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Scientists make stunning cancer discovery: In groundbreaking research from the University of Pennsylvania, scientists have found that liver inflammation significantly impacts the effectiveness of immunotherapyin cancer treatments. Their study reveals that inflammation in the liver triggers the release of proteins called serum amyloid A (SAA), which impair the immune system’s ability to fight cancer cells. This process explains why cancers associated with liver inflammation often have poorer responses to advanced therapies. By identifying the role of SAA proteins in immune suppression, researchers are optimistic about developing targeted therapies that could inhibit these proteins and boost the immune system’s response to cancer, potentially enhancing patient outcomes in cases previously resistant to treatment.

Special Guest Esther Joy van der Werf

Esther Joy van der Werf’s vision journey began in her late teens when she first required glasses due to nearsightedness, an event that significantly altered her perception of herself and her surroundings. Dissatisfied with the way glasses made her feel disconnected, she eventually abandoned them and, despite an unsuccessful initial attempt with the Bates Method in her mid-twenties, Esther adapted to her slightly blurred vision for many years. Her deeper venture into holistic health started in 1991 after reading “Fit for Life” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, which sparked a life-changing interest in the effects of diet on health. This newfound passion led her to leave a stable NATO job in 1998 to pursue a more health-oriented lifestyle.

Esther’s skepticism towards natural vision improvement shifted after meeting Tom Quackenbush, author of “Relearning to See,” at a health expo in 1999. Despite previous disappointments, she decided to give his approach a chance, inspired by the possibility of maintaining her current level of vision naturally. Her commitment to this method was fully realized during a 14-day water fast in Costa Rica, where she achieved significant improvements in her eyesight, eventually reaching 20/20 vision by following the guidance provided in Tom’s book.

The success of her own vision improvement inspired Esther to help others achieve similar results. She began teaching natural vision improvement techniques after witnessing dramatic improvements in a friend’svision, which further motivated her to undergo professional training. By 2000, she was fully immersed in the Bates Method, enhancing her understanding and helping numerous individuals through her teaching and workshops. Her experiences led her to further training with experts in the field, such as Dr. Marc Grossman and Dr. Neal Apple, enriching her knowledge and skills.

Today, Esther is a recognized authority on the Bates Method, having authored three books and spoken at various international conferences. Her teaching extends beyond group classes to individual lessons in the USA, the Netherlands, Italy, and online via Skype. Her mission, fueled by her own experiences and successes, is to broaden public awareness about natural vision improvement, offering a safe and effective alternative to conventional treatments like glasses or surgery. Through her platform “Visions of Joy,” Esther continues to share her knowledge and passion, helping people to see the world more clearly, naturally.

Question of The Day!

Hi Guys,
I heard you speak about :”fish” on one of your shows—I usually  have Wild  Alaskan Salmon 4 times a week–My question–Is fish one of those foods we should avoid?
Thank You


Hi RSB. My 7 year old son and I have been sick for over a month already, he gets headaches and mild fever and has a cough and soooo much phlegm he’s constantly spitting it out. I try to use natural products, Silver, essential oils, vitamins… he hasn’t been to the Dr since he was 1, his last checkup. We went to the Dr today and he prescribed cephalexin, an antibiotic. He’s never had antibiotics before. Do you have any ideas of what I can do instead or should I just bite the bullet and try to counteract them with probiotics?
Also I have a deep cough and a rattle in my breathing so the dr prescribed a corticosteroid inhaler for me to take. I read about it briefly and it doesn’t sound like a good thing to take. What can I do to clear up my lungs naturally? Mullien steams? Nebulize silver? Please help!
Hedy (Hey-D) from Canada

Welcome back to “Homeopathic Hits” on The Robert Scott Bell Show.
Today, we delve into the benefits of Trillium Pendulum, commonly known as the wood lily, a homeopathic remedy renowned for its effectiveness in managing hemorrhages, particularly uterine bleeding, and various menstrual disorders.
Discover how Trillium Pendulum can enhance women’s health through its therapeutic applications.

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Hour 2

Children’s Health: By the Numbers: The health of children globally is under threat, as evidenced by rising excess mortality rates among those aged 0-14, particularly in countries like the Netherlands, the UK, and the USA. Analysis indicates that increased health interventions, including the widespread use of poorly investigated medications and vaccines, may be contributing to weakened immune systems among children. This situation is alarming and requires immediate attention to reverse the growing trends of child health deterioration. The article stresses the need for stringent safety and efficacy evaluations of health policies affecting children and suggests that investing in preventative health care and supporting maternal health could yield substantial improvements in public health outcomes.

Special Guest Rob Verkerk

Dr. Robert H. J. Verkerk, a seasoned expert in health, agricultural, and environmental sustainability, holds a commendable educational background with degrees from prestigious institutions. Graduating with a BSc in Ecology from the University of Westminster, he furthered his education with an MSc and a PhD from Imperial College London, focusing on sustainable environmental management. Additionally, he is a recognized Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. Over the past three decades, Dr. Verkerk has devoted his career to advancing natural and sustainable methods in health care and agriculture, which has included significant involvement in formulating better regulatory frameworks for natural health products in Europe.

In the professional sphere, Dr. Verkerk has spearheaded multiple projects across the globe, focusing on biocompatible agricultural methods and biocontrol of insect pests. His expertise spans various areas such as food technology, nutritional sciences, and organic agriculture, among others. His work led him to the role of scientific director for the UK government’s termite eradication program in Devon, achieving remarkable success in environmentally friendly pest management.

Dr. Verkerk founded the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl) in 2002, an organization that promotes natural health care approaches and influences scientific and regulatory policies internationally. Alongside his role at ANH-Intl, he operates as the scientific director of ANH Consultancy Ltd, providing specialized advisory services to food, health, and agricultural sectors. His efforts are supported by his extensive publication record, with articles in numerous scientific journals and regular contributions to popular media.

A celebrated speaker and thought leader, Dr. Verkerk’s influence extends through his active participation in international conferences and workshops, where he addresses crucial issues related to sustainability in health and agriculture. His work not only educates but also inspires actions toward adopting sustainable, natural practices in various professional fields. His family life is also robust, being married with six children, and residing in Farnborough, Hampshire, UK.

ANH Launches Petition to Curb Big Tech Censorship: The Alliance for Natural Health USA is taking a strong stand against the censorship of natural health content on platforms like YouTube, driven by what they perceive as overreaching medical misinformation policies. Their campaign, FreeSpeech4Health, seeks to gather one million signatures to persuade Alphabet, YouTube’s parent company, to revise their policies to allow for more balanced discourse on health. The campaign highlights concerns that current content moderation practices unfairly limit public access to a broad spectrum of health viewpoints and information, potentially stifling discussion and understanding of alternative health approaches that do not align with mainstream medical advice.

Dr. Kelly Sutton Stood Up for Medical Freedom — Now It’s Time to Help Her: Dr. Kelly Sutton, a staunch advocate for patient rights and personalized medicine, has faced severe professional repercussions for her actions, culminating in the revocation of her medical license by medical boards in multiple states. Her license was terminated due to her practice of writing vaccine medical exemptions, which sparked controversy and legal challenges. Following a heart attack and subsequent triple bypass surgery, there is a community call to action to support Dr. Sutton’s recovery and her ongoing fight for medical freedom. This support includes financial contributions to assist with her medical costs and to continue her advocacy work, which challenges the regulatory and pharmaceutical pressures that constrain doctor-patient decision-making in healthcare.

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