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‘Debbie Downer’ vaccine doc fears post ‘Barbieheimer’ COVID bump, gets reminded ‘it’s not 2020’ Dr. Peter Hotez worried that COVID-19 infections could rise after the massive box office success over the weekend by “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer.” The virologist commented on the remarkable success of the two films ushering in the largest movie-going crowds since 2019 with “Avengers: Endgame.” Although this was considered great news for the entertainment industry, Hotez cautioned that the large numbers could produce a coronavirus “bump.” “Not to be a Debbie Downer…but anyone worried about a post-BarbieBoxOffice Covid bump? Or post-Oppie? We’ll probably never know since no one seems to be keeping track of such things anymore. Keep up with your boosters and find a pink N-95 or KN-95 if you can,” Hotez tweeted on Sunday. Hotez frequently served as the go-to medical expert during the pandemic for mainstream media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC. He has since faced intense criticism for pushing controversial COVID-19 mitigation techniques such as masking children and discouraging in-person learning for schools. His tweet reiterating the need for masking reignited attacks against him on Twitter. “The media’s favorite medical expert. Well done, team,” The Spectator contributing editor Stephen Miller joked. Texas State Rep. Jeff Leach wrote, “No. No normal, rational person is worried about this. It must be really sad to constantly live in such a warped state of fear.” “I am not worried about that, no, because it’s not 2020,” The Bulwark culture editor Sonny Bunch tweeted.

Special Guest Justyna Walker

Justyna Walker is an activist and legal advisor mother of two. She has worked as a singer, songwriter, and producer. She has worked as an employment law advisor. In addition to her legal work, she dedicated herself to helping those in need and worked with domestic abuse victims, providing them with the support and resources they need to rebuild their lives. She has also worked in social services, both in the children’s and adult departments. She serves as the CEO of the Verax Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting human rights and promoting social justice. She is a passionate human rights activist and pro-choicer, working tirelessly to ensure that everyone has access to the rights and resources they need. Over last three years she has organized protests and conferences around Europe revolving around freedom of choice, coordinated support for the Freedom Convoy in Europe and voiced her opinion on violation of human rights at UN.

Christians Arrested For Outdoor Church Service During COVID-19 Win $300,000 Lawsuit The city of Moscow, Idaho, announced this week that it would settle the lawsuit with Gabriel Rench and Sean and Rachel Bohnet, who filed a case against city officials in March 2021. They asserted that their rights under the First and Fourth Amendments were violated when they were arrested at an outdoor “psalm sing” led by church leaders in September 2020. Moscow, Idaho, is a community of around 25,000 inhabitants located approximately 80 miles south of Spokane, Washington. The church named in the lawsuit, Christ Church, is a small congregation of about 1,000 members that is part of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches. At the time of the incident, Officers took Rench’s hymn book before hauling him away in handcuffs to the county jail, where he and others were kept for several hours, according to video of the arrests, which went viral and was blasted at the time on the Twitter platform. The calm worship service lasted only 20 minutes in front of Moscow City Hall, where local authorities had put little yellow dots six feet apart to guide participants in COVID-19 6-feet-apart social distancing.

Hour 2

10 Problems With Vaccines — and 10 Solutions The uncritical, blind faith in vaccines is the preeminent sacred cow of modern medicine. (It happens to be its preeminent cash cow as well.) It is a quasi-religious, dogmatic article of conviction, rather than a sound scientific theory or an empirically-based clinical precept. Vaccines have been controversial since their introduction centuries ago. Only in very recent history has there been a rigidly enforced orthodoxy of belief within the medical establishment that vaccines must be unanimously regarded as “safe and effective,” no questions asked. Even more recent is the practice of smearing and labeling anyone questioning this doctrine as a heretic: an “anti-vaxxer.” In fact, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the earliest known use of that now-ubiquitous epithet was only in 2001. Religious faith has tremendous potential for good in society, but when it is misrepresented as science, its track record is miserable and deadly. “Safe and effective” is not scientific shorthand or even an advertising slogan; it is a mantra. “Anti-vaxxer” is not a category of person, it is a charge of heresy. And just as vaccine critics are heretics, so are the high priests of vaccines, the Faucis of the world, the people who in their own words “represent science,” are fanatics. Does that really sound like science to you? Galileo, Semmelweis and a few others might disagree.

Special Guest Pastor Rick Soto

Pastor Rick Soto is a Bible Teacher, and Evangelist. He currently sits as a Board Member on a Private Giving Foundation focusing on Global Evangelism, and as a Board Member of the Santa Ynez Children’s Museum, and the founding Pastor of The Ranch Church. During Covid his church bought a large 63-acre ranch in Solvang California. He is currently pursuing an Advanced Degree in Biblical Studies. Born in the Caribbean on the tiny island of Puerto Rico, he came to Christ during his senior year at San Diego State University. Like many, coming to Christ was a radical and life-changing experience. Immediately afterward Rick found himself preaching and evangelizing friends and strangers alike.  He has been a missionary, pastor, and church planter, and lived for months in the former Soviet Union and Israel. Rick has enjoyed preaching the gospel in a few countries and spoken at conferences and retreats. He’s been married for thirty-two years, and has four wonderful sons, and one great Lab dog.  He blogs at Simplebiblecommentary.com and is the author of the recently released gospel handbook, Jesus at the Center. Rick greatly enjoys fitness, and is active along with his wife in the Martial Arts.

The Vaccine Mandate to Become a Citizen Must End Every lawyer knows words have meaning. The words legislators use must be clear and unambiguous so that any person can understand what the law requires. The clearer the terms, the less room for multiple interpretations of the same sentence. The clearer the words, the less likely the law would be struck down by a court for being overly broad or vague. Unequivocal words are further essential when our legislature expects bureaucratic executive agencies to enforce these laws. Since bureaucrats in Washington are unelected and mostly unconfirmed administrators of our federal laws, all of their actions are only authorized as set forth in the Administrative Procedures Act (“APA”). It is from this act that most ABC federal agencies are given the power and discretion to decide what laws enacted by Congress say and how to enforce those laws. When Congress enacted the Immigration and Nationality Act in 1959, there were no public health or vaccine-related requirements to lawfully immigrate to the United States, except for active contagious infections. This changed in 1996, when Congress passed sweeping legislation creating vaccine immunity laws for pharmaceutical companies and the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund. Civil lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers for vaccine injuries were a driving force behind the 1996 vaccine legislation. Legislators in Congress feared that tort lawsuits for vaccine-induced injuries would bankrupt manufacturers and deter pharmaceutical companies from continuing to produce vaccines that Congress believed were overall beneficial to public health. Although every other pharmaceutical product on the market does not have immunity from liability, vaccines are exempted.

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