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‘The Level of Foolishness Here is Unprecedented’: Researchers Pitch ‘One-and-Done’ COVID-Flu Vaccine for Babies: Researchers at the University of California, Riverside, have proposed a new RNA-based vaccine designed to provide durable protection against COVID-19 and flu with just one dose for infants. This technology, which uses small interfering RNA (siRNA) molecules, has raised significant concerns due to its untested nature and potential risks, such as breakthrough infections, higher mortality rates, and brain toxicity in babies. Critics argue that the immune systems of infants may not tolerate this type of agent well, potentially leading to severe health issues.

World Liver Day: An Opportunity for Education About This Vital Organ: World Liver Day serves as a crucial moment to enhance public awareness about liver health and the serious diseases affecting this vital organ. The day is dedicated to informing people about the functions of the liver and the importance of lifestyle choices in maintaining liver health. Activities and educational campaigns on this day focus on preventing liver diseases such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer, emphasizing the role of diet, exercise, and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption.

Low-carb diets work. Why does the American Diabetes Association push insulin instead?: This commentary criticizes the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for itsperceived preference for prescribing insulin over promoting low-carbohydrate diets, which have been shown to effectively manage and even reverse type 2 diabetes. The article suggests that financial incentives from pharmaceutical companies may influence the ADA’s recommendations, favoring drug-based treatments over dietary changes despite the latter’s proven efficacy and lower costs. This alignment with pharmaceutical interests, the author argues, may compromise the quality of care and advice provided to diabetes patients.

Avian flu outbreak raises a disturbing question: Is our food system built on poop?: The recent avian flu outbreak has ignited concerns over the use of poultry waste in livestock feed, especially among Midwestern dairy cows. This practice, where waste from one type of farm animal is fed to another, raises significant questions about the sustainability and safety of current agricultural practices. The transmission of diseases like avian flu via such methods highlights the potential risks to both animal and human health, urging a reevaluation of these practices.

Can You Eat Cicadas? Yes, and Here’s How to Catch, Clean, and Cook Them: Cicadas, which emerge in large numbers every few years, are not just a naturalspectacle but also a potential food source. Rich in protein and low in fat, cicadas are consumed in various cultures worldwide. The article provides a guide on how to responsibly harvest, clean, and cook cicadas, emphasizing the need to avoid areas that might be contaminated with pesticides. It also notes that people with shellfish allergies should avoid cicadas, as they can trigger similar reactions.

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‘Very Bad Idea’: Harvard M.D. Wants to Let Pharmacies Hand Out Antidepressants Without a Prescription: A proposal by a Harvard Medical Doctor suggesting that pharmacies should be allowed to dispense antidepressants without a prescription has sparked controversy. Critics argue that this approach could lead to misuse and overlooks the importance of proper diagnosis and ongoing medical supervision for patients with depression. The debate highlights the broader issues of access to mental health care and the risks of self-medication in the treatment of complex psychiatric conditions.

Dear Scientist: I am surviving long COVID, but my old life is gone. How can we help others who are going through this?: Tammy Wilshire, a long COVID survivor,shares her grueling journey of living with persistent symptoms that drastically changed her life. After being diagnosed with long COVID, her everyday activities became a challenge. Supported by her faith and community, Tammy now focuses on raising awareness and helping others cope with long COVID. The article emphasizes the importance of community support, ongoing research, and comprehensive understanding of long COVID to develop effective treatments.

Victory! More Transparent Food Labels: The USDA has issued a final rule to close a significant loophole regarding the “Product of USA” label on meats. Previously, meat from animals born, raised, and slaughtered in other countries but processed in the U.S. could be labeled as a U.S. product. The new regulation mandates that only meat from animals that were born, raised, slaughtered, and processed in the U.S. can carry the “Product of USA” label. This change aims to enhance transparency for consumers and create a fairer market for domestic ranchers.

ANH Launches Petition to Curb Big Tech Censorship: The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) has initiated a petition aimed at limiting censorship by big techcompanies, particularly concerning discussions and information on natural health therapies and bioidentical hormone replacement. ANH-USA argues that big tech’s current practices suppress important health information, thus impeding consumer rights to free speech and access to diverse health perspectives. The campaign also highlights the need for policies that ensure open and honest health-related discussions on digital platforms.


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Hi RSB and Super D
I can’t recall if you have talked about Glutathione or not but I have been hearing a lot about it as of late.
What are you thoughts on glutathione and what form or product would you recommend.
Thanks so much you always give great info and it is always very appreciated.


My adult son was recently diagnosed with moderate to severe asthma. I’m convinced that asthma can be reversed – healed, but I’m having great difficulty finding resources and protocols to guide me in helping him through the healing process. I’m all ears and praying you can point us towards healing. Thank you in advance! God bless you !

Today on “Homeopathic Hits” on The Robert Scott Bell Show, we’re examining Theridion, a homeopathic remedy derived from the orange spider.
This remedy is especially noted for its effectiveness in treating conditions related to heightened sensory sensitivity, such as vertigo, noise sensitivity, and motion sickness.
Let’s delve into how Theridion can offer relief to those suffering from these intense sensory disturbances.

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