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It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is back to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

Deficit Tops $1 Trillion in First Six Months of FY2023 The federal deficit topped $1 trillion in the first six months of fiscal 2023 (October through March), according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released today. This was despite the fact that federal tax revenues in the first six months of this fiscal year were $2,048,196,000,000, which was the second-highest in the nation’s history (when compared to the inflation-adjusted numbers for the tax revenues collected in the first six months of previous fiscal years). From February to March, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement, the fiscal 2023 federal deficit increased by $378,077,000,000, climbing from $722,627,000,000 to $1,100,704,000,000. So far, in fiscal 2023, while the federal government collected $2,048,196,000,000 in taxes, it spent $3,148,900,000,000—resulting in the deficit of $1,100,704,000,000. When the historical budget numbers are adjusted for inflation into March 2023 dollars, it turns out that this year’s October-through-March federal deficit is the fourth largest in the nation’s history. In fiscal 2021, during the COVID pandemic, the October-through-March deficit was $1,944,334,490,000 in constant March 2023 dollars. That was the largest deficit the federal government has ever run in the first six months of a fiscal year. The second-largest was in October-through-March of fiscal 2009, when the federal government ran a deficit that was $1,357,706,460,000 in constant March 2023 dollars. The third-largest was in October-through-March of fiscal 2011, when the federal government ran a deficit of $1,120,280,830,000 in constant March 2023 dollars.

Fed economists project recession this year, in potential blow to Biden Federal Reserve economists believe that recent banking turmoil will trigger a mild recession later this year, a potentially ominous sign for President Joe Biden as he heads into an election campaign. Staff members at the central bank, who brief policymakers before interest rate decisions, had long expected GDP growth to slow this year in the wake of the Fed’s fight against inflation. But last month they upped the odds of a downturn, according to the minutes of the Fed’s March 21-22 meeting. Just a couple of weeks before the meeting, two regional lenders — Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank — collapsed after depositors pulled out billions of dollars in cash, sending tremors throughout the industry. Their projection was for “a mild recession starting later this year, with a recovery over the subsequent two years,” according to the minutes, released Wednesday. That would spark a jump in unemployment. They estimated the economy would fully recover by 2025. The economic outlook is always difficult to foretell with any confidence, and staff members underscored their uncertainty at the meeting. If banks don’t pull back on lending as much as they expect, then the economy might not suffer as much. But if the financial system were to face even more stress, then the prognosis could be much worse.

Exclusive – Speaker Kevin McCarthy: Designate Cartels as Terrorist Groups, Time to ‘Embed Some Military’ on Border to Fight Them House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told Breitbart News that it is time to “embed some military” on the U.S. border with Mexico to fight the Mexican drug cartels. McCarthy’s comments came during an exclusive long-form video interview taped last month in the ceremonial U.S. House Speaker’s office just off the House floor. The interview, the latest installment in the Breitbart News On the Hill video series, touched on many topics including immigration and the border, but also confronting the Chinese Communist Party, the debt ceiling, and McCarthy’s decision to release January 6 surveillance tapes earlier this year. Asked about the incident which happened just before this interview where four Americans were kidnapped by cartels in Mexico, McCarthy noted that “two were murdered” and “it wasn’t far from the border.” McCarthy then affirmed he believes the Mexican drug cartels should be formally designated as foreign terrorist organizations by the U.S. government. “I think you have to designate them,” McCarthy said when asked if the U.S. should designate the cartels as terrorist groups. “We do not have operational control of our border,” McCarthy added. “For anyone in America that’s been down there — I want to give credit to Gov. Abbott. It shouldn’t be his job to secure the border. But he has to put effort into it. You look what has gone on. These cartels are making billions of dollars human trafficking, right? But they’re using weapons. They’re shooting. We’ve watched in broad daylight what they would do with not respect for life or for Americans.”

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Massie, Judiciary Committee Launch Probe Into Reports Biden Admin Pressured FDA Over COVID Booster Approval Republican Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie sent letters Monday to senior Food and Drug Administration (FDA) vaccine officials, letting them know the House Judiciary Committee will be investigating allegations the Biden administration interfered in the FDA’s authorization and licensure of the COVID-19 vaccines. The Daily Caller first obtained the letters to Dr. Marion Gruber and Dr. Philip Krause, both of whom resigned following President Joe Biden’s announcement in August 2021 calling for adults to receive a COVID-19 booster shot, which Massie says “put undue pressure on FDA health officials to quickly authorize the vaccinations.” Gruber serves as the Vice President of Public Health and Regulatory Science at the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative. Philip Krause sits on the Board of Directors of Mesoblast, Inc. Gruber had been with the FDA for 32 years and Krause had worked at the agency for over a decade. In the letters, Massie calls for records and materials relating to: 1. The FDA’s review, authorization, approval and/or promotion of all COVID-19 vaccines and boosters; 2. The departure of Dr. Marion Gruber and Dr. Philip Krause from the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research and Review (OVRR); and 3. The identities of current or former employees who worked in the FDA’s OVRR for the period of Jan. 1, 2020, to the present.

