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Moderna embarks on new vax push in long COVID prevention campaign – Moderna has launched a campaign focused on preventing long COVID, emphasizing the importance of regular COVID-19vaccinations. Four years into the pandemic, with the decline in new COVID-19 cases, the focus has shifted towards managing long COVID, a condition with symptoms persisting for months or years. The campaign, coinciding with the second annual Long COVID Awareness Day, features personal stories, like Rachel’s, who shares the drastic impact long COVID has had on her life. With over 200 symptoms associated with long COVID, the campaign stresses that prevention is the best strategy. Although Moderna does not explicitly promote its Spikevax vaccine, it encourages the updated COVID-19 vaccination, aligning with findings suggesting vaccination reduces the risk of long COVID. This initiative comes as vaccine revenues decline, with Moderna projecting at least $4 billion in 2024 from Spikevax.

Text nudges can increase uptake of COVID-19 boosters—if they play up a sense of ownership of the vaccine – New research indicates that text message nudges encouraging booster vaccinations are more effective when they instill a sense of ownership, such as “Claim your dose.” The study, led by UCLA and Carnegie Mellon University researchers, builds on previous findings, showing that personalizing messages increases booster uptake. Over 300,000 patients in the UCLA Health system were sent various text messages, with those emphasizing vaccine ownership showing the most effectiveness. This research underscores the importance of how behavioral insights can enhance public health interventions and stresses the gap between theoretical research and real-world application. The findings highlight the unique challenges in promoting health behaviors in complex scenarios and the need for evidence-based approaches to encourage vaccination uptake.

Special Guest Julie “The Crunchy Legal Lady”

Challenge to Biden hectoring of social media firms appears doomed at Supreme Court – At the Supreme Court, a lawsuit challenging the Biden administration’s efforts to encourage social media companiesto remove or suppress content deemed disinformation received a skeptical hearing. The case, brought by Louisiana, Missouri, and individual plaintiffs, argues that such actions violate the First Amendment. However, the majority of justices seemed unconvinced, with some suggesting government officials often challenge media content they find objectionable. Justice Alito expressed concern over the administration’s direct approach with social media, a method he couldn’t envision being applied to traditional media. Yet, Justices Kavanaugh and Kagan noted that government officials frequently engage with the press to influence coverage. The debate highlighted complexities in defining coercion versus persuasion and raised questions about the government’s role in moderating public discourse on digital platforms. The court’s decision, expected by late June, will address significant First Amendment and digital platform regulation issues.

Today on “Homeopathic Hits” of The Robert Scott Bell Show, we’re exploring Cocculus Indicus, a remedy derived from the Indian cockle tree.
Renowned for its effectiveness against motion sickness, dizziness, and profound fatigue, especially due to caregiving or sleep loss, Cocculus Indicus is a boon for those seeking relief from life’s physical and mental demands.
Let’s dive into the restorative world of Cocculus Indicus.

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Hour 2

ADHD Meds Linked To Fewer Deaths. Time To Get Your Kid Medicated? – A JAMA study from Sweden suggests that starting ADHD medication is linked to lower mortality compared to those unmedicated, especially in preventing unnatural deaths like trauma, suicide, or overdose. This raises crucial considerations for parents of children with ADHD about the balance between medication effects and the risks of untreated ADHD. The study’s findings emphasize the importance of evaluating ADHD treatment options carefully, considering both medication and other interventions like therapy and lifestyle changes. Given the logistical challenges of accessing care, from long waits for psychiatric appointments to insurance coverage issues, the study underscores the potential life-saving impact of treatment, advocating for parents to navigate these obstacles to ensure their child receives necessary care.

Analysis reveals toxic chemicals in popular sandwich baggies – An investigation into U.S. plastic sandwich baggies found that most brands tested containPFAS, or “forever chemicals,” raising health concerns. The study showed detectable levels of PFAS in nine out of eleven brands, with Ziploc being an exception. Given the outdated FDA safety limits on these chemicals, the findings prompt a reconsideration of kitchen storage solutions, suggesting a switch to glass containers. This revelation is part of a broader issue with PFAS found in various consumer products, underscoring the need for updated regulations to protect public health from these hazardous substances.

Will U.S. Trade Cash for CBDCs? Fed Sends Mixed Messages – Despite Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s assurances that a central bank digital currency (CBDC) is not imminent, the Federal Reserve’s actions suggest otherwise, with development efforts for CBDC infrastructure underway. Critics argue CBDCs could lead to unprecedented surveillance and control over financial transactions, potentially impacting freedom and privacy. The Fed’s mixed messages on CBDCs raise questions about the future of cash and digital currencies in the U.S., highlighting the need for clear policy and public discourse on the implications of transitioning to a digital currency system.

Could a probiotic for your house help to prevent asthma and keep illness at bay? – Elizabeth McCormick from the University of North Carolina at Charlottesuggests our overly clean homes may lack beneficial bacteria, potentially leading to childhood illnesses like asthma. The “hygiene hypothesis” proposes that such sterile environments prevent necessary microbial exposures that help develop robust immune systems. McCormick’s research supports introducing “healthy germs” into homes to foster a balanced indoor microbiome, offering potential health benefits. She argues for a shift towards designs that enhance biodiversity and indoor air quality, warning against the ecological impacts of excessive sterilization and mechanical conditioning. Her vision includes using probiotics to seed indoor environments with beneficial organisms, emphasizing the need for balanced microbial exposure for health.

Question of The Day!

How can I help my friend who is having almost constant flashbacks and nightmares every night and not sleeping hardly any at all?
She took five 200c Aconitum one day.
She took five 30c Ignatia amara a day or so later.
She took one 30c the next day.
Didn’t seem to really help but maybe she should continue.
Any help? She has flashbacks and nightmares from sexual trauma.

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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