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Pfizer, Moderna Spend Millions on Ads Featuring Catchy Phrases and Celebrities to Push COVID Shots
Pfizer and Moderna are investing heavily in advertising campaigns, featuring celebrities and catchy jingles, to promote their COVID-19 vaccines. These efforts come amid significant stock market declines and growing resistance to mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. The article highlights Pfizer’s use of celebrities like Martha Stewart and John Legend, and Moderna’s “Spikevax that body” campaign, as part of their strategies to increase vaccine uptake. This push for vaccination is seen as a response to low public interest in receiving updated COVID-19 shots, despite the companies’ efforts to normalize and encourage vaccination through these high-profile ad campaigns.

Special Guest Dr. James Johnston, DO


Comment of The Day!

Hi Robert – on your November 1 show you said that reincarnation was once part of Christianity but that the Council of Nicaea voted it out. I’m not sure where you learned that but it is not correct. here is a link to one explanation of what the Council was for “the Council of Nicaea was the first council in the history of the Christian church that was intended to address the entire body of believers. It was convened by the emperor Constantine to resolve the controversy of Arianism, a doctrine that held that Christ was not divine but was a created being. The council deemed Arianism a heresy and enshrined the divinity of Christ by invoking the term homoousios (Greek: “of one substance”) in a statement of faith known as the Creed of Nicaea.” Britannica
You are welcome to believe in reincarnation but I am hoping you won’t say those words again since they are untrue…as Super Don mentioned at the end of the show that words have power can do harm or lift a person up and someone who isn’t a strong Christian can spread this falsehood. I’m listening to this podcast a few weeks after airing as I just get behind due to life’s schedule. I appreciate so much of what you teach and what your guests bring and I really enjoy the teaching about homeopathic remedies…thanks and blessings. – Jane+Avis

Hour 2

Americans Under 30 Don’t Trust Religion — or Anything Else A recent series exploring why Americans are moving away from organized religion reveals that those under 30, known as ‘nones’, are the least religiously affiliated. This demographic shift is attributed to a combination of factors: fewer young adults being raised by religious parents, greater social acceptance of non-religious identities, and a cultural association between conservative political beliefs and Christianity. Ryan Burge, a political scientist, notes that at least 40% of Gen Z are ‘nones’, preferring to avoid choosing a side in religious matters. This trend is further distinguished by a marked distrust in major institutions among the under-30s, not just religious ones, leading to a reluctance to associate closely with any defined group.


Special Guest Chris Hoar

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In the wake of current world events, particularly the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza, the importance of being prepared for any situation cannot be overstated. A satellite phone becomes an indispensable tool in scenarios where traditional communication infrastructure is compromised or non-existent. Here’s why having a satellite phone is a smart choice, along with scenarios where it could be life-saving for you and your loved ones:

1. Natural Disasters

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2. Remote Travel

For those who venture into remote areas where cell service is unreliable or unavailable, such as deep-sea fishermen, hikers, or journalists in conflict zones, satellite phones can be a lifeline in emergencies.

3. Political Instability and Conflicts

In regions experiencing political unrest or military conflicts, communication networks may be shut down to control information flow. A satellite phone allows individuals to bypass local networks, ensuring they can reach out to the outside world.

4. International Crises

During international crises, such as the current situation in Israel and Gaza, where airstrikes and hostilities can disrupt daily life and communication, having a satellite phone ensures that you can maintain contact with others and access vital information.

5. Pandemics

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7. Power Outages

Satellite phones do not rely on local power grids, which can be crucial during extended power outages, allowing users to communicate when most needed.

8. Search and Rescue Operations

For search and rescue teams, satellite phones are essential in coordinating efforts, especially in vast, unpopulated areas where traditional communication is not an option.

Current Events: The Situation in Israel

The ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza, as reported by AP News, has led to a significant loss of life and destruction of property. With Israel taking “overall security responsibility” in Gaza indefinitely and the heavy fighting, communication lines are likely to be affected. In such a scenario, a satellite phone could be a critical tool for those caught in the conflict to reach emergency services, contact family members, or coordinate evacuation.

In conclusion, a satellite phone is a smart investment in preparedness for a wide range of scenarios. It provides a reliable method of communication when all others fail, which can be the difference between life and death in critical situations. Given the unpredictable nature of current world events, such as those unfolding in Israel, the value of a satellite phone cannot be underestimated.

Source: AP News


Comment of The Day!

Dear Robert and Super D, I bought my first jar of Folium Px, but I haven’t taken any yet. It occurs to me that if one of its purposes is to release metals from a person’s body, am I being counterproductive? I take copper hydresol and silver hydresol regularly…two metals. I also take zinc, magnesium, and selenium. Will my body be confused while I am taking these metals and at the same time taking folium Px? (Perhaps I should be asking this question of BAO Health Resources). Doreen

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Today, we’re exploring Cina, a homeopathic remedy primarily used for treating symptoms associated with worm infestations and conditions of nervous irritability in children.
We’ll delve into how Cina can be beneficial in these scenarios.

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