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It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:


Brace for Impact: DOE Is About to Unleash Sexual Assault on Girls and Women Following the Senate vote championed by Sen. Tim Kaine to torpedo the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, the Biden administration’s Department of Education readied its proposal to change the historic interpretation of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act to accommodate those who “identify” as the opposite sex.   You can read the DOE summary of the proposed rule here.   It is open for public comment and will likely be rendered final and enforceable soon.  The new rule will permit boys and men who maintain a fiction, that they possess a gender other than their birth gender, not only to compete on girls’ and women’s teams but also to use their bathrooms and locker rooms. In practical terms, the Biden administration is about to codify a “statutory right” for boys and men to enter girls’ and women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams nationwide with the full backing of federal law and law enforcement.  Every deviant out there who wants to sexually assault a girl or a woman is about to acquire an ally in the Department of Education and the Department of Justice.  Indeed, any effort to stop boys and men from entering historically separate places for girls and women will now be subject to prosecution and each federally funded institution opposing such moves will risk losing its federal funding.  A new age of expanded access to girls and women for voyeurs and sex criminals is upon us, all in the name of accommodating a fiction. In short, the undeniable and fully predictable consequence of the Biden DOE’s proposed rule is to increase the incidence of sexual assault and rape against women nationwide and to cause all manner of perverse effects in society as we all try to reduce the newly created risks to girls and women.  The rule’s underlying premise is a complete fiction.  It applies to those who “identify” as the opposite sex, but anyone can “identify” as anything.

Sen. Rand Paul Blocking Biden Nominees Until COVID-19 Documents Released Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is seeking the release of U.S. government documents that may show links between risky U.S.-funded research projects and the origins of COVID-19. Paul has been requesting these documents for years, following concerns that the SARS-CoV-2 virus could have been created through “gain of function” experiments. “I’ve been trying to get COVID records for three years and my concern with the COVID Records is that the U.S. government funded a lot of research that was risky research called ‘gain of function’ research,” Paul told NTD News on Thursday. “Some of that research was funded in China, some of it’s been funded in our country. And I think that we need to find out about all of that research and it needs to come to the public, it needs to be reviewed.” As part of his effort to compel the current administration to release any records relating to the origins of COVID-19, Paul is now vowing to block President Joe Biden’s nominees. In a Thursday morning interview on Fox Business’s “Mornings with Maria,” Paul said the Biden administration has refused to turn over the records for going on three years. “I’m in the process of blocking nominations, of blocking legislation, if they will not help me to get records. And so this is going on in two major committees that I’m on: the Foreign Relations Committee as well as the Homeland Security,” he said. “I’m telling you, I’m not letting anything pass unanimously, I’m blocking everything until you finally turn over some of these records on COVID.”

House Stuck in Stalemate as Tensions Flare Between GOP Leadership, Hardline Conservatives House GOP leadership is up against about a dozen Republicans who are sour from the debt limit deal and now holding out on voting with the conference until they see change from House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). The holdouts, most of whom are in the House Freedom Caucus, voted against a preliminary rule for a bill to prohibit gas stove bans on Tuesday and some from the group indicated well into Wednesday afternoon that they would continue to vote against the rule, effectively stalling the GOP agenda indefinitely while they negotiate with leadership. The last time a rule vote failed was about 20 years ago. “This is all about restoring a process that will fundamentally change things back to what was working,” Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), one of the holdouts, said on Tuesday after the vote. Roy, one of the most vocal members of the group, is seeking what his office describes as an “amendable power arrangement” with McCarthy after Roy and others say McCarthy has not lived up to his side of the bargain made during the historic 15-ballot speaker race in January. Concern also exists among the group of hardliners that critical upcoming bills, such as the annual defense spending bill and expiring farm bill, will pass the way the debt ceiling increase bill did, i.e., with a majority of support from not just Republicans but also Democrats at the expense of holding the line on certain conservative priorities.

Discovery Is the Covid Regime’s Greatest Fear The most recent batch of the “Twitter files” offers brief insight into the Covid regime’s fear that the details behind their censorship and collusion will become public. On Thursday, Alex Berenson posted a series of email correspondences between Twitter attorneys concerning his 2022 lawsuit against the company. Last year, Berenson sued Twitter after the company issued him a “permanent ban” for his August 2021 tweet opposing vaccine mandates: “It doesn’t stop infection. Or transmission. Don’t think of it as a vaccine. Think of it – at best – as a therapeutic with a limited window of efficacy and terrible side effect profile that must be dosed IN ADVANCE OF ILLNESS. And we want to mandate it? Insanity.” After a judge denied Twitter’s motion to dismiss, the two sides reached a settlement agreement that reinstated Berenson’s account and provided concrete evidence that government actors – including White House Covid Advisor Andy Slavitt – worked to censor criticism of Biden’s Covid policies.  In the emails, Twitter’s litigation team discusses the probability that they will lose the case. “We believe our chances of success at the trial level are less than 50%,” writes Micah Rubbo, Twitter’s associate director for litigation. She then asks, “Are we willing to litigate and risk the potential public disclosure of *many* documents in order to prevent disclosure of some of them now?’”

