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The Teams Are Set for World War III: In a modern twist, the lines of global conflict are not drawn between nations but between distinct business and ideological interests. On one side, ‘Team Tyranny’ includesvarious elite forces—billionaires, technocrats, and major institutions like the WEF and WHO—pursuing a vision of centralized control and digital surveillance, often under the guise of public health and safety. Opposing them is ‘Team Freedom,’ an alliance of grassroots movements, medical freedom advocates, and proponents of classical liberalism, aiming to preserve individual rights and freedoms. The battleground is set not on traditional war fronts but in areas like health policy, economic freedom, and personal privacy.

Special Guest Leo Cashman

Leo Cashman is Executive Director of DAMS, Inc., a nonprofit organization that educates the public on mercury-free and nontoxic dental alternatives. He is also cofounder and Treasurer of the National Health Freedom Coalition. In addition, Cashman is a cofounder and officer of the Minnesota Natural Health Coalition, which educates the public on health freedom issues of all kinds; and cofounder and officer of the Minnesota Natural Health Legal Reform Project, which was the main organization behind the year 2000 passage of Minnesota’s path-breaking Complementary and Alternative Health Care Freedom of Practice Act. Cashman has worked as a manager in a food coop and in other business, and as health and environmental journalist, an accountant and a teacher. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Today’s episode of “Homeopathic Hits” on The Robert Scott Bell Show delves into Vanadium, a homeopathic remedy derived from a trace mineral renowned for boosting cellular metabolism and aiding in detoxification.
Let’s explore how Vanadium contributes to overall health and vitality.

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Hour 2

Special Guest – Michael Boldin

Now We Are Supposed to Cheer Government Surveillance?: Recently, notable publications and government voices have begun to advocate openly for increased government surveillance and censorship, framing it as a necessity for public safety. This stark shift in narrative from previously defending privacy rights indicates a worrying trend towards accepting and institutionalizing surveillance. The rhetoric suggests that safeguarding “democracy” now paradoxically requires the tools of authoritarian control, positioning the government as a benevolent overseer ensuring safety through oversight. This pivot in public discourse mirrors broader governmental ambitions to cement more invasive powers under the guise of protecting citizens.

Cashless Society: WEF Boasts That 98% Of Central Banks Are Adopting CBDCs: The World Economic Forum (WEF) has disclosed that 98% of central banksare moving towards implementing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), signaling a major shift towards a cashless society. This transition is promoted as a way to modernize financial systems and streamline cross-border transactions. However, it also raises significant concerns about privacy and the centralization of monetary control. CBDCs could potentially lead to unprecedented surveillance capabilities over financial transactions and the further erosion of financial privacy, echoing fears of a dystopian level of control over personal and economic freedom.

The Failed Strategy of “Vote the Bums Out” is Making Things Even Worse: The strategy of “vote the bums out” is criticized for being ineffective in stopping government overreach. Historical and political figures, such as Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson, have long argued that simply replacing politicians does not address the root issues of governmental power expansion. The article suggests that this approach has only led to a cycle of replacing one set of problematic officials with another, without any real change in policies or reduction in government size. Instead, it argues for a more fundamental shift in how constitutional limits are enforced, advocating for the people to take active roles in ensuring government adherence to constitutional boundaries.

The Real Enforcement Mechanism for the Constitution: The article emphasizes that constitutions and laws do not enforce themselves and that judicial and federal systemsmay not reliably preserve constitutional boundaries. It argues against the common belief that the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of constitutional interpretation. Instead, it champions a model where states and the people play a decisive role in enforcing constitutional limits. The author invokes the thoughts of founders like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who supported the idea that states should act against federal overreach, framing state intervention and public engagement as crucial to maintaining the balance of power and protecting freedoms from federal encroachment.

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