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Are We Facing Lockdowns 2.0? National Public Radio was in a frenzy this morning but it felt like the movie Groundhog Day: they were spreading tremendous alarm about the rise of Covid cases. We have to stop the spread, the announcer said, and that’s why masks are coming back to classrooms. However, they added, relief is on the way in the form of a new vaccine. Rinse, repeat – as the shampoo bottles say. This line of thinking – stop the spread to reduce strain on hospitals, mask up, and so on – is being echoed by all major media organs. Leading the way is of course the New York Times. I’m a bit superstitious about stories in the New York Times designed to drum up disease panic. It was February 28, 2020, when this paper threw out one hundred years of editorial policy on infectious disease to counsel panic over calm, thus paving the way for what would come two weeks later: the astonishing wreckage of Covid lockdowns and everything that entailed.

Special Guest: Kirk Elliott, PhD

Kirk Elliott PhD Private Advisors is a cutting edge consulting agency that redefines and reimagines what consulting is. Our team rolls up our sleeves, gets into your world and blends your wants with your needs as we partner with our clients to make yesterday’s dreams become today’s reality. We believe in people over profit. Let’s face it–companies that focus on profit will have people leave. If you focus on people the profit will come. Our team lives that philosophy and incorporates it into every relationship we have. Kirk Elliott PhD Private Advisors is based in Denver, Colorado and does business in all states. Dr. Elliott started in the wealth management industry about 29 years ago. We currently have over 18,000 clients all over the world and in every state. Dr. Elliott is the go-to economic expert on over 50 media platforms and is seen by over 10 million people a month through the various shows and show hosts including Rudy Giuliani, Ed Henry, Lara Logan, American Media Periscope, Clay Clark, Flyover Conservatives and over 50 others.

Glyphosate Linked to Severe Depression and Cognitive Decline in U.S. Adults This article highlights the alarming link between glyphosate exposure and severe depression and cognitive decline in U.S. adults. Glyphosate, a widely used herbicide, has been under scrutiny for its potential health risks. The piece elaborates on recent studies that have found a correlation between glyphosate residues in food and adverse mental health effects, urging for more comprehensive research and stricter regulations on its use.

Hour 2

The FDA Can Say (and Do) Anything It Wants This is an extraordinarily important commentary! The gist of a current court case that you’ve likely never heard of, is that three heroic doctors are suing the FDA about the loss of their jobs, about their careers being derailed, about the loss of their reputation — all because their professional, scientific opinion as to what was in the best interest of their patients, was different than the political agenda of the FDA. (Here is a bit of background.) What is at stake here could not be more significant, and it applies across the board to EVERY federal agency. The question is: do federal agencies have the unsupervised right to replace Science with political science? Put another way: can they act dishonestly, incompetently, etc. with essentially no meaningful consequences? Here is the doctors’ Complaint. Although it was filed a year ago, it is now being appealed this week — and some fascinating audio clips have emerged. There are three judges on a panel, asking the attorney representing the FDA some probing questions. Five of these short audio clips (3-5 minutes each) are posted here. (The recording of the full proceeding is here.)

Colorado middle-schooler kicked out of class for Gadsden flag patch that teacher claims originated with slavery The article reports on an incident in a Colorado middle school where a student was removed from class for wearing a patch of the Gadsden flag. The teacher claimed that the flag, which features the phrase “Don’t Tread on Me,” has origins linked to slavery. The incident has sparked debate about the historical context of the flag and the appropriateness of such actions in educational settings.

CDC Now Refusing New COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports in Its V-Safe Program The article discusses the CDC’s recent decision to stop accepting new reports of adverse events related to the COVID vaccine in its V-Safe Program. This move has raised concerns among the public and health professionals, as it limits the ability to track and understand potential side effects of the vaccine. The piece delves into the implications of this decision and its potential impact on public trust.

More Dog Owners Are Questioning Vaccines Like Rabies After Covid In the aftermath of the COVID pandemic and the rise of vaccine skepticism, more dog owners in the U.S. are now questioning the necessity of vaccines like rabies for their pets. The article explores this growing trend, the reasons behind it, and the potential risks it poses to public health and animal welfare.

Florida surgeon general tells Americans to NOT cooperate with mask mandates The Florida surgeon general has made a controversial statement urging Americans not to comply with mask mandates. The article covers the reactions to this announcement, the reasons given by the surgeon general, and the broader debate surrounding mask mandates and individual freedoms in the context of public health.


Question of The Day!

Is there a reason veterinarians are not speaking out about the effects of venom poisoning on household pets? Considering the lower body weight of pets and that they are exposed to the same environmental conditions as their owners, wouldn’t you expect to hear from veterinarians? Or are the venom peptides smart enough to poison only humans? Why do you think the A. G. E. S. team is not using Rife Tech to neutralize the root cause? Over time, an investment into a Rife machine should be much less expensive than buying supplements such as nicotine products, herbs etc. and as new threats arise A. G. E. S. Team could release frequencies that protect. Plus, frequencies could be used to protect household pets. Something A. G. E. S. is completely ignoring. Or is Rife a complete hoax? And do A. G. E. S. team believe pets are immune to venom peptides?

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