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Health Care: Right, Privilege, or Neither? – The debate over whether health care is a right or a privilege overlooks a critical perspective: considering health care as an evolutionary advantage, beyond the realm ofpolitical and ethical debates. This approach suggests that defining health care within the binary of rights and privileges creates a false dichotomy that hinders meaningful reform. Health care, intrinsically linked to our biological imperatives, should perhaps be viewed through the lens of its contribution to our survival and propagation rather than through politically charged definitions. The discussion around health care needs to transcend traditional categorizations to foster a more nuanced understanding of its role in society.

Special Guest Len Arcuri

Len Arcuri is an empowerment coach, speaker and podcaster dedicated to serving parents of a child with autism. Len’s professional background and expertise was in the financial services industry where he was a CPA, CFO and Process Improvement Specialist certified as a Six Sigma Master Blackbelt. He’s also a certified Human Potential Institute Coach.

Len and his wife Cass are Co-Founders of All In Parent Coaching and Co-Hosts of the Autism Parenting Secrets podcast. At 18 months old, their son Ry was diagnosed with moderate/severe autism and life-threatening food allergies. Ry had regressed into autism, losing the speech he had and increasingly exhibiting many of the behaviors associated with autism including stimming, headbanging, flapping and gut issues to name a few.

Cass and Len were told there was very little they could do for their son and that they should be realistic and NOT get their hopes up. They were told autism was a brian disorder and that it was lifelong. They were told to start early intervention services including behavioral therapy to better manage and cope with a situation that was likely not going to improve. Several months later, they realized that there was no ‘one-size-fits-all’ for autism and that standarzied services and advice from ‘experts’ were not what their son needed most. So they learned everything they could, attended conferences and tried scores of interventions with minimal impact.

As much as Len and Cass wanted to be the best parents they could be, their big aha! was this…NO ONE knew their son better than THEY did If they truly wanted to make great decisions for him, they needed to work on themselves FIRST They needed to become EQUIPPED to navigate this journey They knew they weren’t the only parents who weren’t equipped for the journey to help their child. That’s why in 2019 they started the Autism Parenting Secrets podcast and All In Parent Coaching. To help parents quickly transform into the strongest, most capable version of themself FAST.

Their mission is to help ‘all-in’ moms and dads get more EQUIPPED with the insights, strategies and tools needed to become the parent their child needs NOW. So much becomes possible for a child on the autism spectrum when the parent transforms FIRST!
It’s the greatest intervention any parent can make for their child.

Today on “Homeopathic Hits” featured on The Robert Scott Bell Show, we delve into the natural healing properties of Chelidonium Majus.
Derived from the Greater Celandine plant, this homeopathic remedy is celebrated for its profound impact on liver and gallbladder conditions.
Join us as we uncover the ways in which Chelidonium Majus supports digestive health and fosters overall well-being.

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Hour 2

How Raw Milk Went from a Whole Foods Staple to a Conservative Signal – Once associated with liberal health food enthusiasts, raw milk has recently found favor within conservative circles, highlighting a shiftin the political landscape. This change reflects broader trends in American politics, where distrust of established institutions and experts has grown, particularly among conservative groups. The raw milk movement’s transition from a niche health food to a symbol of freedom and skepticism towards governmental authority illustrates the evolving nature of political identities and alliances in the United States.

Special Guest Mondo De La Vega

Mondo De La Vega, Executive Vice President of Television Production and Co-Host of The Jim Bakker Show. He is also known for his creative contributions as a Director and Producer of nationally syndicated television shows. Mondo married the daughter of Mimi Lennon of the famed Lennon sisters. With his beautiful wife, Elizabeth, and beloved twins, Mila and Mateo, Mondo continues to follow the path that God laid out for his life. His insight on our television programs brings forth a bold voice to the Christian television world and new hope for so many. Keeping ahold of his faith, the words he once spoke throughout the world still ring true and he is living proof: “The Choices That You Make Today, You Will Become Tomorrow.”

He is passionate about getting “real” with men and women and spreading his message that their life can change in just 24 hours. Opportunity is the door to change. Mondo is fluent in Spanish which opens the door to many opportunities for both English and Latino groups. Mondo is a worldwide motivational speaker sharing his story.

At a young age Mondo was identified as a gangster in one of the most notorious Latino gangs in Los Angeles, California. He was taught on the streets that the life of a gangster brings respect, power and money. The reality was that it brought crime, guns, the possibility of death for himself and those around him, and the probability of being dragged in and out of jail. There came a time where Mondo had to make the decision to stay in the gangster life or leave it behind. He began to understand that everything could turn about in a split second for the good or for the bad and the choices he had made in his past were fast becoming his future.

Popular Acne Treatments Used by Millions of Teens Contain High Levels of Chemical Linked to Leukemia – Acne treatments commonly used by millions of teenagers have been found to contain benzoyl peroxide, a chemical linked to an increased risk of leukemia. This revelation underscores the importance of rigorous safety testing and regulation of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The presence of potentially harmful chemicals in widely used health and beauty products raises significant concerns about public health, especially for vulnerable populations like adolescents. It highlights the need for greater transparency from manufacturers and more stringent oversight by health authorities to protect consumers from hazardous substances.


Question of The Day!

Hi Robert and Don,
Hope all is well with you and your families. My Mom suffers from terrible Post stroke headaches. I’ve used several supplements and homeopathic remedies. From feverfew Butterbur, Kudzo root and Iris Versicolor and Byronia, etc. We’ve had inconsistent success.  It’s very frustrating and exhausting.  The headaches hit mostly at night. But thought I’d get your recommendations Please. Thanks so much.  God bless you guys.
Ray L.

Comment of The Day!

Hi Super Don,
I forgot to share with you, on the organic nut butters if you put the jar upside down in the frig or pantry, I prefer the frig it is much easier to stir.
Have a great weekend

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