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America’s Fat Kids Now in Ozempic Marketers’ Crosshairs
The article discusses the growing trend of marketing Ozempic, a diabetes medication known for its weight loss side effects, to overweight children in the United States. With obesity rates climbing among American youth, pharmaceutical companies are targeting this demographic as a new market for their weight loss treatments. The piece highlights concerns about the long-term health implications of using such medications in children, including potential side effects and the lack of extensive research on the impact of these drugs on developing bodies. Critics argue that focusing on medication as a solution to childhood obesity may overlook the importance of lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise. The article raises ethical questions about the pharmaceutical industry’s role in addressing public health issues and the need for a more holistic approach to combating obesity in children.

Special Guest James Barry

Hi, I’m James, founder of Pluck.

At Pluck, we’re all about organ meats, yet not just any organ meats. Quality is everything when eating any part of an animal. We define quality as grass-fed, grass-finished, humanely treated, pasture-raised animals raised with no GMOs or hormones. “As close to nature as possible” is what I say.

There’s a lot of what is wrong in our current agricultural systems, but more and more farms are pivoting to what is right: Regenerative Agriculture. With diverse crop coverage and no tilling we can change not only the food produced on these farms but our health as well. We are what we eat AND what we eat eats.

Ancestral principles of “like supports like” and nose-to-tail eating drive our mission at Pluck. We are missing out on the whole animal benefits when we only eat muscle meat. Pluck is the perfect gateway into eating organs because it doesn’t taste like organ meat. What you taste is the savory, deliciousness of Umami (the fifth taste). Eating organs support the health of your organs. Even better, organs contain bioavailable nutrients which means you get more “bang-for-your-buck” because your body can recognize and absorb these essential vitamins and nutrients.

Comment of The Day!

Her eye was going away quick. When we noticed the cloud starting to form it was like 1/2 the eye covered, the next day most of the eye was covered perfectly. We could still see a little black around the outside of the cloud, but it was a perfect formation and consistent throughout the cloud. Well… it didn’t take but 2 selenium pills (crushed up in her food) before we realized it was going away very fast. Now it’s still there, but only a little now. I can see her pupil again.
I appreciate your knowledge brother. Thanks for giving it away fir feee. I do the same. I can’t tell you enough that you and I have saved so many people, and animals as well together.
Thanks brother!! – Mark D

Welcome back to the “Homeopathic Hits” segment of The Robert Scott Bell Show.
Today, we’re exploring Bromium, a homeopathic remedy often used for respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis, and for glandular swellings, particularly in the thyroid and lymph nodes.
This segment will delve into the therapeutic applications of Bromium in these specific areas.

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Hour 2

The Covid Resistance Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize
The article discusses the notion that individuals and organizations fighting against COVID-19 lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates between 2020 and 2023 should be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize. It reflects on the history of the prize and its criteria, which have evolved to include efforts in human rights, democracy, and freedom of expression. The author argues that the actions taken by governments worldwide during the pandemic, such as lockdowns and mandates, represented unprecedented assaults on human rights and freedoms. The piece suggests that recognizing the “Covid resistance” with the Nobel Peace Prize would acknowledge their struggle against these measures, comparing their efforts to past laureates who were honored for advocating human rights and freedoms. The article highlights the significant impact of pandemic-related policies on society and the importance of acknowledging those who opposed them.

Special Guest Lindsay Graham

Lindsey Graham is the Patriot Barbie – a loud, proud, pro-gun, pro-life, Jesus-loving, red-blooded conservative, Republican woman. She is a fierce voice for conservative women, a spitfire advocate for small business owners, an authentic patriot standing for American values.

Her story sounds like something out of a wild conspiracy theory novel – it couldn’t possibly have happened here in America… yet it did. Lindsey’s personal fight against the unreal woke agenda of the left brought her to the table of American political discourse, but the left couldn’t stomach what she had to say. She’s been deleted from social media platforms, censored and silenced by the media, and even defunded by GoFundMe. Liberal platforms worked double-overtime in an effort to shut down her conservative voice, but she’s still speaking. And she’s not stopping.

Associations between food additive emulsifiers and cancer risk
A study published in PLoS Medicine explored the link between food emulsifier intake and cancer risk among participants of the French NutriNet-Santé study. Emulsifiers, prevalent in industrially processed foods, have been associated with chronic inflammation and an increased cancer risk. This population-based prospective cohort study involved 92,000 adults, tracking their health over seven years. Researchers estimated emulsifier intake from dietary records and analyzed cancer incidence. The study found that high intake of monoglycerides and diglycerides, particularly E471, was associated with an increased risk of cancer, including breast and prostate cancers. Carrageenan intake also showed a correlation with breast cancer risk. These findings suggest a potential health impact of food emulsifiers and underscore the need for further research and possibly regulatory changes in the food industry to ensure consumer safety.

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