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Scientists create vaccine with potential to protect against future coronaviruses reveals a significant advancement in vaccine technology, showcasing an experimental vaccine designed to combat a widearray of coronaviruses, including those yet undiscovered. This new approach, termed “proactive vaccinology,” involves developing vaccines ahead of potential pandemics. Researchers have engineered nanoparticles coated with coronavirus proteins to train the immune system to recognize and combat multiple virus strains effectively. Initial tests on mice indicate broad immune responses, suggesting potential for human application as a preventative measure or a booster enhancing existing COVID-19 vaccines.

CDC Stonewalls Requests for COVID Vaccine Safety Monitoring Documents discusses the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) lack of transparency in releasing internal communications concerning safety investigations linked to COVID-19 vaccines. Despite a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by Children’s Health Defense (CHD), the CDC disclosed no relevant documents, prompting CHD to question the adequacy of the agency’s response and to appeal for a more thorough search. This situation underscores ongoing challenges in accessing vital data on vaccine safety monitoring, which is crucial for public trust and informed decision-making.

Bird flu outbreak in dairy cows fails to deter US raw milk sellers highlights the persistence of raw milk sales in the U.S. despite a recent bird flu outbreak affecting dairycows across multiple states. This situation raises public health concerns given the potential for disease transmission through unpasteurized milk. Despite warnings from health experts and increased vigilance among consumers, many raw milk vendors continue to market their products, emphasizing traditional farming methods and local sourcing as safer alternatives to commercial dairy operations.

You’re inhaling flame retardants on your morning commute: Study outlines the findings of a study indicating that car interiors are a significant source of flame retardant chemicals, which are released into the air, particularly under warm conditions. The study, conducted by Duke University and published in Environmental Science & Technology, examined 101 cars and found widespread presence of harmful chemicals, particularly TCIPP, a flame retardant under scrutiny for potential carcinogenic effects. The findings emphasize the health risks associated with daily exposure, particularly for frequent drivers and children. Recommendations for reducing exposure include parking in shaded areas and keeping car windows open when possible.

Question of The Day!

In 2004 I had an acute pesticide exposure that caused multiple chemical sensitivity, hormonal issues and other problems. I did many things including infrared sauna, binders, high doses of vitamin c and other supplements. Things got better and my chemical sensitivity seemed to diminish after many years. Then in 2018 I was exposed to a hidden mold issue in my apartment. I had a new issue to deal with and got testing, binder treatment and other supplements to help my body heal. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me I moved into another rental that had roof leaks and I dealt with another mold induced illness. I moved out of there and continued to seek treatment through a functional medicine doctor. Last night I went to a meeting and it was outside around a small wood fire. I thought I was doing ok until at 2am I woke up with an extremely irregular heart beat, blood pressure 193/122, and a heart rate of 120. I took an electrolyte supplement, did deep breathing and prayer and 30 minutes later my blood pressure was 128/83. I realize there is still more hidden things that are interfering with my body’s detox pathways, nervous system and the ability to function in a healthy state. I need your input Robert on what I should do.
Thanks Patrick (California)

Hour 2

‘We Get Paid to Vaccinate Your Children’: Pediatrician Reveals Details of Big Pharma Payola Scheme uncovers the financial dynamics influencing pediatric vaccination practices as revealed by Dr. PaulThomas. During an interview on the “Vax-Unvax” bus tour, Thomas discussed how financial incentives significantly impact pediatricians’ decisions to follow the CDC’s vaccination schedule. Pediatric practices, he explains, could not sustain operations without these incentives, which include administration fees, markups on vaccines, and substantial quality bonuses from insurance providers based on vaccination rates. The dependency on this income was highlighted by a drop in his practice’s revenue due to patients choosing to delay or opt out of vaccinations, demonstrating the financial pressures that can influence medical practices and potentially impact patient care choices.

Special Guest Prof Karl West

Learn about the life-saving medical research that was done between 1930 and 1963 at the Harvard Medical School by Dr. Cecil K. Drinker, the Tulane School of Medicine by Dr. H. S. Mayerson, and at the Mississippi School of Medicine by Dr. Arthur C Guyton. Because of this research, a new medical society was created called the I.S.L. (International Society of Lymphology).

The I.A.L. (International Academy of Lymphology), as it was founded and presided over by Dr. C. Samuel West, is now bringing this research to the world. This research reveals that everywhere you have blood vessels going through your body to get oxygen to your cells, you have lymphatic vessels going side by side.

The primary purpose of the lymphatic vessels is to remove the excess blood protein and water from the spaces around your cells so every organ and every part of your body can function properly, and your body will be free of pain, loss of energy, and disease.

The importance of this research: Now that we have learned how blood proteins cause pain, loss of energy, and disease, we can take steps to activate the lymphatic vessels to reverse the effects of excess blood proteins and water around the cells to eliminate pain, loss of energy, and disease. This research also can save thousands of lives, but only if people are educated on how to use it.

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Today, we’re exploring Yucca, a homeopathic remedy derived from the yucca plant. Known for its effectiveness in treating arthritis symptoms and supporting digestive health,
Yucca provides natural relief for these common ailments. Let’s explore how this desert plant can be a valuable tool in natural health care.

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