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The Fight for Freedom is Not Over; It is Only Beginning After being told that the pandemic was our greatest challenge in a century, we are being urged to move on, forget the past, and return to a normal life. ‘Move on,’ they say. ‘There is nothing to see here. The crisis is over, no harm done.’ These are the words tyrants use and that is why, for me, there is a moral imperative to confront tyranny, even within our sacred halls of ‘democracy.’ Whether it is democracy or not, future historians will judge, if Western civilization lasts that long, which I doubt.  The fascists tell us now that new perils threaten the rights we happily tossed aside. We face a new enemy called ‘autocracy,’ whose national values we recently embraced, applauded, and celebrated for three years. The world may look on and see us condemn Russia for doing what we did in Afghanistan for two decades, but we hope they will all do as they are told, forget, and move on. Many believe that the pandemic required an unfortunate, but necessary departure from our proud history of democracy, human rights, and freedom. I am not one of those people. The West has experienced its own existential crisis from which it may not recover. The fall of the Berlin Wall represented the end of the old Stalinist dream. Covid Hysteria represents the fall of the façade of Western democracy, or what’s left of it. The Russians lost Stalinism, and in the West, we lost democracy. It was never the case that Russia fell, but it fell first because everything does eventually, and only fools think that empires last forever.

Special Guest Andrea Nazarenko 

Inflammation and cancer: Identifying the role of copper paves the way for new therapeutic applications Inflammation is a complex biological process that can eradicate pathogens and promotes repair of damaged tissues. However, deregulation of the immune system can lead to uncontrolled inflammation and produce lesions instead. Inflammation is also involved in cancer. The molecular mechanisms underlying inflammation are not fully understood, and so developing new drugs represents a significant challenge. As far back as 2020, Dr. Raphaël Rodriguez, CNRS research director and head of the Chemical Biology team at Institut Curie (Equipe Labellisé Ligue Contre le Cancer) at the Cellular and Chemical Biology laboratory (Institut Curie/CNRS/Inserm), had shed new light on a membrane receptor called CD44, which marks immune responses, inflammation and cancer progression. Dr. Rodriquez and his team showed that CD44 helped import iron into cell, triggering a series of reactions leading to activation of genes involved in the metastatic process. “This is a cell plasticity phenomenon we continued to study, investigating other metals potentially internalized by CD44, notably copper,” he explains. Along with his colleagues, Dr. Rodriguez has now reached a new milestone. The research team managed to identify a signaling pathway involving copper and leading to the expression of pro-inflammatory genes in macrophages, the cells present in all tissues and playing an important role in innate immunity.

Groups pushing vaccine passports, mandates, were quietly funded by Pfizer Pfizer, the manufacturer of one of the most widely used COVID-19 vaccines in the country, silently funded groups advocating for vaccine mandates and passports, according to a report by Lee Fang (paywalled). In August 2021, the president of the Chicago Urban League, Karen Freeman-Wilson, in an interview on TV, argued that vaccine mandates would not disproportionately harm the black community. “The health and safety factor here far outweighs the concern about shutting people out or creating a barrier,” Freeman-Wilson said at the time. Earlier that year, the Chicago Urban League had received $100,000 from Pfizer for a project on promoting “vaccine safety and effectiveness.” The organization did not list Pfizer as a donor or partner on its website and Freeman-Wilson did not mention the funding during the interview. The Chicago Urban League grant is one of many Pfizer-awarded groups to promote and encourage vaccine mandates. The pharmaceutical giant awarded grants to public health organizations, civil rights groups, as well as consumer, medical, and doctors’ groups. Most of these groups did not disclose the funding from Pfizer. Corporate watchdog group the National Consumers League announced support for “government and employer mandates” requiring Covid vaccination in August 2021. The announcement came at around the same time the organization received a $75,000 grant from Pfizer for “vaccine policy efforts.”

500 Australians Join World’s First COVID Vaccine Injury Class Action Lawsuit At least 500 Australians have already joined a “landmark” COVID-19 vaccine injury class action lawsuit filed this week against the Australian government and the medicines regulator seeks redress for those allegedly injured or left bereaved by the COVID-19 vaccines. The suit accuses the Australian government, the country’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and Department of Health and Aged Care, and a number of senior public servants of negligence related to the approval and monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines, breach of statutory duty and misfeasance in public office. The action was filed in the Federal Court of Australia, New South Wales Registry. According to the lawsuit, the respondents approved the vaccines “with no proper or reasonable evidentiary or logical basis to reasonably determine the Vaccines to be safe, effective and possessing a positive risk-benefit profile.” Natalie Strijland, the litigator who filed the suit, said in a statement: “The action will argue that the Therapeutic Goods Administration did not fulfil their duty to properly regulate the Covid-19 vaccines, resulting in considerable harm and damage to Australians.” The suit alleges the government “acted negligently in approving the vaccines and also by failing to withdraw them” based upon the “known evidence” of risk. “Australians who have experienced a serious adverse event following Covid-19 vaccination are invited to step forward and register for this class action,” Strijland said.

