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Kid Lab Rats – Pfizer/BioNTech’s ongoing clinical trial testing COVID-19 shots on children, including those as young as 6 months, raises ethical questions. The study aims to evaluate the vaccine’s effectivenessagainst newer variants in previously unvaccinated babies and toddlers, offering compensation for participation. However, concerns about informed consent arise, as infants cannot consent, and the decision falls to parents. The article questions the risk/benefit ratio of subjecting children to such trials, especially considering the low COVID-19 risk for this age group compared to potential vaccine side effects. It highlights the ethical principle of beneficence from the Belmont Report, emphasizing the need to maximize benefits and minimize harms. Given the minimal benefits and real risks, the article argues there’s no ethical justification for continuing these trials on children and calls for their cessation.

Special Guest Michelle Ford

Michelle Ford is a single mother of 4 on Los Angeles County and due to her eldest daughter’s vaccine injury in 1993, she became passionate about advocating for parental rights in order to protect her younger 3 children. She founded the Vaccine-Injury Awareness League in 2015. Michelle became an activist fighting against such egregious State of California bills such as AB2109, SB277, SB276 and SB792 to name a few. Michelle organized #CDCTruth rallies in Georgia, she organized the #Revolution4Truth rally in Washington DC, and co-organized the Press Club event in 2017. Michelle helped raise awareness about the increased risk to black baby boys in the black community, with the help of Lucy Cole, Rizza Islam and Minister Tony Muhammad, and with the help of 3 other friends, broke a billion impressions on Twitter with #CDCwhistleblower. Big Tech turned the statistics to nearly zero! Michelle became a Civil Service Commissioner to better comprehend the inner workings of local government Realizing that politics, medicine, government, media, military, and the General Public were not the answer, Michelle took to American Common Law, where she became a State National, and voluntarily teaches others how to do the same thing to collectively restore the lawful American Government that has been long dormant since the Civil War war era. Michelle is the Coordinator for The California Assembly doing her part on one of the 50 States of the Union summoned by The United States of America (unincorporated) to restore our lawful government.


Americans Can’t Tell The Difference Between Facts And Opinions, Study Explains – A study from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign reveals many Americans struggle to differentiate facts from opinions, particularly in political contexts. The research, which asked participants to categorize statements about current events, found that nearly half performed as poorly as random guessing. Factors like civics knowledge, current events knowledge, education, and cognitive ability slightly improved success rates, but partisan bias was a significant hindrance. This bias leads individuals to reshape their understanding of facts to fit their political narratives, suggesting a broader issue in civic discourse. The findings indicate a vulnerability to misinformation and manipulation, emphasizing the challenge of fostering meaningful communication in highly polarized environments. This difficulty in distinguishing facts from opinions could have dire implications for democracy and public discourse, especially as the 2024 presidential election approaches.

Hour 2

Global cancer phenomenon: It’s not just America… – A disturbing rise in cancer among young people under 50 is being reported worldwide, with a 79% increase in cases and a 28% rise in deaths between 1990and 2019. This trend is alarming as cancer, typically associated with older age, is now affecting the younger population, leading to late diagnoses and complicating treatment. The reasons behind this surge are complex, with speculation around lifestyle factors like diet, obesity, and alcohol consumption. However, these do not fully explain the spike, prompting researchers to explore genetic factors and the impact of the body’s microbiome on cancer development. The variability in cancer types and rates across different countries underlines the need for a global research effort to understand and address this growing issue.

Heart Surgeons Find 58% of Patients Have Plastic Clogging Arteries – In Italy, researchers found microplastics and nanoplastics in the arterial plaque of 58% of patients undergoing carotid artery surgery, with polyethylene (found in plastic bags) being a common pollutant. This alarming discovery underscores the pervasive issue of plastic pollution and its direct impact on human health, particularly on cardiovascular health. Patients with plastics in their arteries had a fourfold increase in the risk of severe cardiovascular events. This study highlights the urgent need for addressing plastic pollution to prevent its detrimental effects on human health.

Boiling Hard Tap Water Removes up to 90 Percent of Microplastics: Study – A study suggests that boiling hard tap water could significantly reduce microplastics, with hard waterproving more effective due to calcium carbonate’s ability to encapsulate and remove these particles. This simple purification method could potentially alleviate human intake of harmful microplastics through water consumption. The research underscores the grave issue of plastic pollution infiltrating water sources globally and offers a practical solution for individuals to mitigate their exposure to these pollutants, which have been linked to various health issues. This discovery could have significant implications for public health, emphasizing the importance of further research and actions to combat plastic pollution.


Obesity is now a disease of poverty, claims public health chief – William Roberts, the chief executive of the Royal Society of Public Health, highlights a significant shift in obesity trends, noting it has become a disease of poverty rather than wealth. This change, described as ‘terrifying,’ is underscored by a 2022 report showing a higher obesity rate in England’s most deprived areas compared to the wealthiest. The affordability of healthy foods and the abundance of junk food options in poorer neighborhoods are key factors contributing to this disparity. The obesity crisis, costing nearly £100 billion annually, poses serious health and economic challenges, prompting calls for action against junk and ultra-processed foods with the urgency once dedicated to combating smoking. The discussion emphasizes the evolving landscape of obesity, shifting from a marker of affluence to one of socioeconomic struggle, and the urgent need for comprehensive public health strategies to address this crisis.

Scientists Create Cow That Produces Insulin in Milk – Researchers have developed a groundbreaking method to address insulin shortages by creating a transgenic cow that produces human insulin in its milk.This innovation, emerging from collaborations between the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the University of São Paolo, could significantly impact the availability of insulin for diabetes patients. By inserting a segment of human DNA into cow embryos, scientists targeted the expression of proinsulin in breast tissue, resulting in milk containing both insulin and proinsulin. While further testing, purification, and FDA approval are needed, this strategy holds the potential to create a sustainable insulin supply, especially considering the high production capacity of dairy cows. This approach not only offers a solution to insulin scarcity but also represents a novel use of genetic engineering in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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Let’s uncover the healing essence of Colchicum Autumnale and its role in promoting comfort and mobility.

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