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FDA Approves Moderna’s mRNA RSV Vaccine — With No Input From Independent Advisers The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last week approved Moderna’s mRNA respiratory syncytial virus(RSV) vaccine for adults age 60 and older. The FDA approved the drug without input from the agency’s independent vaccine advisory committee, which typically makes recommendations about such drugs, because the FDA didn’t see any “concerns or controversial issues” that would make input necessary to the approval process, the agency said in its approval letter. Moderna is running at least 11 clinical trials for its new mRNA RSV drug on several other demographic groups, including young children, adolescents and healthy adults. The vaccine, marketed under the name mResvia, is Moderna’s second-ever FDA-approved drug. It uses the same mRNA platform as its COVID-19 Spikevax vaccine. “The FDA approval of our second product, mRESVIA, builds on the strength and versatility of our mRNA platform,” said Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) must recommend the drug before it can be used. The CDC’s advisory committee will discuss and vote on the vaccine at its meeting next month.

What causes brain fog in long COVID patients? Scientists are investigating whether inflammation in the blood-brain barrier is a cause of brain fog in long COVID patients. A study published in the journal Nature Medicine compared patients with and without brain fog and found that those with brain fog had higher levels of leakage in the blood-brain barrier. Inflammation markers in the blood also suggested brain inflammation in these patients. The researchers believe that COVID-19 infection can damage the blood-brain barrier, a protective layer of cells that surrounds the brain. This damage allows harmful substances to enter the brain, triggering inflammation and leading to symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. The study also found that patients with brain fog had more active genes related to inflammation in their white blood cells, further supporting the theory that inflammation plays a key role in long COVID brain fog.

61% of U.S. adults will have some type of cardiovascular disease by 2050, report finds A report by the American Heart Association predicts a significant increase incardiovascular disease (CVD) in the United States by 2050. The report estimates that more than 6 in 10 U.S. adults will have some form of CVD by mid-century. This alarming projection is largely due to the expected rise in high blood pressure. The prevalence of other major CVD risk factors, such as obesity and diabetes, is also anticipated to climb. The report warns that racial and ethnic disparities in CVD prevalence are likely to persist. Social determinants of health, such as access to education, healthy food, and quality healthcare, are thought to contribute to these disparities. The American Heart Association emphasizes the need for a multi-pronged approach to address this growing public health threat. This includes promoting healthy lifestyles, improving access to preventive care, and investing in research to develop new treatments and prevention strategies.

Lifestyle medicine: How doctors are prescribing behavioral changes to reverse illness Lifestyle medicine is a growing trend in healthcare that focuses on using behavioral changes to treat and prevent chronic diseases. Doctors are increasingly recognizing the power of lifestyle interventions to improve patients’ health and well-being. The six pillars of lifestyle medicine are whole food, plant-based nutrition, regular physical activity, stress management, adequate sleep, strong social connections, and avoiding risky substances. A whole food, plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains provides the body with essential nutrients and fiber, which can help to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight. Regular physical activity is another cornerstone of lifestyle medicine. Exercise has numerous health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. Effective stress management techniques can help to improve mood, sleep quality, and overall health. Getting enough sleep is vital for both physical and mental health. Most adults need around seven or eight hours of sleep per night.

Question of The Day!

Hello just started the protocol aloe/silver,
getting pains in my lower ab, colon been on about 4 days now..
Is this expected for healing? Think i have a lot of candida.

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Children Are Gifts, Not Projects A few nights back I had the pleasure of attending a Brownstone Supper Club presentation by Sheila Matthews-Gallo, the founder of AbleChild, an organization that fights against thewidespread practice of plying our children—mostly boys—with psychotropic drugs in the name of helping them overcome supposed behavioral problems and achieving better academic results. In her talk, she explained how teachers, working with counselors who have bought into the Pharma-generated campaign to medicalize student behaviors that are seen loosely as “non-compliant” or simply challenging for teachers, effectively coerce parents into turning their children into long-term users of personality-changing drugs at very tender ages, with all that that implies in terms of distorting or losing access to the unique sensorial abilities with which each child is born and that are, in many ways the forge of their unique way of perceiving, and hence acting in, the world.

The top 10 pharma drug ad spenders for 2023 AbbVie has toppled Sanofi and Regeneron as the biggest drug ad spender across the pharmaceutical industry in 2023 with a major victory for its next-gen immunology blockbuster Skyrizi. In 2022, the plaudits went to Dupixent, Sanofi and Regeneron’s megablockbuster immunology med (and major rival to AbbVie) when it took the title. However, a huge injection of cash from AbbVie into Skyrizi saw it claim the top spot in 2023, pushing Dupixent into second place. That’s based on ad spending data for last year analyzed and shared with Fierce Pharma Marketing by Vivvix. While the top 10 pharmaceutical companies spend a considerable amount on TV ads, the data encompass all advertising platforms, including TV, print, social media and streaming channels, providing a more comprehensive view of companies’ marketing expenditure. It was AbbVie that spent the most in 2023: Spending on all ads for Skyrizi was up 154% year over year, while spending on its second immunology blockbuster, Rinvoq—which came in third overall—saw an 18% bump on 2022. Meanwhile, its bipolar and major depressive disorder drug Vraylar saw the largest increase in spending, up a massive 337% from 2022 to 2023, with AbbVie the only pharma to have three drug brands in the top 10.

Environmental toxins may be triggering different types of Parkinson’s disease Nearly one million Americans are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The brain disorder can cause uncontrollable movementsand shaking, and as the disease progresses over time, it can make walking and talking difficult. Around 90,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s each year, and more than 1.2 million are expected to have the disease by 2030. With more people being diagnosed with the debilitating disease, the question medical professionals ask is, what is triggering the disorder? Researchers from the University of Rochester believe common environmental toxicants — inhaled or ingested — could be setting off the disease in different ways, leading to distinct subtypes of Parkinson’s. The hypothesis, published in the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease, builds on the “brain-first vs body-first” model of Parkinson’s disease. This model suggests that the disease can start in two places: the brain, beginning in the olfactory bulb (involved in smell), or the body, originating in the nervous system of the gut.

Question of The Day

Hi Robert,
Have you ever heard of tonsil stones? I was having a conversation about them with a group of people and they seem to be very common but I have never heard of them. I would like to give some advice on how to prevent them to my friends but when I look it up the only solution is to remove the tonsils. Do you have any suggestions?

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