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ChatGPT found to give better medical advice than real doctors in blind study: ‘This will be a game changer’ When it comes to answering medical questions, can ChatGPT do a better job than human doctors? It appears to be possible, according to the results of a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, led by researchers from the University of California San Diego. The researchers compiled a random sample of nearly 200 medical questions that patients posted on Reddit, a popular social discussion website, for doctors to answer. Next, they entered the questions into ChatGPT (OpenAI’s artificial intelligence chatbot) and recorded its response. A panel of health care professionals then evaluated both sets of responses for quality and empathy. For nearly 80% of the answers, the chatbots won out over the real doctors. “Our panel of health care professionals preferred ChatGPT four to one over physicians,” said lead researcher Dr. John W. Ayers, PhD, vice chief of innovation in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health at the University of California San Diego. One of the biggest problems facing today’s health care providers is that they’re overburdened with messages from patients, Ayers said. “With the rise in online remote care, doctors now see their patients first via their inboxes — and the messages just keep piling up,” he said in an interview with Fox News Digital.

Congress Reintroduces the Pasteur Act Last week, Senators Michael Bennet (D-CO) and Todd Young (R-IN) and Representatives Drew Ferguson (R-GA) and Scott Peters (D-CA), reintroduced the Pasteur Act in Congress. The bill was initially introduced in Congress by Bennet and Young in September of 2020. Bennet and Young along with Representatives Mike Doyle (D-PA) and Ferguson reintroduced the bill in June 2021. “The PASTEUR Act brings together the public and private sectors to address these drug development market failures, increase public health preparedness, and help usher in a new era of antibiotic development,” said Ferguson in a statement. “This essential legislation will also improve appropriate antibiotic use across the healthcare system while enhancing and safeguarding new antibiotic development. Simply put, we must act now to keep research and development from falling behind.” The prospective bill looks to create solutions to encourage innovative drug development targeting the most threatening infections, improve the appropriate use of antibiotics, and ensure domestic availability of antibiotics when needed. One of the key components of the bill is the subscription model. The Pasteur Act would establish an innovative payment contract where the federal government invests in highly novel antibiotics and antifungals through installment payments in exchange for free access to developers’ drugs in government programs once available.

Obesity drug industry could be worth $200 billion within the decade, says Barclays, as market valuations grow The burgeoning weight-loss drug industry, which is whetting investors’ appetites with its pledge of combatting global obesity rates, could be worth as much as $200 billion within the next decade, according to Barclays bank. Dubbing obesity “the story of this decade,” Barclays’ head of European pharmaceuticals equity research said that, based on investor feedback, the bank’s previous valuation estimate may have been overly conservative. In a research note released last week, Barclays said that the global obesity therapeutic market could be worth $100 billion by around 2030. However, Emily Field elevated that estimate Wednesday. “Immuno-oncology was the story of the last decade. It feels like obesity is the story of this decade,” Field told CNBC’s “Street Signs Europe.” “We think it can get to a $100 billion market,” in the next 10 years, she said. “Maybe it could be even double that if this keeps going and we really see higher penetration.” Weight-loss drugs have become a hot topic as public heath authorities and pharmaceutical companies seek to find solutions to the growing obesity epidemic. According to the World Health Organization, global obesity rates have almost tripled over the past decade. It is currently estimated that 1 billion people are clinically obese, of whom around 650 million are adults, 340 million are adolescents and 39 million are children.

Quitting Lilly’s obesity drug tirzepatide may be difficult for many patients, exec says On a day when Eli Lilly revealed stellar trial results for its obesity hopeful tirzepatide and spent more than half of its quarterly earnings presentation discussing the drug’s prospects, there was a disquieting side note. Using tirzepatide might be a lifetime decision. “Unfortunately, tirzepatide is probably like every other drug we have which requires you to take it to continue to get the benefits,” Dan Skovronsky, M.D., Ph.D., Lilly’s chief scientific and medical officer, said during a conference call. With the success of Novo Nordisk’s diabetes and obesity duo, Ozempic and Wegovy—which have been fueled by impressive efficacy—Lilly has generated similar interest with its rival treatment. Tirzepatide, which Lilly has commercialized as diabetes drug Mounjaro, won an FDA approval last May after it topped Ozempic in a head-to-head trial. In the first quarter, Mounjaro raked in $568 million in sales, with all but $32 million coming from the United States. In trial results posted early on Thursday, overweight and obese diabetes patients lost an average of 15.7% of their body weight, for a median loss of 34 pounds, over 72 weeks when taking the medicine. Analysts have pegged its peak sales in this indication at a staggering $25 billion. But because it is relatively new, little is known about the rebound effects when patients go off the drug.

