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It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

Historic Supreme Court case could imperil the entire US tax code The Supreme Court has agreed to hear one of the most important tax cases in history, which could either greenlight the constitutionality of an economically disastrous wealth tax, or destroy critical parts of the U.S. tax system. Unless the justices take a middle road and define the 16th Amendment according to the history and traditions of the U.S. tax system, the case will result in bad law and worse outcomes. The case (Moore v. United States) concerns the constitutionality of the 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA). The act imposed a mandatory repatriation tax on pre-2018 profits that companies and some U.S. shareholders stored abroad. Previously, foreign business profits went untaxed until they returned to U.S. shareholders. But under mandatory repatriation tax, passed as part of Republicans’ comprehensive international tax reform, profits were taxed even if shareholders never received the income. The revenue from the mandatory tax helped raise an estimated $339 billion that contributed to offsetting other individual and corporate tax cuts, as well as broader international tax reform in the 2017 tax cuts. The court faces a difficult question: Is this mandatory tax on foreign profits that shareholders never actually received constitutional under the 16th Amendment? The Supreme Court has maintained since 1920 that income must be “clearly realized” for it to be taxable. Yet the U.S. tax code is riddled with taxes on unrealized income.

Trump says a protective order would violate his First Amendment rights: ‘I will talk’ Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday vowed that he “will talk” about the criminal charges he faces over his efforts to overturn the 2020 election and accused federal prosecutors of “taking away my First Amendment rights.” Last week, special counsel Jack Smith asked U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan to impose a so-called protective order that would prevent Trump from disclosing evidence the government turns over to his lawyers as part of the discovery process. Trump’s own lawyers chose not to object to a protective order and instead requested that the judge put in place a version that is “less restrictive” than the one proposed by the government. Trump’s lawyers asked Chutkan to shield only “genuinely sensitive materials” in order to protect his rights. But Trump is fighting on multiple fronts as he tries to beat three indictments and win back the presidency. On Tuesday, when he chided prosecutors and President Joe Biden, Trump was battling in the political arena at a rally here. Trump told the raucous crowd that Biden “wants the thug prosecutor, this deranged guy, to file a court order taking away my First Amendment rights so that I can’t speak.” He said failing to answer the media’s questions about the case is “not good for votes” as he seeks to defeat Biden. “I will talk about it, I will,” he said. “They’re not taking away my First Amendment rights.”

Ninth Circuit Panel: Knives Are ‘Arms’ Protected by Second Amendment A three-judge panel from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit reversed a district court decision upholding Hawaii’s ban on butterfly knives on Monday, noting that “bladed weapons facially constitute ‘arms’ within the meaning of the Second Amendment.” The three judges on the panel were George W. Bush appointee Carlos T. Bea and  Donald Trump appointees Daniel P. Collins and Kenneth K. Lee. The case, Teter v. Lopez, was brought by two law-abiding citizens–Andred Teter and James Grell–who wanted to carry butterfly knives for self-defense. Judge Alan C. Kay, of the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii, ruled in favor of the prohibition against butterflies and the case was appealed to the Ninth Circuit. Judge Bea wrote the majority opinion for the Ninth Circuit panel, noting, “Like firearms, bladed weapons fit the general definition of ‘arms’ as ‘[w]eapons of offence’ that may be ‘use[d] in wrath to cast at or strike another.’ Id. (cleaned up). Moreover, contemporaneous sources confirm that, at the time of the adoption of the Second Amendment, the term ‘arms’ was understood as generally extending to bladed weapons.” He added, “Because the plain text of the Second Amendment includes bladed weapons and, by necessity, butterfly knives, the Constitution ‘presumptively guarantees’ keeping and bearing such instruments ‘for self defense.’”


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‘So Many Pitfalls’: Feds Push School-Based Health Centers as Critics Sound Alarm Over Lack of Parental Consent The recent push by the U.S. federal government to rapidly expand the use of school-based health centers (SBHCs) across the country has some critics concerned children will receive, or be pressured into receiving, unnecessary or unwanted medical interventions — including vaccines — without their parents’ knowledge or consent. Georgia attorney Nicole Johnson, co-director of Georgia Coalition for Vaccine Choice and a consultant to the Children’s Health Defense’s (CHD) legal team, told The Defender: “It’s scary because these health centers sound really good. In some of the rural and poor communities especially, this is going to seem like a really good way for children to get this care. “And while there may be some conveniences, there are so many concerns with allowing medical exams and treatments at school. Parents need to be involved in all medical decisions and I fear they are being left out of the equation.” SBHCs are intended to provide high-quality healthcare to kids by offering “primary care, mental health care, and other health services in schools,” particularly in underserved communities. This includes services “to prevent disease, disability, and other health conditions or their progression” such as “immunizations” and “well-child care.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Community Preventive Services Task Force, SBHCs can improve educational and health outcomes.

