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Doctors couldn’t help. They turned to a shadow system of DIY medical tests Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have created a parallel medical ecosystem with at-home tests, allowing individuals to bypass traditionalhealthcare systems. These DIY tests cover a range of health issues from hormone levels to gut microbiomes, giving people direct access to their health data. This movement is driven by frustration with the limitations and delays of conventional medical systems. Entrepreneurs argue that these tests empower individuals to take control of their health, offering quicker and often more comprehensive results than traditional methods. However, this shadow system raises concerns about accuracy, interpretation of results, and potential health risks from self-diagnosis without professional guidance. Critics fear that without regulation and medical oversight, patients might misinterpret data or forgo necessary medical intervention. Despite these concerns, the trend of DIY medical testing is growing, fueled by technological advancements and a consumer demand for more immediate health information.

Special Guest Paul Engel

Author, speaker, and talk show host, Paul Engel has spent more than 20 years studying and teaching about both the Bible and the U.S. Constitution. That experience helps Paul explain difficult concepts in a way most people can understand. As one manager described, “Paul can take the most complex idea and explain it in a way my grandmother can understand.” Freely admitting that he “learned more about our Constitution from School House Rock (a Saturday morning cartoon) than in 12 years of school” he says that anyone can be a constitutional scholar. Paul can be heard daily on the America Out Loud Network, and is available for events and interviews. You can reach him at paul@constitutionstudy.com


Congress passes hundreds of unconstitutional laws The article argues that many laws passed by Congress are unconstitutional, yet they persist due to a lack of enforcement and public backlash. TheConstitution is described as a tool that is ineffective unless actively used and enforced by those in power. Politicians, judges, and bureaucrats often lack a true understanding of the Constitution, partly because law schools focus on “constitutional law” rather than the Constitution itself. The article emphasizes the importance of public knowledge and action, suggesting that the American people are often unaware of their constitutional rights and thus fail to hold their representatives accountable. It calls for individuals to educate themselves and their communities about the Constitution to ensure their rights are protected and to foster a more constitutionally sound governance.

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Do you get the benefit of red light therapy, using the sauna you advertise with near-infrared
I have the synergy sauna that was recommended in the past


Can you please tell me if there is anything that can be done to make varicose veins on legs go away? Thanks!

Hour 2

HUGE Legal Victory – HFDF Wins Appeal in Ninth Circuit The Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) secured a significant legal victory in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, challenging federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The court’s decision marks a milestone for advocates of medical freedom, asserting that the mandates imposed on federal contractors and employees exceeded legal authority. The ruling underscores the importance of individual rights and governmental overreach in public health measures. The HFDF argues that such mandates violate personal autonomy and constitutional rights. This decision could set a precedent for future legal battles over public health mandates and government authority, reinforcing the judicial check on executive power.

Special Guest Zen Honeycutt

Zen Honeycutt is the Founding Executive Director of the non-profit, Moms Across America, a National Coalition of Unstoppable Moms with the motto “Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids.” Moms Across America’s leaders created over 1,000 community events in all 50 states to raise awareness about GMOs, toxins in the food supply, and other environmental issues that pose risk to the health of our families. The organization’s mission is to educate and empower mothers and others with actions and solutions to create healthy communities. Zen Honeycutt and Moms Across America initiated the first glyphosate testing in America and successfully petitioned Costco to remove Roundup from their shelves. She is the author of UNSTOPPABLE, Transforming Sickness and Struggle into Triumph, Empowerment, and Celebration of Community, the director of a short film called “Communities Rising” and the co-founder of the recently launched program called “The Neighborhood Food Network” whose mission is to create a parallel food system, one street at a time.

Moms Across America and The New MDS: Mothers, Doctors, and Scientists Announce Concerning Results of Infant Formula Testing Commissioned by a Coalition of Consumer Advocacy Groups Testing commissioned by Moms Across America and The New MDS revealed the presence of toxic metals in all 20 tested infant formula brands. The study found aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury in various products, with six brands showing all five metals. While some formulas were less contaminated, no product was completely free of these toxicants. Despite the FDA’s 2021 “Closer to Zero” initiative, no substantial regulatory limits have been set, posing risks like developmental delays, cancer, and neurocognitive issues. The results have prompted advocacy for the Baby Food Safety Act of 2024, aiming to enforce stricter regulations on toxic metals in baby food. The research highlights the need for increased regulatory action to protect infant health.

Unhappy Meals: The secret toxic ingredients in high school lunches High school lunches in the U.S. are found to contain numerous harmful substances,including pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. Testing by Moms Across America revealed 95% of school lunch samples contained glyphosate, a suspected carcinogen. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been criticized for ignoring studies linking glyphosate to cancer. Additionally, 74% of lunches contained harmful pesticides, 21% had veterinary drugs, and all contained heavy metals. These toxic ingredients are linked to various health issues, including cancer and developmental problems. The reliance on genetically modified crops and pesticides in school food is driven by the biotech industry’s profit motives, often at the expense of children’s health. The article calls for urgent regulatory action to ensure safe, healthy meals for students.

Welcome to “Homeopathic Hits” on The Robert Scott Bell Show.
Today, we’re focusing on Bismuthum Subnitricum, a homeopathic remedy derived from the oxides of bismuth and nitric acid.
Known for its significant impact on stomach issues, digestive problems, and ear infections, Bismuthum Subnitricum offers a natural approach to managing a range of conditions.
Let’s explore the therapeutic benefits of Bismuthum Subnitricum and how it can support overall health.

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