Questions of The Day!

Hello rsb and super d! Can you speak on your opinion of selenium vs glutathione vs asthaxathine. Forgive spelling. Which one is more powerful antioxidant. If you could pick only one to take.


What would you think is the best remedy for hepatitis b vaccine side effects. I also got the HPV one at the same time. I am pretty much allergic to everything. Prior to that I didn’t have any allergies whatsoever. I noticed my stomach acid disappeared and then chronic fatigue and chronic brain inflammation and then of course chronic depression. I tried chloride dioxide, silver, zinc, copper. Coffee enemas, probiotics, high dose vitamin c, infrared sauna, foliumpx, French clay, red clay, alkaline water, zeolite…countless other things. I would really appreciate if I can consulte with you. It cost me to drop out from a chemical engineering degree in junior year and now it’s 8 years after that and still didn’t get to the bottom. I tried Keto, vegetarian… I don’t know if I left any stone unturned. Mushrooms, lions mane, cordyceps, a blend of 10 or more. Pectasol… ivermectin. Sweet wormwood. Amino acids..
Fasting for 30 days. The inflammation just doesn’t want to go away. I would really appreciate speaking with you personally. I knew about you from the truth about cancer and you are one of the doctors that do honestly know what they are talking about. I tried chromium both forms. I first thought it was the missing piece because I did notice my blood sugar was dropping upon getting sick. And I took so much silica because I thought the aluminum adjuvant. Which I’m still doubtful of because it contains amorphous silica, the HPV vaccine. So I wonder if normal silica with be able to chelate that fumed form of aluminum, a true poison. Because I feel like what they say they use aluminum for is the stimulate the immune system through inflammation, in my case they gave me a lifelong inflammation. Thank you for standing and speaking the truth.

Hour 2

Special Guests – Jamie Dorley and Kristine Glein

Jamie Dorley has been involved in the natural health field in a variety of capacities for over twenty years. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree from Slippery Rock University in community health,  and certification from the American College of Sports medicine as a certified trainer, Jamie’s career includes having counseled and coached athletes, executives, and school teams, and many years serving as a sales executive and formulator for several national nutritional and sports supplement companies. As co-founder with Dr James Winer of Nutritional Frontiers, Jamie is the current CEO and  oversees the formulation and distribution of premium therapeutic quality nutritional supplements through health professionals nationwide. His expertise is highly valued by the many patients whom he has helped with a wide variety of health challenges since joining the staff of Winer Wellness Center in 2007.

At Nutritional Frontiers we take tremendous pride in the partnership we have with all of our clients. It is an incredible time right now for natural healing and the supplement industry and we are at the forefront. The quality control standards with the new cGMP regulations are at an all-time best and the technology with new delivery systems are maximizing compliance, absorption and results. We have surveyed thousands of people requesting non-tablet supplements and we have listened. During the past year we have introduced over 30 new formulations utilizing cutting edge and unique delivery systems such as powders, liquids, sprays, sustained released tabs and chewable’s. All of our formulas are 100% guaranteed to meet label claim! We must look beyond just meeting label claim and we do so by using therapeutic dosing, bioactive forms of ingredients and all natural inactive ingredients. Our professional team has over 150 years of experience and is consistently learning the newest research. We are the first concierge service for natural healthcare professionals and patients. At Nutritional Frontiers the healthcare professional and patient always come first. Nutritional Frontiers provides a 100% money back guarantee on all products and services.

Special Guest Kristine Glein

Soul Intelligence™. It’s what gives your life meaning. It’s not just your intuition, it’s your purpose. It’s the WHY behind the WHAT. SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ means that you are in alignment with your mission, vision, values, and purpose. You know it, you feel it. It’s where the practical meets the spiritual. As a turnaround specialist in the corporate world for more than 25 years, I was driven every day to identify people, process, and technology that wasn’t working well together in order to streamline operations and improve business outcomes. In essence, I discovered where the energy was stuck, and what was needed to shift to make the energy flow better for the people and the organization. I help executives get their GAME ON and align their mission, vision, value, and purpose through the use of Soul Intelligence™.  My super power is that I can help identify and eliminate any energy blocks for frustrated executives, struggling teams, and stagnant organizations to eliminate what is preventing the desired successful outcomes.

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