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The FDA and Vaccine Manufacturers Refuse to Show Us Their Work
The FDA and vaccine manufacturers are withholding detailed methodologies and test results for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, raising transparency concerns. Despite receiving significant taxpayer funding for research and development, both entities have kept critical information, such as testing methodologies and the mRNA sequence or its lipid nanoparticle components, confidential. This secrecy persists despite proposals from both the Trump and Biden administrations to lift intellectual property rights for mRNA vaccines. The lack of transparency is troubling, especially as independent research begins to uncover potential contamination issues within mRNA COVID-19 products. The FDA’s shift to a less reliable “mail-in” sampling process for pharmaceutical quality monitoring further complicates the situation, deviating from direct sample collection at manufacturing or distribution sites.

Pregnant women should avoid ultraprocessed, fast foods, experts urge
Experts warn that pregnant women should limit their consumption of ultraprocessed and fast foods due to the presence of phthalates, chemicals associated with plastics that can leach into food from packaging and handling. Research indicates that these chemicals, once ingested, can cross the placenta and potentially cause oxidative stress and inflammation in the fetus, leading to an increased risk of low birth weight, preterm birth, and neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and ADHD. The study, focusing on pregnant women, found that diets higher in ultraprocessed foods are linked to greater phthalate exposures, emphasizing the need for more regulation to prevent phthalate contamination in foods.

5.5 Tons Of Radioactive Water Leaks Out Of Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant
The Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, already known for discharging treated radioactive wastewater into the Pacific Ocean, has experienced a new leak. Approximately 5.5 tons of water containing over 22 billion becquerels of radioactive material leaked into the soil from an exhaust port during a cleaning process. This incident adds to the ongoing challenges of managing radioactive wastewater at the facility, which has been a point of contention among local fishing groups and neighboring countries, leading to bans on Japanese seafood imports by nations like China.

Welcome back to the “Homeopathic Hits” segment of The Robert Scott Bell Show.
In this episode, we’re focusing on Arsenicum Iodatum, a homeopathic remedy often used for chronic respiratory infections and various skin conditions.
Let’s explore the various applications of Arsenicum Iodatum, especially in these health scenarios.

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Glyphosate Exposure During Pregnancy Raises Child’s Risk of Poor Brain Function
A study published in Environmental Research highlights the association between glyphosate exposure during pregnancy and adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes in children, including brain function and development issues. The research, part of the PROTECT-CRECE Puerto Rican birth cohort, analyzed urinary levels of glyphosate and its metabolite AMPA in mothers and their children. Findings suggest that higher prenatal exposure to these chemicals is linked to negative impacts on communication and cognitive skills in children at 24 months. This study contributes to the growing body of evidence on the neurotoxic effects of glyphosate exposure, underscoring the need for further investigation into its impact on child development.

US court bans three weedkillers and finds EPA broke law in approval process
A US court has banned three dicamba-based weedkillers produced by Bayer, BASF, and Syngenta, ruling that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unlawfully approved them. This decision marks the second federal court ban on these herbicides since their introduction in 2017, citing millions of acres of crop damage and environmental harm. The court found the EPA’s reapproval process flawed, lacking public notice and comment. This ruling emphasizes the significant impact of dicamba, known for its volatility and potential to drift, causing widespread agricultural and ecological damage.

Vaccine makers seek a role in the fight against antibiotic resistance
Vaccine developers are targeting bacterial infections to combat antibiotic resistance, focusing on pathogens like Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae, which cause urinary tract infections (UTIs) and neonatal sepsis. Syntiron’s Alloy-EK vaccine, supported by CARB-X funding, aims to prevent UTIs and reduce infant deaths in low-resource countries by inducing immunity against these bacteria. The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified vaccines as a crucial strategy against antibiotic-resistant infections, highlighting the need for increased global vaccine coverage and development of new bacterial vaccines to lessen antibiotic use and the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Welcome back to “Detox Dialogues” on The Robert Scott Bell Show.
In this episode, we’re diving into the therapeutic world of Epsom salt baths.
A simple yet profound wellness practice, Epsom salt baths have been used for centuries to soothe muscles, relieve stress, and support the body’s natural detoxification processes.

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