers, and clinical commissioning groups were again on 7 April, in a letter from NHSE chief nurse Ruth May and medical director Stephen Powis, told not to send out blanket DNR forms. Last week, Matt Hancock reiterated this guidance during a daily briefing.

Question of The Day!

Dr. Bell,
There are a few questions here…
I want to get my daughter tested to see if she has any allergies (food or otherwise), which you suggested could be one of the reasons why she gets ear infections. Can we go to any reputable homeopathic center in our area or do you recommend a specific place to go? What specific test should we ask for?
I heard you say not to give children Tylenol for fevers because it destroys the liver. Is there a dosage of Bella Donna that you recommend for children under 4 years and under 35 pounds with a fever of 104 Farenheit? What about kids over 4 and above 35 pounds?
I purchased a water distiller, and we have been drinking distilled water exclusively since 2018 because of its purity. We feel good on this water but are always looking for better options. Have you found a better water for health? What water does your family drink?
Another question…
When my child has gotten sick, she hasn’t wanted to eat. We let her fast when her body feels it needs to. I would like for her to fast for 24 hours (once a month) to help detox her body. Is this a good idea for a child who is off of the breast and eating solid foods exclusively? If not, at what age would you recommend this?

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