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Pharma Nation: Americans will spend half their lives taking prescription drugs, study predicts A recent study reveals that Americans are likely to spend half of their lives taking prescription medications. The research, conducted by StudyFinds.org, indicates that the average American will consume over 92,000 pills in their lifetime. The study aims to shed light on the nation’s growing dependency on pharmaceuticals.

FTC “Clarifies” How It Will Censor Supplement Claims The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued guidelines that clarify its stance on the regulation of supplement claims. The Alliance for Natural Health USA reports that the FTC will now require companies to provide “competent and reliable scientific evidence” to support health claims made for dietary supplements. The move is seen as a way to curb misleading advertising and ensure consumer safety.

Disturbing Link Discovered Between Popular Weed Killers and Child Brain Dysfunction Natural Blaze reports a concerning link between popular weed killers and child brain dysfunction. Researchers have found that exposure to certain herbicides can lead to developmental issues in children. The study highlights the need for more rigorous safety evaluations of these commonly used products.

Despite ‘Massive Lack’ of Safety Data, EPA Wants to Approve Biopesticide to Kill Potato Beetles Children’s Health Defense discusses the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) intention to approve a new biopesticide for use against potato beetles, despite a significant lack of safety data. The EPA’s decision has raised concerns among experts who question the long-term effects of the biopesticide on both human health and the environment.

Welcome back to the “Homeopathic Hits” segment of The Robert Scott Bell Show.
Today, we’re focusing on Cocculus, a remedy often used for motion sickness and mental fatigue.
This guide will delve into the various applications of Cocculus, particularly its effectiveness in treating these conditions.

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Hi Robert, I recently attended the HealingStrong conference in Houston. What a blessing! I am a group leader in the UK. My friend spoke to you just as we were all leaving! I have Lymphodaema in my leg caused by cancer in lymph nodes in the groin. Do you know if there’s anything I can do to improve lymph drainage when the problem is blocked lymph nodes due to cancer? Many thanks

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Special Guest – Michael Boldin

Federal judge won’t block suspension of right to carry guns in some New Mexico parks, playgrounds ABC News reports that a federal judge has declined to block the suspension of the right to carry guns in certain parks and playgrounds in New Mexico. The judge’s decision comes despite arguments that the suspension infringes upon Second Amendment rights.

Ron Paul: Hamas was created by Israel and the US to counteract Yasser Arafat Revolver News features an article by Ron Paul, who argues that Hamas was originally created by Israel and the United States as a countermeasure against Yasser Arafat. Paul suggests that this strategy has backfired, leading to increased tensions and conflicts in the region.

Schools Are Normalizing Intrusive Surveillance Reason.com delves into the growing trend of intrusive surveillance in American public schools. A report by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) reveals that the educational technology sector has turned into a $3.1 billion-a-year industry, marketing student surveillance products to schools. The report criticizes the damaging environment this creates for children.

NYPD beefing up patrols as Jewish schools worry over ‘day of Jihad’ The NYPD is increasing its presence in anticipation of a global “day of Jihad” called for by Hamas’ ex-chief. The New York Post reports that this has led to heightened security measures at religious centers and some Jewish schools. Police are advising religious centers to take various precautions, including limiting access to buildings and ensuring doors are locked at all times.

James Woods Warns a Hamas-Like ‘Army Is Surely Walking Across Biden’s Non-Existent Border Every Day’ James Woods has expressed concern that a Hamas-like army could be crossing the U.S. southern border due to lax security measures. He criticizes the Biden administration for failing to secure the border, thereby putting Americans at risk.

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