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Special Guest Jonathan Emord

For the past 37 years, Jonathan W. Emord has litigated against the federal bureaucracy, winning over and over again. Ron Paul calls Jonathan “an expert in constitutional theory and history” and “an expert litigator with a long string of legal victories over the federal bureaucracy.” George Noory calls him “a Knight in Shining Armor” and “a warrior out to save our rights.” Congressmen Dan Burton and John Doolittle describe him as “an intellectual warrior for the rights and freedoms of people in America.” Jonathan has a unique, detailed knowledge of the federal bureaucracy, the deep state. He knows how to defeat it. Jonathan graduated from the University of Illinois (BA, political science and history, 1982) and DePaul University College of Law (JD, 1985). He served as an attorney in the Federal Communications Commission during the Reagan administration. A leading constitutional law and litigation expert, he is the author of five critically acclaimed books. He has won more cases against the Food and Drug Administration in federal court than any other attorney in American history, earning him the nickname “FDA Dragon Slayer.” He is a columnist for Townhall.com, PJ Media.com, Americangreatness.com, and the U.S.A. Today Magazine. He frequently appears on national radio and television programs. He is married to Sheryl Emord, and they have two children, twins Justice and Angelica. They reside in Clifton, Virginia.

Parkinson’s Doctor Tells NBC Biden Has ‘Classic Features’ of Disease: ‘I Could Have Diagnosed Him From Across the Mall’ Dr. Tom Pitts, a board-certified neurologist, told NBC News that President JoeBiden displays symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, citing his recent public appearances. Pitts noted Biden’s word-finding difficulties and physical rigidity as indicative of neurodegeneration. Despite Biden’s team attributing his speech issues to a stutter and recent hoarse voice to a cold, Pitts emphasized the need for cognitive tests for both Biden and Trump. Speculation increased after a report revealed a Parkinson’s expert had visited the White House multiple times, although the President’s physician clarified these visits were routine. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre denied Biden is being treated for Parkinson’s. Pitts’ comments coincide with growing calls for Biden to step down due to health concerns, as he insists he is the best candidate to defeat Trump in the upcoming election.

Liberal celebs rally behind George Clooney’s call for Biden to step aside: ‘What many of us have been saying’ George Clooney’s essay urging President Biden to withdraw from the 2024 race has garnered support from several liberal celebrities. Michael Douglas, Rob Reiner, and Mia Farrow echoed Clooney’s concerns about Biden’s capacity to serve another term, citing his declining performance. Clooney suggested that younger Democratic candidates could better protect democracy and highlighted his observations of Biden’s diminished state during recent interactions. Despite Biden’s significant contributions, these celebrities argue that a younger leader is essential to confront current political challenges. Clooney’s remarks followed a star-studded Biden fundraiser he hosted, where he witnessed firsthand the President’s struggles. This call for Biden to step aside reflects a broader sentiment among some Democrats about the need for new leadership.

Biden Administration Files Emergency Motion to Strike Down Injunction in RFK Jr., CHD Censorship Case The Biden administration filed an emergencymotion with the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals to block an injunction that prevents White House officials from coercing social media platforms to censor content. This motion follows a lower court’s rejection of the administration’s attempts to delay the preliminary injunction in the Kennedy v. Biden case. The injunction, which was to take effect on July 7, arose from allegations that the Biden administration pressured social media companies to suppress content, violating First Amendment rights. The case, led by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Children’s Health Defense, asserts that government actions unlawfully censored protected speech. The administration’s latest move aims to overturn this ruling, with significant implications for free speech and government influence on social media platforms. The 5th Circuit’s decision will be pivotal in determining the future of government-related censorship on social media.

Democrats Slam Popular Voter ID Bill as Racist and Xenophobic Democrats criticized the GOP’s SAVE Act, a voter ID bill, comparing it to historical racist exclusion laws like the Jim Crow poll tax. Representative Jennifer McClellan argued that requiring proof of citizenship to vote imposes a financial burden similar to a poll tax, making it harder for low-income individuals to participate in elections. She highlighted that obtaining identification documents usually incurs costs, thus creating an unfunded mandate. President Biden’s staff has indicated he would veto the bill if it passes. GOP leaders advocate for the bill, claiming it will prevent illegal voting, but Democrats argue it disenfranchises minority and marginalized communities. Critics of the bill, like Rep. Summer Lee and Rep. Delia Ramirez, label it as discriminatory and xenophobic, emphasizing that it would suppress the votes of black, brown, LGBTQIA, and young citizens. The debate underscores the ongoing conflict over voting rights and access in the U.S.