FDA Commissioner: We Need More Power to Keep People from ‘Being Harmed’ by Misinformation During an interview with CNBC on Thursday released on Tuesday, FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf said misinformation is hurting life expectancy and “there is a real need for better regulation of how we deal with” health misinformation on the Internet and “when we see people being harmed” “specific authorities at FDA, FTC, other areas are going to be needed.” Califf said, [relevant remarks begin around 9:35] “We know more and more about misinformation. It relates back to this life expectancy. Why aren’t we using knowledge of diet? It’s not that people don’t know about it. Why aren’t we using medical products as effectively and efficiently as our peer countries? A lot of it has to do with choices that people make because of the things that influence their thinking. The COVID vaccines and the antivirals give us an easy way to talk about it, but this is not limited to those areas. In heart disease, so many people don’t take their medicines, even though they’re now generic and very low-cost, often [they’re] deluded into taking things that are sold over the Internet that aren’t effective.” He continued, “So, how do we deal with this? First of all, you’ve got to tell the truth in a louder volume. In the good old days, when I was a practicing cardiologist, for the most part, people developed products, they got through the FDA, the label determined what was talked about, the Internet didn’t exist, you advertised in medical meetings and journals. There was sort of a hierarchy of information that went through the prescriber or the implanter in the case of devices to the patient.

Confused Biden Mistakes Sports Team for Notorious Paramilitary on Ireland Tour A confused Joe Biden has mistaken a national sports team with a notorious paramilitary group while on his grand tour of Ireland. Gaffe-prone American President Joe Biden has once again provoked confusion and laughs after he conflated a national sports team with a notorious 20th-century paramilitary group. The comments came late on the commander-in-chief’s second day of touring Ireland, with Biden meeting with extended family members still resident on the island. According to a report by POLITICO, Biden’s slip-up originated from an attempt to praise one of these extended relations, that of famous Irish rugby player Rob Kearney, who during his time playing for the country at an international level, helped beat New Zealand’s legendary national team, the “All Blacks”. However, while attempting to play up his distant cousin’s achievements, Biden claimed that Kearney had not in fact beaten the All Blacks, but the notorious 20th-century British paramilitary organisation known as the “black and tans”. Made up of former soldiers who fought for the British during the first world war, the outfit became infamous for violently sacking Irish towns during the country’s War of Independence, frequently burning down villages thought to have collaborated with the IRA. “He’s a hell of a rugby player, and he beat the hell out of the Black and Tans,” he said, prompting giggles from the gathered crowd. The gaffe will likely be less funny for pro-British unionists residing in Northern Ireland however, who may see the off-hand reference to the paramilitary that has been defunct for one hundred years as further evidence of anti-UK bias.

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Survey: Many younger US women say flu, COVID vaccines not safe in pregnancy Many US women of childbearing age doubt the safety and effectiveness of vaccination against influenza and COVID-19 during pregnancy, according to a new report from the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. The report, released early this week, includes the findings of the second Annenberg Science and Public Health Knowledge Monitor, a randomly drawn, online, national survey fielded by the SSRS Opinion Panel in 10 waves starting in April 2021, the most recent of which included 1,657 adults in January 2023. Results depended on vaccination status Most women ages 18 to 49 years (53%) indicated that flu vaccine is safe for women and their fetuses during pregnancy, and 17% said it isn’t, compared with 9% of men and 4% of women aged 50 and older. Skepticism was even more evident in the COVID-19 vaccine findings: 42% of women of childbearing age said the vaccine is safe and effective during pregnancy, but 31% said that it isn’t, compared with 15% of older women and 19% of men. The findings differed on vaccination status, with 76% of women of childbearing age vaccinated against the flu indicating that the vaccine is safe during pregnancy, compared with 40% of unvaccinated respondents in that age-group. Similarly, 59% of woman of childbearing age vaccinated against COVID-19 said the vaccine is safe and effective during pregnancy, compared with 8% in unvaccinated participants in this age-group.

Special Guests Dr. Shane and Liz Watt

Dr. Watt is a Chiropractor functional health specialist. He is the clinic director of Mountain West Chiropractic, NeuroBolic Health Center, and Utah Wellness Solutions located in South Jordan, Utah. He has been serving our community for over 20 years. He is passionate about his patients and helping them become well.
Liz Watt is a Holistic Wellness Expert. Empowering women to live their best life emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She sees clients in her office in South Jordan along with many others around the country through video conferencing. She is an author, podcaster, content creator, and speaker.


Banned Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found in 88% of Household Products Banned chemicals that potentially cause cancer in humans have been discovered in a wide array of household products, according to a study published Tuesday in the journal Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts. Short-chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs) are a group of chemicals that are used in metalworking and the production of PVC, plastics, rubbers and other materials. They are persistent chemicals, meaning they don’t degrade in the environment and accumulate in animals. Chlorinated paraffins have been detected in various wildlife and in human milk and blood. The new study shows that SCCPs are still widely present in household goods despite bans on the chemicals, indicating the need for more regulatory action. Researchers found SCCPs in 84 of 96 household goods tested in Canada. All the household goods were purchased at least one year after Canada’s 2013 prohibition of the chemicals went into effect, suggesting that chemical regulation against SCCPs has not been entirely effective. “We found [SCCPs] in almost everything, which was very surprising to us,” said Steven Kutarna, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Toronto and the lead author of the paper. The 2017 Stockholm Convention listed SCCPs under Annex A, which urges the elimination of the chemicals. SCCPs were largely prohibited in Canada in 2013 and in the U.S. in 2012.

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