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FDA Launches Homeopathy Broadside
The FDA is intensifying its efforts to regulate homeopathic products, a battle that began with the Flexner report of 1910. Recently, the FDA issued warning letters to several manufacturers of homeopathic eye care products and to Amazon for selling these products. These actions are based on a 2018 policy change that essentially rendered all homeopathic products illegal. The FDA’s focus on eye drops is due to the perceived higher risk these products pose, as they bypass some of the body’s natural defenses. This move is seen not just as a matter of safety but also as an attempt by the FDA to exert control over medicines outside its authority, using safety as a pretext. The article argues that this is part of a broader issue where the FDA, funded in part by drug company fees, favors pharmaceuticals over natural products, thereby affecting healthcare through cronyism.

Lifesaving cancer therapy may itself CAUSE cancer, FDA warns The FDA is investigating reports of new cancers linked to CAR-T therapies, a treatment for terminal blood cancer patients. CAR-T therapy involves engineering a patient’s immune cells to attack tumors. While this treatment has saved many lives since its approval in 2017, there are concerns that its delivery method may disrupt cell DNA, leading to other cancers. This risk is considered small but is inherent in gene therapies. The FDA emphasizes that the benefits of CAR-T therapies still significantly outweigh the risks.

Forget the ‘tripledemic.’ The U.S. is headed for a ‘syndemic’ this winter—and experts warn we’re not prepared Experts warn that the U.S. is facing a ‘syndemic’ this winter, a term that acknowledges the impact of multiple pathogens on the healthcare system. This situation is characterized by strained hospital capacities, workforce exhaustion, and a lack of effective therapeutic tools. COVID levels are rising, and hospitalizations for respiratory illnesses like RSV and flu are increasing. The term ‘syndemic’ is preferred over ‘tripledemic’ as it encompasses more than three pathogens and highlights the need for comprehensive policies and medical interventions.

Welcome back to the “Homeopathic Hits” segment of The Robert Scott Bell Show.
Today, we’re exploring Helleborus, a homeopathic remedy primarily used for conditions characterized by mental dullness, lethargy, and certain neurological issues.
This segment will delve into the therapeutic applications of Helleborus in these areas.

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Maker of Wegovy, Ozempic showers money on U.S. obesity doctors Novo Nordisk, the maker of weight-loss drugs Wegovy and Saxenda, has paid U.S. medical professionals at least $25.8 million over a decade to promote these drugs. The payments were concentrated on an elite group of obesity specialists who advocate prescribing these drugs to a large segment of overweight Americans. The company’s financial strategy aligns with the medical advice of these specialists, who recommend treating obesity aggressively with lifelong prescriptions. Critics argue that such industry payments may influence doctors to prioritize corporate interests over patient well-being.

These people experienced complications from weight loss drugs. Here’s what it’s like. This article shares personal stories of individuals who experienced complications from weight-loss drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy. Patients reported a range of issues, including stomach paralysis, gastrointestinal illness, and suicidal thoughts. One patient was diagnosed with severe gastroparesis after taking Ozempic, while another experienced extreme vomiting leading to teeth loss. The article also discusses a case where a patient died by suicide, potentially exacerbated by the medication. Doctors emphasize that while serious complications are rare, they can occur, and it’s important to consult healthcare providers before and during the use of these medications.

‘Medical Freedom’ Activists Take Aim at New Target: Childhood Vaccine Mandates Medical and religious freedom groups in the U.S. are now targeting childhood school vaccine mandates, aiming to undo these mandates entirely. This movement gained momentum after the success of overturning coronavirus mandates. Legal challenges have been filed in states with strict vaccination requirements, with the ultimate goal of bringing the issue to the Supreme Court. The article highlights the case of Mississippi, where a recent ruling allowed religious exemptions from vaccination, raising concerns among public health experts about the resurgence of vaccine-preventable diseases. The push against mandates is part of a broader debate on individual rights versus public health needs.

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My sister is having a terrible time with trigeminal. I have heard in the past that your wife(?) also suffered from it. Could you please send me any info for help?

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