Exclusive — Robert F. Kennedy at the Border: ‘This Problem Is Solvable’ Democratic Party presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., made a surprise visit to the U.S.-Mexico border on Monday night and early Tuesday morning and said the situation was “unsustainable.” “This problem is solvable,” Kennedy told Breitbart News by telephone. “We just need an administration that has the will to do it.” As an example, Kennedy cited the need for “restoring the surveillance infrastructure that was mysteriously removed three years ago — there were cameras, there were camera towers, there were ground-sensing devices that were literally torn up that are being stored in a military base, that were part of the patrol infrastructure for the Border Patrol.” Kennedy said that several other programs, including those that required cooperation with the Mexican government, had been removed or downgraded. “Unfortunately, the Biden administration has let its relationship with Mexico and the Central American countries deteriorate, and we need cooperative agreements with all of them to stop the flow of immigration. “And it can be easily done,” he continued. “Everybody here is confident that it is manageable, but there’s no will at the federal level.” He said that while he felt optimistic about the possibility of a solution, his trip to the border, at a gap in the border wall near Yuma, Arizona, had exposed him to a “dystopian nightmare.” In a selfie video filmed at 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday in Yuma, Kennedy spoke about watching hundreds of migrants cross the border — from West Africa, South Africa, Central Asia, and other far-flung countries.

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How To Build Community By Starting A Garden Community gardening involves taking a shared space and involving members of a neighborhood, school, or city to join in creating and maintaining a garden. The social and community benefits of community gardening have become well-known and have inspired numerous projects. Learn more about the benefits and how to get started on a garden for your community. What Are the Social Benefits of Gardening? Studies of children who participate in school gardens show that they are more accepting of people different from them, have better interpersonal skills, and are better at working cooperatively than their peers. These social benefits of community gardens extend to any individual who gets involved, both children and adults. These shared spaces bring people together to increase understanding and decrease loneliness. People who garden also experience benefits to mental health: reduced stress, improved confidence and self-esteem, and a sense of purpose. Of course, gardening is also good for physical health. It is an active hobby that gets the heart rate elevated, builds muscle, and benefits overall well-being. Gardening can be great for the individual, but communities also benefit. Studies have found numerous ways in which neighborhoods are better for having shared gardens. The individual and social benefits of urban gardening cannot be overstated. It’s worth participating in a community garden or gathering a group of neighbors to start your own. Here are some tips:

Special Guest – Marjory Wildcraft

The Grow Network’s founder, Marjory Wildcraft, is featured in “Who’s Who in America” for her work in building deep community resilience, restoring heirloom genetics in gardens and livestock, and advancing the return to natural medicine across the nation. National Geographic featured Marjory as an expert in sustainable living, and she has hosted Mother Earth News’ online “Homesteading Summit.”   Marjory also hosts the annual Home Grown Food and Home Medicine Summits, which reach hundreds of thousands of viewers every year.

She is best known for her DVD series Grow Your Own Groceries, which has over a half million copies in use by homesteaders, foodies, preppers, universities, and missionary organizations around the world.

Beloved for her humorous, non-judgmental, get ’er done style, Marjory raised two teenagers in Central Texas and currently splits her time between Paonia, CO, and Puerto Rico. When she’s not building an online network, being “Mom,” and tending her family’s food supply, Marjory loves playing, running, doing gymnastics, skateboarding, acquiring skills from the Paleolithic era (yes, she is part cavewoman!), and experimenting with anything and everything related to food production and sustainability.

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Hi Robert and SuperDon
My son n law has been having pain in his muscles for a couple years, he went to see a neurologist, they haven’t figured out why yet. He says his muscles feel like they are always tight. Have you ever heard of this? If so, any suggestions to help him?
Also my husband had to have a feeding tube in his stomach for a couple months back in March and April it has been removed because it was leaking inside his skin and fat tissue so it was removed around May 1. It is an open wound and is healing but the hole where the tube was still leaks. Do you have any suggestions helping this to close up?

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