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Hour 2

A Quarter Of 16-Year-Old Girls In England Seeking Mental Health Care A recent study has highlighted the alarming rate at which 16-year-old girls in England are seeking mental health care. The research indicates that a quarter of these girls are actively seeking help for their mental health concerns. This surge in numbers is indicative of the growing mental health crisis among the youth, especially young girls. The reasons for this increase are multifaceted, ranging from societal pressures, academic stress, to the impact of social media. The article delves into the specifics of the study and discusses potential solutions and interventions that can be implemented to address this pressing issue.

America Has Reached Peak Therapy. Why Is Our Mental Health Getting Worse? Despite the increasing popularity and accessibility of therapy in the United States, the overall mental health of the nation seems to be deteriorating. This paradoxical situation raises questions about the effectiveness of current therapeutic practices and whether they are adequately addressing the root causes of mental health issues. The article explores various factors that might be contributing to this scenario, including the stigma associated with seeking help, the quality of therapy being provided, and external societal pressures. The piece also emphasizes the need for a holistic approach to mental health, which goes beyond just therapy sessions.

Organic diets reduce glyphosate exposure for pregnant people: Study A new study has revealed that pregnant individuals who follow an organic diet have reduced exposure to glyphosate, a commonly used herbicide. Glyphosate, found in many weed killers, has been linked to various health issues, and its presence in the diet can be harmful, especially during pregnancy. The research underscores the benefits of consuming organic foods, which are free from such chemicals, to ensure the health and safety of both the mother and the unborn child. The article further discusses the methodology of the study and its implications for dietary recommendations for pregnant individuals.

FCC Limits for Wireless Radiation Exposure Decades Out of Date, Experts Say Experts have raised concerns about the outdated Federal Communications Commission (FCC) limits on wireless radiation exposure. These limits, which were set decades ago, may not be reflective of the current understanding of the potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure to wireless radiation. The article highlights the need for revisiting and updating these guidelines to ensure public safety, especially in an age where wireless devices are ubiquitous. The piece also sheds light on the potential health risks of wireless radiation and the importance of setting appropriate safety standards.

Amid ceiling fan injuries in kids, doctors recommend adding warning labels: ‘Largely preventable’ There has been a concerning rise in ceiling fan-related injuries among children. Medical professionals are now advocating for the addition of warning labels on these products to prevent such accidents. The injuries, which can range from minor to severe, are deemed “largely preventable” if proper precautions are taken. The article discusses the nature of these injuries, the circumstances leading to them, and the potential solutions, including the proposed warning labels, to mitigate the risks associated with ceiling fans in homes with children.

Question of The Day!

Enjoyed your show with Tracey Stroup so much. Would like to hear more from her. I have another question for you. I had oral surgery removing root canal and surgeon had to scrap the bone, etc. to get rid of infection. He also used ozone water. I also had to have a piece of old wisdom tooth removed that had been in there probably 50 years. So I had two sites. I did not want to take pain meds so I purchased the arnicare. I started taking it and added curcumin 95 by Jarrow which seemed to help. I still have a slight ache. Anything else for pain? My main question is this: May I use silver in water as a mouthwash to keep down germs, infection, etc.? If so how much (dose) and how often? Thank you, Joan


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