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LIVE from Vitality Nutrition in Bountiful, Utah

Vitality Nutrition was founded by Clyde and Carol St. Clair in August 1977 under the name “The Nutrition Shoppe.” Their youngest son, Jared, took over the store’s management at the age of 15. Eventually, he bought the store at 22 and renamed it “Vitality Nutrition” to focus on helping people achieve optimal health and wellness. The store specializes in natural health education, offering one-on-one consultations and a variety of natural products. In 2008, Jared launched Vitality Radio, a weekly local radio show in Utah that became a podcast in 2020.

Special Guest: Jared St. Clair

Jared St. Clair believes in the human body’s incredible ability to heal itself. He is an educator at Vitality Nutrition and hosts a local radio show in Salt Lake City, UT, as well as the Vitality Radio Podcast. Jared has spent 30 years working directly with consumers on various health issues. He has formulated 14 products that are available on the national market through three different companies. These products range from Hair Revive, designed to stop women’s hair loss, to 10 Day Back On Tract, a capsule that aims to improve digestion and rebuild natural gut flora.

Hour 1

ONE IN A MILLION SHOT: COVID “vaccine” only helps one person avoid COVID death out of every one million jabs delivered, CDC confirms
According to the CDC, only one person out of every one million vaccinated avoids a COVID-related death. This statistic has raised questions about the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines and has been a topic of debate among healthcare professionals and the general public.

Pfizer forecasts 24% COVID vaccination rate in US this year
Pfizer has projected that the COVID-19 vaccination rate in the United States will reach 24% by the end of this year. This forecast comes amid ongoing discussions about vaccine efficacy and public trust in pharmaceutical companies.

ADHD Drug Errors Among Kids Have Quadrupled in 20 Years
A recent study has shown that errors related to ADHD medications among children have quadrupled over the past two decades. The findings have sparked concerns about the safety protocols surrounding these medications and their administration to children.

The CDC wants your trust back: It’ll ‘take time to rebuild.’
The CDC is working on rebuilding public trust, acknowledging that it will be a long-term effort. The agency has faced criticism for its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to a decline in public confidence.

Welcome back to the “Homeopathic Hits” segment of The Robert Scott Bell Show.
Today’s focus is on Apis Mellifica, a remedy derived from the honeybee.
Apis Mellifica is particularly effective in treating conditions involving swelling and inflammation.

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Hour 2

California Quietly Repeals ‘Medical Misinformation’ Law Designed to Punish Doctors
California has quietly repealed a law aimed at punishing doctors for spreading medical misinformation. The repeal has been seen as a victory for free speech and the medical community, who argued that the law was too vague and could be misused.

Ban on COVID-19 vaccine mandate passes Arkansas legislature
The Arkansas legislature has passed a ban on COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The move is seen as a significant step in the ongoing debate over individual freedoms and public health measures.

‘Cancer Road’: Did Industrial Farming and Fertilizers Kill These People?
A recent investigation has raised concerns about the potential link between industrial farming, fertilizers, and a series of cancer cases. The report delves into the health risks associated with exposure to harmful chemicals used in agriculture.

Tell Whole Foods to Stop Limiting Your Homeopathy Access
Whole Foods has been criticized for limiting access to homeopathic remedies. Advocacy groups are urging the public to speak out against this policy, arguing that it restricts consumer choice in healthcare options.

Special Guest – Stan Graham

Stan Graham is the second of 9 children. Growing up and working on small farms in Idaho, his parents made sure he learned the values of hard work and physical health. Raising the food they ate, these lessons rooted themselves deep into Stan’s heart and mind. Stan’s lifestyle stayed true to those lessons for decades. Committed to sustainable health and longevity, he was vigilant about his daily nutrition and physical conditioning. But at the age of 52, Stan suffered multiple devastating shoulder injuries, leading to more than a year of failed surgeries and the possibility of losing the use of his arms. Losing his health, he knew that lasting recovery would require years of determined commitment. Stan realized that his way forward was through an audacious goal: breaking the world record for the 50+ men’s mile run. He knew that this would require the highest level of commitment to both training and nutrition.Training he would handle with a professional coach. His nutrition, however, was another matter. It not only had to be the very best quality, but it also had to be truly simplified and convenient … perfectly created to support his commitment to heal and adapted to his on-the-go lifestyle. Was that kind of whole food nutrition even possible? No, it wasn’t. Stan’s search for the elusive nutrition solution proved futile. He simply couldn’t find what he needed: “Just fresh farm food in a bag, with no garbage; meals that I could eat anytime I wanted, anywhere I was.” So, he set out to make it.Sharing his vision with his partners, and after years of research and development with a world-class team of food scientists and nutritionists, Stan and his team produced a revolutionary whole food nutrition solution that is now available to all.

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Thank you so much for your information!! You recommend Cardio Miracle for NO – can u please tell me whether human Neo 40 professional is similar in helping the body produce nitric oxide?? Thank you so much for your help!!

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