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FDA Announces End to ‘Forever Chemicals’ in U.S. Food Packaging – The FDA has taken a decisive step to eliminate the use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), commonly known as ‘foreverchemicals’, in U.S. food packaging due to their link to several health issues. Despite the article’s lack of detailed content, the gist is that this move is part of a broader effort to address environmental and health concerns associated with PFAS, which have been found to persist in the environment and accumulate in the human body over time.

FDA to develop new “healthy” logo this year – here’s what consumers could see, and which foods could qualify – The FDA is set to introduce a new “healthy” logo to help consumers easily identify foods that meet its updated nutritional criteria, reflecting the latest science on healthy eating. This initiative, expected to roll out following the publication of the FDA’s new food health standards in April, will potentially apply to a small fraction of manufactured foods that can currently claim to be healthy. The logo aims to provide clear guidance amidst the confusing food marketing landscape, aligning with efforts to also introduce front-of-package nutrition facts for enhanced consumer decision-making at the point of sale.

Global Pesticide Ban Is Only Way To Stop Us From a Health Epidemic Nightmare – Saboto Caesar advocates for a global ban on hazardous pesticides to avert a health crisis, citingevidence of widespread exposure to dangerous chemicals in foods and the environment. Highlighting the failure of current regulations to protect public health and the environment, Caesar calls for international action to phase out toxic pesticides, invest in research on their harms, and support non-chemical farming practices. Drawing parallels with historic legal battles over glyphosate’s link to cancer, he emphasizes the urgent need for policy change to prioritize human health and ecological sustainability over industrial interests.

Opposition to vaccination among parents grows, poll suggests – A recent Angus Reid Institute poll indicates a significant increase in Canadian parents’ opposition to vaccinating their children, rising from 4% in 2019 to 17% in 2024. Despite a majority (67%) still willing to vaccinate without reservation, skepticism has grown, especially against mandatory vaccination policies in Ontario and New Brunswick, with opposition climbing from 24% to 38%. This rise in vaccine hesitancy is attributed to the pandemic’s impact on perceptions of vaccination. Health experts emphasize the importance of discussions to address concerns, highlighting the safe and effective nature of routine vaccinations and their role in preventing outbreaks of diseases like measles. Public health efforts are underway to catch up on immunizations missed during the pandemic, amidst worries that Canada could face outbreaks similar to recent spikes in measles cases in Europe and the United States.

Mandates Ruled ‘Unlawful’ by Supreme Court, Australia – In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court of Australia declared COVID-19 vaccine mandates forQueensland police and ambulance workers as ‘unlawful.’ Justice Glenn Martin found that the directives issued by Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll in December 2021 and a similar order from John Wakefield, then Director-General of Queensland Health, were not lawful under the Human Rights Act. The court determined that these mandates, along with any related disciplinary actions, are now banned. Justice Martin criticized the lack of consideration for human rights implications and the inflexible approach to implementing these directives. He highlighted that alternative solutions to mandatory vaccination were not adequately explored.

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I listened to your podcast regarding the harmonic egg and guess what there is one located in my city…I will be going tomorrow!!

Hello Mr. Bell,
In your 9/1/23 email reply to me, you wrote “Other things to consider include deficiencies of key minerals such as Silica, Copper, and Selenium.
I am consulting with your book, again, and I just checked out the, Choose to Be Healthy, website. I want to begin taking Silica and Chromium. I currently take Selenium 200mcg daily (but my next purchase will be a whole food variety). My questions: are these supplements, Silica and Chromium safe for everyone to take? are there any medication interactions and/or side effects that I should be aware of? I take Black Currant oil 500mg daily, currently. Is it safe to take this along with Silica? I have an atrial fibrillation diagnosis, status post ablation October 2020. My blood pressure runs low, on average around 90/60. I want to avoid any supplements that will lower my blood pressure and/or affect my heart rhythm. Thank you in advance.

ps – my Ulcerative Colitis is still in remission since July 2022. (thanks to your book, Unlock the Power to Heal)
Kind regards,

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Special Guest – Michael Boldin

Repeal the 17th Amendment Yesterday – The article argues for the repeal of the 17th Amendment, which changed the selection of Senators from being chosen by state legislatures to being directly elected by thepeople. It suggests that this amendment fundamentally altered the balance of power between the states and the federal government, contributing to an expansive federal government. The author believes that reverting to the original method of selecting Senators could restore states’ power, enhance federalism, and provide a check against federal overreach. The 17th Amendment’s repeal is viewed as a crucial step towards returning to the founding fathers’ vision of a limited federal government and stronger state autonomy.

Poll: Almost a Third of Americans Say the First Amendment Goes ‘Too Far’ – A survey by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) reveals that nearly a third of Americans believe the First Amendment offers too much freedom, reflecting concerns over offensive speech. The poll also indicates that many Americans think the country is on the wrong track regarding free speech, with a substantial number supporting restrictions on speech they find offensive, especially in public and educational settings. This sentiment is shared across political affiliations, highlighting a growing ambivalence towards First Amendment protections.

French government says vegetarian companies cannot use ‘steak’ and other names of meat on product labels – The French government has bannedvegetarian food companies from using meat-related terms like “steak,” “ham,” and “filet” on their products. This move aims to prevent consumer confusion and protect the integrity of meat products. Companies violating this rule face significant fines. The decree provides a grace period for selling existing stock and applies even as the debate between the meat and vegetarian industries continues.

“Mrs President,” Abigail Adams – This article highlights Abigail Adams’ significant contributions and viewpoints as an advocate for independence, women’s advancement, and an early opponent of slavery. It also touches on her role as an educator and arms manufacturer, showcasing her multifaceted impact on American history. Abigail Adams is celebrated for her foresight, wisdom, and influential letters to her husband, John Adams, which provide insight into her political acumen and advocacy for human rights.

Gates-Funded Gavi Takes Aim at Memes, Calls Them ‘Disinformation Super-Spreaders’ – Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, criticizes the role of memes in spreadinganti-vaccine messages and profiting from pandemic fears. The article discusses how memes have been used historically and currently to undermine public health initiatives, focusing on vaccination. Critics argue that this stance reflects a broader trend of attributing misinformation tactics to those raising concerns about vaccines’ safety and efficacy. The discussion highlights the contentious debate over free speech, misinformation, and the influence of major funding entities like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in public health narratives.

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