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Special Guest: Jonathan Emord

For the past 37 years, Jonathan W. Emord has litigated against the federal bureaucracy, winning over and over again. Ron Paul calls Jonathan “an expert in constitutional theory and history” and “an expert litigator with a long string of legal victories over the federal bureaucracy.” George Noory calls him “a Knight in Shining Armor” and “a warrior out to save our rights.” Congressmen Dan Burton and John Doolittle describe him as “an intellectual warrior for the rights and freedoms of people in America.” Jonathan has a unique, detailed knowledge of the federal bureaucracy, the deep state. He knows how to defeat it. Jonathan graduated from the University of Illinois (BA, political science and history, 1982) and DePaul University College of Law (JD, 1985). He served as an attorney in the Federal Communications Commission during the Reagan administration. A leading constitutional law and litigation expert, he is the author of five critically acclaimed books. He has won more cases against the Food and Drug Administration in federal court than any other attorney in American history, earning him the nickname “FDA Dragon Slayer.” He is a columnist for, PJ,, and the U.S.A. Today Magazine. He frequently appears on national radio and television programs. He is married to Sheryl Emord, and they have two children, twins Justice and Angelica. They reside in Clifton, Virginia.

Cuellar: ‘We’re Going to Lose a Lot of Democrats’ Because Biden ‘Ignored’ Border, Won’t Deport People He Needs to
Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) expressed concern that the Democratic Party is losing support due to President Joe Biden’s handling of the border issue. Cuellar criticized the administration for ignoring the border and listening too much to immigration activists. He emphasized that the current approach of processing and sending migrants into the U.S. interior is not effective, as a majority of these individuals are eventually not accepted by immigration judges. Cuellar warned that the Democratic Party risks losing support from frustrated constituents who want to see law and order at the border while treating migrants with respect and dignity. He argued for the need to detain, provide quick hearings, and deport those who do not qualify for asylum, as the current delay in the process is leading to dissatisfaction among Democrats in border communities and cities like New York and Chicago.

Here’s Why Charity Is Better at Solving Problems Than Government In this season of giving, I’ll donate to the Doe Fund, a charity that helps drug abusers and ex-cons find purpose in life through work. Doe’s approach doesn’t include many handouts. It’s mostly about encouraging people to work. “Work works!” they say. It does. Most Doe Fund workers don’t go back to jail. I’ll also donate to Student Sponsor Partners (SSP), a nonprofit that gives scholarships to kids from low-income families so they can escape bad public schools. SSP sends them to Catholic schools. I’m not Catholic, but I donate because government-run schools are often so bad that Catholic schools do better at half the cost. Thanks to SSP, thousands of kids escape poverty. Yet some on the left say giving time and money to charity is a mistake. Their trust in government leads them to think that government programs are much better at lifting people out of poverty.

Are Safety Reports from Covid mRNA Shots Due to Lack of FDA Ingredient Clarity?
The article explores concerns regarding the safety of Covid mRNA vaccines and the lack of transparency in their ingredients. It discusses the challenges in assessing drug safety, especially when the full ingredient list and testing methodologies are considered trade secrets by manufacturers and the FDA. The author, with experience in drug safety research and pharmaceutical quality verification, highlights the importance of drug quality in evaluating safety. The secrecy surrounding Covid mRNA vaccines, despite their rapid development and novel ingredients, raises questions about their long-term safety and efficacy. The article criticizes the FDA’s approach to pharmaceutical quality control, particularly the shift to remote testing methods during the pandemic. It argues for the need for full transparency and verifiable product purity, especially given the taxpayer funding involved and the public health implications. The article calls for a reevaluation of the FDA’s policies and practices to ensure the safety and efficacy of Covid mRNA vaccines and other pharmaceutical products.

Americans sour on the primary election process and major political parties, an AP-NORC poll says
A new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research reveals growing skepticism among Americans, particularly Republicans, about the accuracy of vote counting in primary elections. Only about one-third of Republicans express confidence in the accuracy of vote tallies in their party’s primaries. In contrast, 72% of Democrats have high confidence in their party’s vote counting. The poll also shows widespread distrust in both major political parties among U.S. adults. About one-quarter of U.S. adults have little to no confidence in both the Democratic and Republican parties’ processes for selecting a presidential nominee. This skepticism extends to the 2024 presidential election, with only about one-quarter of Republicans expressing confidence in the accuracy of the vote count. The poll highlights a broader pessimism about the future of both parties and the country’s leadership selection process, reflecting concerns about fairness and representation in the political system.

Survey: One in Five Young Americans Has a Positive View of Bin Laden
A survey by J.L. Partners/Daily Mail found that one in five young Americans between the ages of 18-29 has a somewhat positive view of al-Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden. The survey revealed that 20% of this age group view Bin Laden positively, with 8% having a completely positive view. In contrast, 81% of all respondents have a negative view of Bin Laden. The survey’s results suggest a growing disconnect between the reality of historical events and the perceptions of those who were born after September 11, 2001, or were too young to remember. The findings coincide with a trend on TikTok, where young Americans are recirculating Bin Laden’s 2002 letter justifying the 9/11 attacks, with some asserting that the U.S. is equally culpable for global conflicts. The survey highlights a concerning shift in attitudes among younger generations towards historical figures and events, influenced by social media and anti-American rhetoric.

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A Primer on Medical Gaslighting
The article delves into the issue of medical gaslighting, particularly in psychiatry, where patients’ side effects from psychiatric medications are often attributed to their pre-existing mental illness rather than the drugs themselves. This practice can lead to a cycle of increasing medication dosages and further side effects, exacerbating the patient’s condition. The article also discusses the broader problem of medical gaslighting beyond psychiatry, including in clinical trials for various drugs where severe side effects are often hidden. This practice leads to a chain of gaslighting as doctors dismiss similar injuries in their patients, believing the clinical trial results. The article argues that this issue is a consequence of the training doctors receive, making them unable to recognize medical injuries, and calls for a reevaluation of the approach to pharmaceuticals and patient care in allopathic medicine.

Special Guest Dr. Joan Ifland

Dr. Ifland has been creating breakthroughs in recovery from food addiction from 1999 with her first popular book to 2018 when her textbook, Processed Food Addiction: Foundations, Assessment, and Recovery was released by CRC Press. She has been selected for her expertise by Oprah Winfrey Network, Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine, Fortune Magazine, and US News and World Report.

She founded the online Addiction Reset Community (ARC) in 2018, The Facebook group, ‘Food Addiction Education’ (2014) and (2014) provide free support. Reset Week is the first online live video program for withdrawal (2018). ARC Manager Training is a program training future Addiction Reset Community leaders (2020).

Dr. Ifland is the lead author of the first scholarly description of processed food addiction and definition of addictive foods.

Dr. Ifland earned her PhD in addictive nutrition at Union Institute and University (2010); her MBA at Stanford Business School (1978) and her BA in Economics and Political Science at Oberlin College (1974). She currently resides in Seattle.

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Howdy !
My friend’s wife has serious back issues. She went to Mexico recently and had an ozone treatment. She felt normal again ror about two weeks, then was at the point of debilitation again.
Returning to the States, she was told that the treatments can cause heart attacks.
Is this true, do you know, or is it more crap the mainstream docs are spewing ?
If there is any chance you could write me an answer, so I may pass it on to my friends, I’d be much obliged !

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