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Religious and Philosophical Exemptions from School Vaccine Mandates: What’s Happening in Your State?
Religious and philosophical exemptions from school vaccine mandates are currently a hot topic in the United States. The article discusses the various states that allow these exemptions and the legal battles that are ensuing. It also highlights the role of the Children’s Health Defense in advocating for informed consent and transparency in vaccine policies.

Special Guests: April O’Tool and Gabby Fistler

Fatty Liver Disease Surging Among Children
Fatty liver disease is becoming increasingly common among children in the U.S., affecting an estimated 5 to 10% of all children. The rate of diagnosis for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease has more than doubled for children up to the age of 17 from 2017 to 2021. The main reason for this surge is the increasing rate of childhood obesity, which has a 38% chance of leading to fatty liver disease.

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Amazon will start testing drones that will drop prescriptions on your doorstep, literally Amazon will soon make prescription drugs fall from the sky when the e-commerce giant becomes the latest company to test drone deliveries for medications. The company said Wednesday that customers in College Station, Texas, can now get prescriptions delivered by a drone within an hour of placing their order. The drone, programed to fly from a delivery center with a secure pharmacy, will travel to the customer´s address, descend to a height of about four meters – or 13 feet – and drop a padded package. Amazon says customers will be able to choose from more than 500 medications, a list that includes common treatments for conditions like the flu or pneumonia, but not controlled substances.

Serotonin levels are depleted in long Covid patients, study says, pointing to a potential cause for ‘brain fog’
New research implicates both interferons and serotonin in long Covid, particularly in causing “brain fog.” The study, led by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, found that long Covid depletes peripheral serotonin, impairing memory and other brain functions. This serotonin depletion seems to be a universal phenomenon affecting not only neurocognitive functions but also pulmonary and cardiovascular systems.

Special Guest: Cody Kline

Cody has been a part of Trinity and the Health Freedom Expo for his entire life and has officially. He has worked with Trinity for several years. He also participates in the Expo with his wellness company, Simplee Natural. Cody has completed the Wellness Business Essentials program and is currently in the Certified Natural Health Professional, which have been very helpful in his personal life and retail business.


Dr. Wendell Whitman was a tireless advocate for health freedom and a pioneer in the field of natural health. In 1991, recognizing the inadequacy of formal health education outside of the traditional medical field, he founded Trinity School of Natural Health.

Trinity School of Natural Health was founded for the purpose of presenting alternative natural health education to everyone. Today, the Trinity repertoire of programs and courses has evolved into a powerful, educational process that enables students to improve their own health, enhance the good health of their families, friends and communities, and their own professional practices.

Our philosophy is that we are intrinsically holistic and should therefore continually pursue true health through the development of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the whole person. Our vision is to become the global leader in natural health education by creating a community of individuals who are committed to sharing their knowledge of the power and purpose of holistic health. As we strive to create an exceptional student experience, we will treat each person who chooses Trinity with respect and dignity. Every decision made, every single day, will be focused solely on what is best for our students.

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Hey RSB! Do you have any suggestions on whole house water filters? I know I need to make the investment for my family and have been making sure to have clean safe water for drinking but when I research full house systems I never seem to know what’s the safest process and the best bang for my buck.

Welcome back to the “Homeopathic Hits” segment of The Robert Scott Bell Show.
Today, we’re focusing on Magnesia Phosphorica, a remedy often used for muscle cramps and nervous tension.
This brief guide will delve into the various applications of Magnesia Phosphorica, particularly its effectiveness in treating these conditions.

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