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Special Guest Kate Birch

Kate Birch has been practicing homeopathy since 1994 with a specialty in infectious disease,  homeoprophylaxis (HP), and vaccine injury since 2000. She is the past vice president of the North  American Society of homeopaths (NASH) (2005-2007) and remains as the NASH representative to the  International Council of Homeopaths (ICH). She is the past director and remains as principle research  investigator and core teacher of Free and Healthy Children International (FHCi). She teaches  homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis around the world. She currently lives in Minneapolis MN and runs a  busy practice. Kate is the author of 5 books on homeopathy, two major research projects on  homeoprophylaxis, and has published numerous articles in homeopathic journals.

With the collective experience of research, clinical practice, and the supervision of over 80 practitioners  of practitioners implementing HP in their practices for the last ten years she draws on a wealth of  experience in the field of infectious disease and its benefits for human development when given in the  rise dose.


Meet the Clumsy Elephant in a China Shop: Can Tonsil Removal Provoke Polio and Autoimmune Disease? This story is about the wisdom of the skeptical peasant’s nose. It is also about how The Science constantly changes, and the people who have trusted the confident tone of the old science marketing brochure get hurt and mercilessly tossed out. You know how I keep saying that modern medicine is much like a very clumsy elephant in a china shop? I keep saying it because there is never a lack of self-confidence and exclamation points in the medical marketing brochure. (Case in point: lobotomy used to be touted as a miracle “surgery for the soul”.) And yes, in acute situations, modern medicine is a godsend. But when it comes to understanding of the interconnectedness of different body parts and various mysterious things that nature knows and we don’t, the scientists are babies. And often, they are very confident babies with a strong drive for career growth and a very impressive marketing brochure. The philosophical problem is that our civilization runs on intellectual arrogance and abstract thought. Arrogance alone is sufficient to lead the people astray. But of course, arrogance is not alone in that shop where the elephant is dancing like a klutz. Arrogance is accompanied by corruption, greed, indifference to other people’s suffering, and love of power. By the way, if the experts were to humbly offer their latest take on health and not pressure people into going along—fine. That’s fair. But they don’t stop there. And since this article is about polio, and the polio epidemic is strongly linked to the use of DDT, here is a demonstration of the marketing brochure.

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Revealed: Dark Money Funders Behind ‘Disinformation Dozen’ Report A new report published Monday by GreenMedInfo revealed nine of the dark money sources funding the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), an influential nonprofit that allegedly colluded with social media platforms and the White House to censor Children’s Health Defense (CHD), Robert F. Kennedy Jr., CHD’s chairman on leave and others for spreading “disinformation.” The report identified CCDH’s funders primarily as U.K.-based philanthropic organizations whose directors and trustees are affiliated with legacy media organizations, the U.K. government and major global philanthropic organizations such as the Open Society Foundations and the Ford Foundation. Despite claims by Imran Ahmed, CCDH’s CEO and founder, that the organization has “never taken government money,” the report also found at least one of its funders has received U.K. government funding. “It appears that CCDH may be an astroturf front operation for both NGOs [nongovernmental organizations] and the U.K. government to directly interfere with and target the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens, and this should be a concern for all Americans,” report author Sayer Ji told The Defender. CCDH famously drafted a list of the so-called “Disinformation Dozen,” which included Kennedy, Dr. Joseph Mercola, the founders of The Truth About Vaccines and The Truth About Cancer websites Ty and Charlene Bollinger, and Ji, founder of the natural health website GreenMedInfo.

Special Guest Brian Festa

Brian Festa is a Civil Rights Attorney who, along with his business partner and friend Dawn Jolly, founded We The Patriots USA to preserve and reclaim our God-given inalienable rights. Brian is a father of two who became involved in health freedom activism and legal work several years ago, after his son was seriously injured by a flu shot. Brian travels throughout the nation to speak about the work of We The Patriots USA, including multiple appearances at Clay Clark’s Reawaken America Tour. Brian has also been a guest on dozens of broadcasts, including The Glenn Beck Show, The Steve Deace Show, Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz, Brighteon Conversations with Mike Adams, The Mel K. Show, The Stew Peters Show, and The
Alex Jones Show.

Parents Lose Custody of Four Children to State of MO; We The Patriots USA Fights Back Today We The Patriots USA, a nonprofit public interest law firm based in Idaho, announced that it has taken on a case in defense of two parents in Missouri, after the State seized custody of their children.  On June 16, 2023 Missouri state officials took custody of Amanda and Paul Guidry’s four children, including their six year-old autistic son, after the Guidrys utilized an alternative medical treatment known as chlorine dioxide, which has been used by some parents to treat their children with autism. The Guidrys contend that they used it to treat their six year-old son on the autism spectrum, and observed amazing results in a very short period of time.  We The Patriots USA took the case because a core focus of its mission is “safeguarding and defending parental rights and medical freedom.” Watch the Guidrys tell their story on Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson here. We The Patriots USA has created a legal fundrasier for the Guidrys, and is asking for donations to help defray the cost of litigation.  The organization released a statement late Tuesday:  “We have already secured counsel for the Guidrys, and are in the process of lining up medical experts to help them get their precious children back home safely.  We believe strongly that the state has not met its burden of proving that these children were in any way harmed, or in imminent danger of being harmed.  It is our position that the actions of Missouri state officials constituted a gross abuse of power, one that ironically is causing actual and substantial harm to these children.”

Ron DeSantis suggests RFK Jr. for a role at the FDA or the CDC Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday that if he’s elected president, he’d be open to considering Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for a position in his administration with either the Food and Drug Administration or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. DeSantis, a Republican, made the remarks in an interview with the OutKick’s Clay Travis, who asked him about Kennedy as a possible running mate. DeSantis signaled that he was uninterested in that possibility, noting that Kennedy would be out of step with much of the GOP base on some issues, like climate change. But DeSantis said he and Kennedy were aligned on medical issues, including their criticism of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was the government’s top infectious disease expert and became an outspoken advocate of Covid-19 prevention measures. “If you’re president, you know, sic him [Kennedy] on the FDA if he’d be willing to serve, or sic him on CDC. But in terms of being veep — if there is, you know, 70% of the issues that he may be averse to our base on. … That just creates an issue,” DeSantis said. But former Vice President Mike Pence, who’s also seeking the GOP presidential nomination, responded to his opponent’s comments in a tweet.

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