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Take Action: Federal Food Program Asked to Stop Feeding Children Pesticides that Contribute to Obesity Beyond Pesticides calls for federal food assistance programs to adopt organic practices due to the link between obesity in 14.7 million U.S. children and adolescents and endocrine-disrupting contaminants, including many pesticides. The National School Lunch Program, serving 4.9 billion meals in fiscal year 2022, is targeted for reform, given its potential role in exacerbating childhood obesity through lunches that contain obesogenic pesticides. The push for organic school lunches comes amid growing evidence that exposure to specific pesticides and environmental contaminants can trigger metabolic changes leading to obesity, not just in the exposed individuals but also in their offspring. This initiative is part of a broader effort to tackle the three-fold increase in obesity prevalence from 1980 to 2019 and is framed as an environmental justice issue due to the higher prevalence of obesity among children of color.

Special Guest – Marjory Wildcraft

The Grow Network’s founder, Marjory Wildcraft, is featured in “Who’s Who in America” for her work in building deep community resilience, restoring heirloom genetics in gardens and livestock, and advancing the return to natural medicine across the nation. National Geographic featured Marjory as an expert in sustainable living, and she has hosted Mother Earth News’ online “Homesteading Summit.”   Marjory also hosts the annual Home Grown Food and Home Medicine Summits, which reach hundreds of thousands of viewers every year.

She is best known for her DVD series Grow Your Own Groceries, which has over a half million copies in use by homesteaders, foodies, preppers, universities, and missionary organizations around the world.

Beloved for her humorous, non-judgmental, get ’er done style, Marjory raised two teenagers in Central Texas and currently splits her time between Paonia, CO, and Puerto Rico. When she’s not building an online network, being “Mom,” and tending her family’s food supply, Marjory loves playing, running, doing gymnastics, skateboarding, acquiring skills from the Paleolithic era (yes, she is part cavewoman!), and experimenting with anything and everything related to food production and sustainability.

Question of The Day!

Hello, wondering if you can use sovereign silver in a nebulizer for an 11 month old infant that has “rsv”… inflammation of the brochia…
Or if you recommend another solution to be used in the nebulizer?
Also any other protocols for infants with “rsv” virus…
Thanks so much, God bless Robert and super Don…


I really appreciate the information you offered for my questions and concern for my sweet husband.
We did NOT see a neurologist to have the MRI or EEG done. I shudder to think where that will lead us. The ER doc prescribed that. Your opinion on this would be appreciated .

You mentioned a homeopathic remedy of the anesthesia, how do I go about this?

I believe you included some food poisoning information when you responded to my question, or did you mean those things you mentioned, I should do for my husband?

I just came from another Alzheimer’s support group meeting and all they talk about are the prescriptions their loved ones are on. Some, 2 or 3 different ones!!! This appalls me as everyone poo poo’s my natural ways. My friends and family all rely on traditional health care so I have no support in this department. My sisters are harping me to take my husband to the neurologist as ER Dr. said. (To start the MRI and EEG) I am so hesitant .

I will take him for another adjustment and get the cocculus and Alta Can-Gest for him as you mentioned. If there is anything else I can do, please don’t hesitate to share it with me.

Robert, I feeel soooo blessed that you have responded .You and your family, Super Don included, in my prayers. I just don’t know where to turn. I have listened and watched you for a long time and never miss a show. It may be a day late, but I always watch and listen.
Thank you, thank you,

Hour 2

Ultra-Processed Foods Linked to Early Death, Mental Disorders + More A study published in The BMJ highlights the association between ultra-processed foods and a higher risk of over 30 health conditions, including all-cause mortality, cancer, anxiety, mood disorders, heart disease, and obesity. The research, an umbrella review of 45 meta-analyses involving nearly 10 million people, underscores the potential role of additives and the manufacturing processes of ultra-processed foods in health outcomes through inflammation and effects on the gut microbiome. The study indicates a significant increase in the risk of various diseases, emphasizing the need for awareness and potentially stricter regulation of ultra-processed foods to mitigate these health risks.

Bee-harming Neonicotinoid Use “Makes a Mockery” of Ban UK sugar beet farmers have been granted emergency authorization to useneonicotinoids, a class of pesticides harmful to bees, due to a high forecasted infection rate of virus yellows affecting the crop. This decision marks the fourth consecutive year of such authorization, raising concerns among environmentalists about its impact on bee populations and the integrity of the ban on neonicotinoids. The approval comes with strict restrictions on usage and monitoring of environmental levels, but critics argue that it undermines efforts to protect pollinators and calls for a reevaluation of agricultural practices that rely on harmful chemicals.

Big Companies, Like Nestlé, are Funding Health Research in South Africa – Why This is Wrong The involvement of corporations like Nestlé in funding health research and academic institutions in Africa raises concerns about conflicts of interest and research bias. With a portfolio consisting of more than 60% of products not meeting the definition of healthy, Nestlé’s partnerships with African universities for internships, seminars, and research pose ethical dilemmas. Such corporate-academic financial links are shown to lead to biased research outcomes favoring sponsors, potentially hindering efforts to address non-communicable diseases linked to poor nutrition. The piece argues for more robust conflict of interest management within academia to preserve research integrity and public health.

An Anxiety Drug Has Been Linked to Soaring Overdoses. What’s Going On? Pregabalin, an anticonvulsant drug also used for pain relief andto treat anxiety and depression, is facing scrutiny due to its highly addictive nature and link to a surge in drug-related fatalities. Despite its prescription to millions and perceived benefits, its potential for dependency and the stark increase in deaths associated with its use have alarmed the medical community in the UK. Classified as a class C drug, Pregabalin’s misuse and presence in a growing black market, along with its sedative effects sought after by recreational users, underline the urgent need for reevaluation of its prescription and distribution practices.

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This homeopathic remedy is heralded for its exceptional support in liver health, facilitating both detoxification and the regeneration of liver cells.
Join us as we uncover the therapeutic benefits of Carduus Marianus in promoting liver vitality and overall health.

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