Woman Fired for Refusing COVID Vaccine Wins Big in Tennessee, but Supreme Court Deals Blow to Health Freedom Advocates in Connecticut A federal court inTennessee awarded Tanja Benton $687,240 after she was fired for refusing a COVID-19 vaccine on religious grounds. Benton, a former BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee employee, successfully argued that the company did not reasonably accommodate her religious beliefs. This decision contrasts with the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent refusal to hear a case challenging Connecticut’s elimination of religious exemptions for school vaccinations. The Tennessee ruling is seen as a victory for religious and medical freedom advocates, while the Supreme Court’s decision upholds Connecticut’s law, reflecting ongoing tensions between individual rights and public health mandates. Mary Holland of Children’s Health Defense and other advocates stress the importance of protecting religious exemptions to ensure personal freedom in medical decisions. Despite the mixed outcomes, health freedom advocates vow to continue their efforts to restore religious exemptions across the U.S.

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The power of gratitude: Being more thankful can extend your life Research published in JAMA Psychiatry reveals that older women who experience and express more gratitude tend to live longer. The study followed nearly 50,000 female nurses aged 69 to 96 over three years, finding that those with higher gratitude scores had a 9% lower risk of dying from any cause compared to those with lower scores. This association persisted even after accounting for factors like age, lifestyle, and health status. Gratitude, which involves recognizing and appreciating positive aspects of life, may promote better cardiovascular health, healthier lifestyle choices, and stronger social connections. Grateful individuals had a 15% lower risk of dying from heart disease and were more likely to exercise, eat a balanced diet, and maintain their medication routines. The study highlights the potential of gratitude to enhance longevity and overall well-being, suggesting that fostering gratitude could be a simple, low-cost strategy for promoting healthy aging. Researchers call for further studies to confirm these results in diverse populations and to understand the mechanisms through which gratitude impacts longevity.

Special Guest Dr. Ray Andrew

Dr. Ray Andrew is a board-certified family physician and the visionary founder of Moab Family Health and Prestige Wellness Institute Utah. Since beginning his private practice journey in 2002, Dr. Andrew has made significant strides in the fields of Functional, Metabolic, and Anti-Aging Medicine. He earned his medical degree from Saint Louis University School of Medicine and completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Furthering his expertise, he undertook fellowship training in Functional, Metabolic, and Anti-Aging Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and continuously enriches his knowledge with the latest medical advancements, learning from global experts. Dr. Andrew’s approach to medicine took a transformative turn early in his career when he encountered patient issues that conventional drugs could not effectively address. Venturing beyond traditional methods, he connected with doctors nationwide and discovered a new realm of medical solutions focused on harnessing nature’s power. He learned to utilize natural agents and cutting-edge technologies to help the body function optimally, as nature intended.

Long COVID is showing up in Colorado death data, even as COVID-19 deaths drop sharply COVID-19 has dropped out of the top 10 causes of death in Colorado, yet long COVID is now being recorded as a significant contributing factor in some deaths. Since January 2023, 52 deaths have cited long COVID as a contributing factor. Long COVID is defined by the CDC as a chronic condition with symptoms lasting at least three months post-infection. Experts note that individuals who suffered severe COVID-19 initially are more prone to long COVID. Despite overall mortality rates declining post-pandemic, they remain higher than pre-pandemic levels, with other causes like drug overdoses and chronic diseases also contributing to the elevated rates. The state’s life expectancy has improved but has not returned to pre-pandemic levels, highlighting persistent health inequities among different demographic groups. The rising trend of drug overdoses, particularly involving fentanyl, remains a significant concern. The data underscores the complex and ongoing impacts of the pandemic on public health, with long COVID presenting a new challenge for healthcare providers and policymakers.

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