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The Censorship-Industrial Complex I knew things were bad in my world, but the truth turned out to be much worse than I could have imagined. My name is Andrew Lowenthal. I am a progressive-minded Australian who for almost 18 years was the Executive Director of EngageMedia, an Asia-based NGO focused on human rights online, freedom of expression, and open technology. My resume also includes fellowships at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center and MIT’s Open Documentary Lab. For most of my career, I believed strongly in the work I was doing, which I believed was about protecting and expanding digital rights and freedoms.  [Read the accompanying #TwitterFile – The Informational Cartel] In recent years, however, I watched in despair as a dramatic change swept through my field. As if all at once, organizations and colleagues with whom I’d worked for years began de-emphasizing freedom of speech and expression, and shifted focus to a new arena: fighting “disinformation.” Long before the #TwitterFiles, and certainly before responding to a Racket call for freelancers to help “Knock Out the Mainstream Propaganda Machine,” I’d been raising concerns about the weaponization of “anti-disinformation” as a tool for censorship. For EngageMedia team members in Myanmar, Indonesia, India, or the Philippines, the new elite Western consensus of giving governments greater power to decide what could be said online was the opposite of the work we were doing.

IRS Hiring Gun-Carrying Agents in all 50 States A review of the IRS job board shows the agency is seeking to hire armed agents in all 50 states. “WE’RE HIRING SPECIAL AGENTS NOW!” states the IRS website in all caps, with an exclamation point for emphasis. “Click here to apply today!” [Archived link here in case the IRS removes the listing] Under the “Major Duties” section of the job description, applicants are notified they “must be willing to use force up to and including the use of deadly force.” Congressional Democrats and President Biden sent $80 billion in taxpayer funding to the IRS as part of the Inflation Reduction Act. The IRS released a spending outline on April 6 showing the agency is on pace to hire 87,000 IRS employees over the next decade. Not all of them will be “armed only with calculators.” The $80 billion in funding provides no new protections for taxpayers. Combined with the IRS history of firearms mismanagement and lack of respect for due process, this is cause for concern among law abiding Americans: In order to carry or use an IRS-owned weapon, agents must: engage in handgun firing training at least once each quarter, shoot at least the minimum of 75 percentage points on the firearms qualifying test using the issued handgun during two nonconsecutive quarters, participate in biannual firearms building entry exercises, participate in an annual briefing on firearms safety and security policies and IRS-CI’s directives and procedures regarding the safe handling and storage of firearms, and participate in a briefing each quarter regarding the policy of discharging a firearm at a moving vehicle. IRS-CI’s National Criminal Investigation Training Academy (NCITA) is responsible for implementing the formalized firearms training and qualification program nationwide. This includes developing the firearm qualification requirements they are expected to meet and the training special agents will undergo. Despite these requirements, CI agents have regularly failed to stay up to date on training or report incidents, endangering the taxpayers they are supposed to protect.

The Second Amendment Financial Privacy Act is Another Win for the Nullification Movement Would you be surprised to learn that the newest form of gun control has its roots in the IRS? Same. We weren’t either. Back in 2004, the IRS mandated the use of something called a “Merchant Category Code” or an MCC, as a way to classify different types of businesses and identify the types of goods or services that a company sells. Soon, gun-grabbers figured out that a special MCC could be created for a business selling firearms, thus – another defacto gun registry that the government could easily access. Some of the worst proposals call for using these codes to flat out ban purchases. It doesn’t take too much creative thinking to see how people who hate your liberty will use this kind of tool. After efforts to create a firearm-related MCC failed in recent years, a number of high profile politicians sent a high pressure letter to the major credit card companies last September. And just weeks later, the International Organization for Standardization (IOS) approved the creation of a new firearms-based code. Unsurprisingly, Everytown was thrilled, “Today’s announcement is a critical first step towards giving banks and credit card companies the tools they need to recognize dangerous firearm purchasing trends” To them, of course, all firearms purchasing trends are dangerous, so we know where this is leading. And while people can still use cash for in-person purchases – or better yet, real money like gold and silver in some situations – neither of these are valid options for online retailers. An article by Free Range American summed up the danger: Watchdogs are concerned the banking industry has been recruited by the feds to use the coded transactions to create and maintain a database of gun owners that can then be accessed by the government. Indeed, it has been publicly stated that the purpose of the new code is to track “suspicious activity” related to firearms and mass shootings.   

On this day in history, April 28, 1967, Muhammad Ali refuses to serve military at height of Vietnam War Muhammad Ali, the reigning world heavyweight boxing champion, entered the combative ring of politics and culture by refusing to serve in the United States military at the height of the Vietnam War on this day in history, April 28, 1967.  “I ain’t got no quarrel with those Vietcong,” Ali famously said the year before, the exact quote the source of some dispute, in a battle that made it all the way to the United States Supreme Court.  He later wrote, “I refuse to be inducted into the Armed Forces of the United States because I claim to be exempt as a minister of the religion of Islam.” Ali was lauded around the world as a hero for standing up for the courage of his convictions. Critics say he used the power of his podium and celebrity to dodge the draft at a time when the nation’s working-class young men were fighting and dying at the sharp end of existential struggle for survival against communism. Others allege it was an order from Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad that fueled his refusal to serve in the military. Born Cassius Clay in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1942, the pugilist punched his way into the national spotlight winning a gold medal in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome at age 18.

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