Leprosy is all the rage in the U.S. (Florida) The CDC has recently rung the alarm bells on leprosy and no one would be able to convince me that they don’t know exactly why leprosy has reared its ugly head recently. You can read about that here and here. Leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease, can affect the skin, respiratory tract, eyes and nerves, and is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae or Mycobacterium lepromatosis. These are obligate intracellular parasites meaning they depend on their hosts to survive. Leprosy can also cause disfigurement following many years of uncontrolled infection. It is not known how it is transmitted between people, but apparently it can happen after extended close contact. It is treatable with antibiotics. Interestingly, the new cases of leprosy trend has been steadily declining for a number of years, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). According to this downward trend, there should be no reason for leprosy to regain momentum in terms of altering this downward trajectory. The CDC are blaming this new ‘outbreak’ on armadillos. No, I am not joking. The reports of new cases of leprosy confined to Central Florida (where 81% of the new cases were traced back to), are definitely not due to the influx of illegal immigrants from leprosy-endemic areas. No. It couldn’t be. It must be the armadillos or rather, as stated by the CDC, ‘environmental reservoirs as a potential source of transmission’. Yes, it’s nature’s fault. Maybe it was a pangolin?

BOMBSHELL: FDA Admits Guidance on Ivermectin was Illegal, Invokes ‘Sovereign Immunity’ for Misleading Statements (& Crimes Against Humanity) This Substack has chronicled the illegal war on PSYOP-19 early treatment therapies by the very perpetrators of the “pandemic,” and their associated criminal mandates. It is no surprise that the most vilified early treatment repurposed drug Ivermectin has also been by far the most effective: The reason that the captured FDA along with their partners-in-crime the CDC, WHO, UN, WEF, CFR, DoD, Pentagon, CIA, the illegitimate Federal government, Rockefeller and Gates “nonprofits,” et al. have targeted Ivermectin is threefold: it is exceptionally effective as an early C-19 treatment, mass administration would have resulted in plummeting global (turbo) cancer rates, and this wonder drug attenuates and reverses the slow kill bioweapon DEATHVAX™ damage. A landmark lawsuit filed against the FDA by doctors Mary Talley Bowden, Paul Marik, and Robert Apter was heard in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday. Part of this lawsuit against the FDA was specific to fraudulent and illicit claims made by the agency against Ivermectin. Basically, the FDA lawyer is now making mendacious claims that it did not prevent doctors from prescribing off-label Ivermectin, and yet they put tremendous pressure on the entire medical establishment and pharmacists to under no circumstances prescribe this drug. The FDA even tweeted their propaganda to put further pressure on doctors, illegally subverted with the Hippocratic Oath in plain sight, and were harming those they claim to protect with their social media posts:

L.A. Times: Making Employees Show Up in Person Exposes Them to Racism The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday that making employees shift from work-from-home to showing up in person risks exposing black employees and workers “of color” to the racism that some say that they experience in person at the workplace. In an article titled “Remote work gave them a reprieve from racism. They don’t want to go back,” the Times reported: [M]any Black workers and other people of color … found that remote work lessened the racism they faced on the job. But it forces workers to make a difficult choice — prioritize your mental health or endure for the sake of your career. Remote job opportunities are shrinking as more companies require that workers come back to the office. And even in hybrid workplaces, remote employees can be at a disadvantage for career advancement since managers sometimes forget about them or assume they are less productive than their in-person peers, a concept called proximity bias.… Throughout the pandemic, survey after survey showed what some workers of color have known for years: Workplace politics and discrimination can make the office an undesirable place to be. Ironically, in the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic, reports emerged saying that work-from-home was racist because black and Hispanic employees were less likely than Asian and white employees to have jobs that allowed them to work remotely.

New Study: Here’s How Often You Should Poop To Reduce Your Alzheimer’s Risk Maybe you’ve heard someone say they do their best thinking in the bathroom…and as comical as it might sound, science shows there may actually be a link. A new preliminary study conducted by Harvard researchers sheds light on the intriguing connection between the frequency of bowel movements and cognition. First, a little background: The human gut, which some medical practitioners refer to as the “second brain,” is home to trillions of bacteria that play a vital role in many bodily functions, including digestion, immune response, and even mood regulation. A regular number-two ensures a healthy balance of these gut bacteria. According to the National Institutes of Health, about 16% of adults have symptoms of constipation—a percentage that increases to 33% for groups aged 60 years and older. Factors like fiber-deficient diets, reduced physical activity, and certain medications can compound the problem. When constipation becomes chronic—defined as having bowel movements less often than every three days—it’s not just a mere discomfort. This is associated with long-term health challenges, ranging from inflammation and hormonal imbalances to mental health concerns like anxiety and depression. A well-functioning digestive system ensures the efficient elimination of waste products, including those that can be toxic or harmful to brain function.

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