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Special Guest Dr. Michael Karlfeldt

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD, is a board-certified Naturopath. He has devoted his career to practicing and promoting Natural Health. He is a high-demand speaker, author, and educator in this field.

Dr. Karlfeldt provides personalized naturopathic health care at his busy multidiscipline integrative medicine center, The Karlfeldt Center, in Boise, Idaho. He treats the root causes of diseases and strengthens the body’s ability to heal. Dr. Karlfeldt has practiced medicine for over 30 years and is one of the leading experts in treating cancer. Dr. Karlfeldt works to increase awareness about natural ways to treat cancer.

He was the host of the TV shows “Dr. Michael Show” and “True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit” and the radio show “HealthMade Radio”, where he connected with international leaders in the integrative health arena. He is also the host of the internationally recognized podcasts “Integrative Cancer Solutions with Dr. Karlfeldt”, where he features cancer survivors and experts in the field sharing how they beat cancer, and “Integrative Lyme Solutions with Dr. Karlfeldt”, where he features people who have successfully conquered Lyme disease.

Welcome to another episode of “Homeopathic Hits” on The Robert Scott Bell Show.
Today, we’re exploring Cenchris Contortrix, a homeopathic remedy derived from the venom of the copperhead snake.
Known for its significant effects on circulatory and nervous system health, Cenchris Contortrix offers a natural approach to managing conditions like blood clots, varicose veins, and neurological disorders.
Let’s delve into the therapeutic benefits of this powerful remedy.

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Hour 2

Social Media Should Have Labels Similar To Tobacco Products, Surgeon General Says—Noting ‘Significant Harm’ For Teens U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has proposed that social media platformsdisplay warning labels akin to those on tobacco products, emphasizing the mental health risks for teenagers. In an op-ed, Murthy argued that these labels could raise awareness and influence behavior, though they wouldn’t completely mitigate the dangers. Studies have shown a link between extensive social media use and increased risks of depression, anxiety, and negative body image among teens. Murthy also suggested legislative measures to ban addictive features like infinite scrolling and autoplay, restrict data collection from minors, and require transparency about the health impacts of social media. The proposal follows growing bipartisan concern over social media’s effects on youth, highlighted by lawsuits and congressional hearings. Tech executives have faced criticism for not adequately addressing these issues, despite some acknowledging the harm caused by their platforms.

DOD Funding Research on Fake Meat Rations to Improve Soldiers’ ‘Military Readiness’ The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is partnering with BioMADE to fund research on lab-grown meat for military rations. This initiative aims to reduce the military’s carbon footprint and address climate change. Critics, including the National Cattleman’s Beef Association, argue that soldiers should not be test subjects for experimental food products and emphasize the high quality and low carbon footprint of U.S.-produced beef. BioMADE’s funding focuses on sustainable food production innovations, including nutrient-dense rations via fermentation and novel cell culture methods. Despite health and environmental concerns, the push for biomanufactured foods is supported by broader government efforts to advance biotechnology. Critics remain skeptical about the viability and safety of lab-grown meat, citing potential health risks and the lack of long-term studies.

An Effort to Reduce Plastic Waste Just Died in the New York Legislature A significant bill aimed at reducing single-use plastic waste failed to pass in the NewYork State Assembly after intense lobbying by the pro-plastics industry. The bill, which had passed in the State Senate, sought to shift the financial burden of managing packaging waste from taxpayers to producers, following an extended producer responsibility (EPR) model. The opposition argued that the bill was flawed and would lead to empty grocery store shelves, a claim dismissed by environmental advocates as fearmongering. The bill’s failure is seen as a temporary setback, with proponents vowing to reintroduce it in future sessions. Despite the setback, the effort highlighted the ongoing battle between environmental advocates and industry stakeholders over effective measures to tackle plastic pollution.

Eat less, beat cancer: Intermittent fasting supercharges ‘natural killer’ cells to fight tumors New research from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center suggests that intermittent fasting enhances the body’s natural killer (NK) cells, bolstering their ability to combat cancer. The study, published in the journal Immunity, found that fasting reprograms NK cells to survive and function better in the nutrient-scarce environment of tumors. By fasting, mice experienced lowered glucose and increased free fatty acids, which NK cells adapted to use as an alternative energy source. This metabolic shift allowed NK cells to thrive in lipid-rich tumor microenvironments, enhancing their anti-cancer activity. Additionally, fasting prompted NK cells to migrate to the bone marrow, where they were exposed to Interleukin-12, priming them to produce more Interferon-gamma, a critical protein in tumor defense. While these findings are preliminary and derived from animal studies, they suggest potential new avenues for cancer treatments, including combining fasting with conventional therapies or developing drugs to mimic fasting’s effects on NK cells. Further research is needed to confirm these results in humans and explore practical applications in cancer therapy.


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