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‘They Deserve to Know’: 3 Million Americans Exposed to High Fluoride Levels, Study Finds highlights a study revealing that over three million Americans, particularly in rural areas like Seagraves, Texas,have been exposed to fluoride levels in drinking water exceeding the recommended limits. The exposure is linked to potential health risks such as dental and skeletal fluorosis. Fluoride levels above the safety threshold can cause significant health issues, especially in children, who are more susceptible to these effects. The article emphasizes the need for better public awareness and stricter regulations to ensure safe drinking water. It calls for updated safety standards and more comprehensive testing to protect communities from excessive fluoride exposure. This situation underscores the broader issue of water quality management and the importance of maintaining rigorous health standards to prevent long-term health consequences for affected populations.

Special Guest John Davidson

John Davidson is a journalist, marketer, filmmaker, and CEO of Magic Feather Inc. and Magic Feathers Corp as well as a member of the advisory board of the Free Press Foundation. With a 30-year media career working for networks like CNN, ABC, and Discovery, John has devoted decades to learning the ins and outs of the film and television industry. In 2020 Davidson created public service announcements for networks in support of healthcare workers. 

Davidson recently created the self-funded, award-winning documentary, ‘Epidemic of Fraud’, which details the bizarre lengths public health officials took to declare a drug similar to tonic water. View the documentary and support his work at or via Davidson’s research website Broken Truth.


Epidemic of Fraud explores the bizarre media, medical, and partisan political attacks levied against a class of ancient medications, told from the perspective of a former CNN journalist and Hollywood industry veteran. Why were the people who allowed the fentanyl disaster to go unchecked so eager to discredit a drug that is safer than tonic water? Director John Davidson takes you into an audio/visual time machine back to 2020 to reveal the forbidden knowledge that our medical, academic and political officials are desperate to hide from you.

Farmers’ union lobbied to increase pesticide limit in UK drinking water reveals that the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) lobbied to increase permissible pesticide levels in UK drinking water and to allow more frequent manure spreading as part of post-Brexit regulatory adjustments. During a meeting with Timothy Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, the Earl of Minto and minister of state for regulatory reform, NFU’s strategy director Nick von Westenholz advocated for a review of EU-derived environmental protections, claiming current pesticide residue thresholds are overly stringent and not based on updated science. Although the NFU insists it did not seek to raise these thresholds directly, it questions their scientific basis and the economic burden they place on farmers and water companies. Von Westenholz also pushed for more lenient regulations on manure spreading, arguing the existing EU nitrates directive restricts farmers’ ability to manage fertilization sensibly, potentially leading to nutrient pollution in waterways.

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Huge Victory! New York Lawmaker Withdraws Minor Consent Bill Days After Opponents Hold Rally, Send Letters reports on the withdrawal of New York Senate Bill S8352, which would have allowed minorsto receive medical treatments without parental consent. The decision followed a concerted effort by health freedom advocates, including rallies and letter campaigns. Opponents argued that the bill undermined parental rights and raised concerns about the safety and efficacy of medical treatments provided without parental oversight. The bill’s withdrawal is seen as a significant victory for parental rights, but activists remain vigilant against similar future legislative attempts. This outcome highlights the power of grassroots activism and the impact of community engagement in shaping public policy. The article underscores the importance of continued vigilance and advocacy to protect parental rights and ensure informed consent in medical decisions involving minors.

There’s bird flu in US dairy cows. Raw milk drinkers aren’t deterred discusses the detection of H5N1 bird flu virus in US dairy cows, raising significant health concerns due to the potential for cross-species transmission. Despite warnings, raw milk advocates remain undeterred, emphasizing their belief in raw milk’s health benefits and distrust of regulatory advisories. This tension underscores the challenges in balancing public health measures with consumer choices. Health officials stress the importance of monitoring and transparent communication to mitigate zoonotic disease risks, while raw milk proponents argue for the right to make their own health decisions based on personal beliefs.


Healthwest Minerals Inc. DBA Mt Capra Products Recalls Goat Milk Formula Recipe Kit and Warns Consumers Against the Use of Product as InfantFormula announces the recall of 1,506 boxes of Goat Milk Formula Recipe Kit by Healthwest Minerals Inc. dba Mt Capra Products due to its failure to meet infant formula nutritional requirements. The FDA warns that using this product as infant formula may cause iron deficiency anemia and feeding intolerance in infants. Sold via Mt. Capra’s website and a retail store in Chehalis, Washington, between May 2023 and May 2024, consumers are urged to stop using the product and consult healthcare providers if their infants consumed it. This recall highlights the critical importance of meeting nutritional standards in infant formulas to ensure infant health. The FDA emphasizes that infant formulas must provide essential nutrients to support healthy growth and development, and products not meeting these standards can pose serious health risks. Parents are advised to be vigilant about the products they use and to follow recommendations from healthcare professionals to ensure their infants receive safe and adequate nutrition.

Phthalate chemicals found in popular olive oils uncovers the presence of phthalate chemicals in various popular olive oil brands, raising significant health concerns due to their known endocrine-disrupting properties. Phthalates are associated with various health issues, including reproductive and developmental problems. The article emphasizes the need for stringent regulatory oversight and continuous monitoring to prevent contamination and ensure consumer safety. This discovery underscores the broader issue of chemical contaminants in food products and the ongoing efforts required to protect public health from potential hazards. The findings call for immediate action to address and mitigate these risks. Consumers are encouraged to be aware of potential contaminants in food products and to advocate for higher standards and transparency in food safety regulations. This situation highlights the importance of consumer awareness and regulatory vigilance in maintaining the purity and safety of everyday food items.

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