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How to Protect Your Food and Medical Freedoms Protecting food and medical freedoms requires active involvement and making deliberate choices. Stop consuming processed foods and support local farms bybuying directly from them. Advocate for defunding and disbanding organizations like the USDA and FDA, and support legislative efforts like the PRIME Act. Build a local network of like-minded individuals committed to supporting local food producers. Use cash or alternative currencies to prevent tracking of purchases. Start a garden, save heirloom seeds, and consider raising backyard chickens. Avoid USDA-inspected meat and eggs due to harmful chemicals used in processing, and prioritize purchasing from trustworthy farmers. Get involved with constitutional sheriffs who support local farm rights and encourage elected officials to protect food sovereignty. Spread awareness about the threats to our food supply and encourage collective refusal to comply with detrimental policies. Prioritize spending on nutritious food to avoid future medical costs, and explore bartering labor for food with local farmers if necessary.

Special Guest Shelby Hosana

My health and wellness journey started over a decade ago when I was injured by the experimental Gardasil HPV vaccine. I went from a healthy and thriving teenager to being nearly debilitated by a myriad of heart conditions for several years. It was my first experience learning how important personal health is. The single most important. Once I became a parent in 2017, I began diving deep into the pharmaceutical industry. Being kicked out of our then-pediatrician’s office and called a “murderer” after choosing to refuse dangerous childhood vaccinations for all my children; after learning the lack of double blind placebo control studies for every injection on the market. Fast forward to recent years, I put on my armor I had built up and stepped out of the darkness of 2021 to build Unjected from the ground up. After being ostracized in my own home for my beliefs, and bearing witness to the pivotal shift in society, it was the time to fearlessly lead a moment of freedom-loving individuals towards empowerment, community, and love with like minded men & women across the world.

Monsanto drops lawsuit against Mexico’s GM corn ban After a four-year legal battle, Monsanto has withdrawn its challenge against Mexico’s 2020 decree banning glyphosate and genetically modified (GM) corn for human consumption. This decision is celebrated as a significant victory for public health and food sovereignty in Mexico. The decree, replaced in 2023 with additional restrictions on GM corn, faced strong opposition from Monsanto, which argued it was unconstitutional. The Mexican government, supported by scientific and legal defenses, emphasized the importance of human rights and environmental safety. Monsanto’s withdrawal follows numerous legal setbacks and increasing scrutiny over glyphosate’s carcinogenic risks. The decision underscores Mexico’s commitment to eliminating GM corn and glyphosate from its food supply, despite international pressures, including from the United States.

Stunning survey reveals quarter of Americans have never eaten vegetables A survey of 2,000 Americans found that a quarter of respondents have nevereaten vegetables, with many citing reasons such as produce rotting before consumption, high costs, long preparation times, and uncertainty about cooking methods. Despite this, 91.4% of participants enjoy eating corn, making it the most popular vegetable, followed closely by potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes. The survey, conducted by Talker Research and commissioned by VeggieTracker.com by Dr. Praeger’s, also revealed that 72% of Americans wish they ate more vegetables, and 67% feel guilty when their meals lack produce. The most disliked vegetables include turnips, beets, radishes, and Brussels sprouts. The findings highlight a significant gap between knowledge of healthy eating and actual dietary habits in the United States.

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On this Independence Day, pledge to your children you’ll defend their liberty In 1776, the Declaration of Independence signatories risked everything for freedom, paralleling today’s fight against a growing tyrannical government. The true threat to liberty comes from internal negligence and overreliance on public servants. Daniel Webster warned in 1837 that our downfall would be due to our own carelessness. Modern Americans have become complacent, trading freedoms for false safety, reminiscent of John Adams’ fears that future generations would squander their hard-won liberties. The article calls for enforcing existing laws and holding public servants accountable, emphasizing that the power to remain free lies with the people. Americans are urged to declare independence from unlawful agencies, usurpation of powers, and the tyranny of political parties. The article stresses that freedom requires active participation and vigilance from the citizens themselves. On this Independence Day, it urges a commitment to reclaiming rights from unlawful agencies and political tyranny, pledging lives, fortunes, and honor to secure liberty for future generations. Citing the Declaration of Independence, the author underscores the duty to throw off oppressive governments and provide new safeguards for future security. The piece calls for unity and action, reminding readers that the preservation of liberty is a continuous struggle requiring dedication and courage. ​

Special Guest Sayer Ji

Sayer Ji is the author of the international best-selling book REGENERATE: Unlocking Your Body’s Radical Resilience Through the New Biology and the REGENERATE YOURSELF MASTERCLASS. He is the Founder & Director of GreenMedInfo.com, the world’s largest open-access natural health database. As a natural health rights advocate, Sayer also co-founded Stand For Health Freedom, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting basic human, medical and parental rights. Sayer has also founded the multi-media platform Unite.live, dedicated to empowering the global community of conscious creators and their communities with everything they need to share their gifts and make a living doing what they love.

Learn more about his work on his website: www.SayerJi.com or follow him via various social media outlets here.

Food Without Farms: Coke, Nestlé, Pepsi Among Ultra-processed Food Giants Running Global Food Policy Ultra-processed food producers like Coke, Nestlé, and Pepsi exert disproportionate influence on global food policy and nutrition through multi-stakeholder institutions. These corporations lead initiatives promoted by entities like the World Economic Forum, shaping policies to address malnutrition, food insecurity, and climate change. Despite the health risks associated with ultra-processed foods, including obesity and cardiovascular disease, these companies dominate food governance. The study highlights the exclusion of whole food producers from policy-making processes and calls for structural changes to prioritize food system health and sustainability over corporate interests. Researchers analyzed 45 institutions influencing global food policy, revealing that many are led by executives from ultra-processed food companies. These corporations use their connections to legitimize their projects and shield themselves from accountability. The results raise public health and governance concerns, emphasizing the need for coordinated responses to address the harms of ultra-processed foods.

The US will pay Moderna $176 million to develop an mRNA pandemic flu vaccine The U.S. government will provide Moderna with $176 million to accelerate the development of an mRNA pandemic influenzavaccine, potentially targeting bird flu in humans. The funding from the Department of Health and Human Services supports ongoing development and a late-stage trial next year if early results are positive. The vaccine can be adapted to other influenza strains if necessary. This initiative follows the detection of the H5N1 virus in dairy cows and a few mild human cases. The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority oversees the project, emphasizing preparedness for future pandemics. Moderna’s early-stage testing uses the same mRNA technology that allowed rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines. Federal health officials stress that the risk to the wider population remains low, but the investment aims to ensure readiness against potential flu pandemics.

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