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Big Pharma’s Shocking Move To Medicate Kids Without Parental Consent
Big Pharma is adopting aggressive tactics to medicate children without parental consent, leveraging the aftermath of COVID-19’s impact on trust in medical institutions. CarolinaCARE, a home-delivery pharmacy service, is enforcing a policy where children aged 12 to 17 must create their own accounts to manage prescriptions, effectively blocking parental access. This controversial move raises questions about the autonomy of minors in medical decisions and the implications of allowing them to consent to medications that could have significant long-term effects.

Mask Mandates Ordered Again in California’s Alternate Universe
Several counties in the San Francisco Bay Area have reinstated mask mandates in healthcare settings for the winter respiratory virus period. Critics question the efficacy of such mandates, citing studies like the Cochrane study, which suggests that masking may make little to no difference in the spread of respiratory illnesses. The debate continues over the necessity and effectiveness of mask mandates, with some medical professionals advising against the use of mRNA vaccines, citing potential risks and the lack of necessity for healthy individuals.

Exclusive: Taxpayer-Funded Initiative Urges Dentists to Push HPV Vaccines
The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research has allocated over $685,000 to HealthPartners Institute to test strategies for encouraging dentists to recommend the HPV vaccine to individuals aged 11-26. This initiative follows the FDA’s controversial addition of oropharyngeal cancer prevention to the vaccine’s indications without solid clinical evidence. Critics argue that while the HPV vaccine is marketed as cancer-preventive, its actual effectiveness against cancer has not been clinically proven, and there are concerns about serious adverse events associated with the vaccine.

Feds Side with CAFOs in Organic Poultry Rule
The USDA’s new rule on organic poultry standards has been criticized for favoring industrialized farming, particularly CAFOs, over small organic farmers. Despite some improvements, such as requiring 75% of outdoor areas to be soil and disallowing enclosed porches to count as outdoor space, the rule still allows CAFOs to operate much as they have been. This means that consumers may not be getting the truly organic products they believe they are paying for. The rule allows for minimal outdoor space and stacked indoor living conditions that do not align with the principles of regenerative, organic agriculture, potentially deceiving consumers and disadvantaging farmers who adhere to stricter organic practices.

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Is health a human right? The American College of Physicians answers with an emphatic YES!
The American College of Physicians (ACP) has published a position paper in the Annals of Internal Medicine, asserting that health is a fundamental human right. The paper discusses the ethical obligations, human rights, and health reforms, emphasizing that the U.S. should respect, protect, and fulfill health for all, aligning with the United Nations’ recognition of health as a human right since 2000. Despite varying global perspectives, the ACP argues that ethical and moral considerations regarding health should take precedence over legal interpretations, advocating for a healthcare policy that supports patient-physician relationships and addresses social determinants of health.

The White House Is Controlled by the Medical-Industrial Complex
The Brownstone Institute raises concerns about the influence of the pharmaceutical-medical industrial complex on the White House, particularly through the role of the Chief of Staff. The article outlines the career paths of Biden’s Chiefs of Staff, Ron Klain and Jeff Zients, highlighting their connections to the healthcare industry and investments. It suggests that these connections may have shaped the administration’s policy decisions, especially regarding the COVID-19 response, which focused heavily on vaccines. The article argues that this focus disregarded other public health measures and treatments that could have been part of a more comprehensive response.

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I heard your guest speaking about plastics and the fact that plastics are in the fish we eat; I purchase my fish from the Alaskan Waters,my question is fish no longer SAFE to eat?
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