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One Health: Climate Vaccines Are Coming For The Cattle, Then For Humans
Climate vaccine developer ArkeaBio, backed by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures, is creating vaccines to reduce methane emissions from livestock by generating antibodies against methane-producing microbes. This initiative, aimed at fighting climate change, may expand to humans, with entities like the World Economic Forum and pharmaceutical companies exploring mRNA injections for global warming mitigation. The pharmaceutical industry’s push for climate vaccines raises concerns about potential mandates and digital health passports displaying climate vaccine status, potentially restricting travel for those not compliant. Critics argue this approach threatens individual freedoms under the pretext of addressing climate issues.

Cancer drug pollution is a growing global concern
Cytostatic drugs used in cancer treatment are entering aquatic ecosystems through wastewater, posing significant threats to wildlife, particularly fish. These drugs, not fully removed by treatment plants, disrupt thyroid function and development in aquatic organisms, raising broader ecological concerns. As the use of these drugs increases, their presence in water sources also risks human health, especially for children. To mitigate these impacts, improved disposal practices, advanced treatment technologies, and stricter regulations are essential. Ongoing research is crucial to fully understand and address the long-term environmental effects of these pharmaceuticals.

Op-ed: If Bayer really wanted to stand with farmers, it would stop selling them toxics
Bayer’s promotion of glyphosate as safe contradicts evidence linking it to cancer and other health issues. Internal documents reveal Bayer (and Monsanto, which Bayer acquired) knew of these risks for decades while engaging in extensive PR campaigns to shape public perception and influence regulations. Glyphosate’s widespread use has also led to the rise of superweeds, imposing significant costs on farmers. Despite ongoing lawsuits and mounting scientific evidence, Bayer continues to market glyphosate heavily. Critics call for the EPA to heed scientific findings and remove glyphosate from the market to protect public health and the environment.


Welcome back to “Homeopathic Hits” on The Robert Scott Bell Show.
Today, we’re exploring Badiaga, a homeopathic remedy made from the freshwater sponge.
Known for its effectiveness in treating bruising, muscular pain, and skin conditions, Badiaga is a valuable remedy for those dealing with physical trauma and soreness.
Let’s dive into the therapeutic benefits of Badiaga and how it can support recovery from injuries and improve overall well-being.

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Special Guest – Michael Boldin

Caught in the Crosshairs? How Geofence Warrants Turn Innocent People into Suspects
Geofence warrants, which allow law enforcement to request location data from tech companies like Google for all devices within a specified area around a crime scene, are facing increasing criticism for turning innocent people into suspects. These warrants can capture data from anyone in the vicinity, often leading to privacy violations and wrongful implications. Critics highlight that geofence warrants lack precision, making it easy for people who happened to be near a crime scene for unrelated reasons to be targeted by police investigations. Instances where innocent individuals were wrongfully accused due to being near a crime scene underscore the ethical and legal concerns surrounding this surveillance method. The broad scope of these warrants raises significant privacy issues, as they enable mass data collection without individual suspicion, leading to potential abuse and miscarriages of justice. Advocates for privacy rights argue for more stringent regulations and oversight to prevent the misuse of geofence warrants and protect citizens from unwarranted surveillance.

Greg Abbott Vows to Defy Joe Biden Again
Texas Governor Greg Abbott has pledged to defy any new pandemic agreements that President Joe Biden signs with the World Health Organization (WHO), arguing that such accords undermine the sovereignty of the United States and Texas. Abbott’s announcement follows a pattern of resistance against federal directives, including those related to border security and protections for transgender students. In a recent statement, Abbott expressed his commitment to opposing the WHO’s proposed pandemic agreement, which he believes could grant the international body excessive control over U.S. public health policies. This stance aligns with the views of 24 other Republican governors who have voiced their opposition, fearing that the agreement could lead to a global surveillance system and mandate medical treatments. The governors argue that such measures would strip elected representatives of their authority to set public health policies and compel compliance with WHO directives. Abbott’s position reflects broader conservative concerns about national sovereignty and the overreach of international organizations.

To the Governor: Louisiana Passes Bill to Make Gold and Silver Legal Tender
The Louisiana Senate has unanimously approved a bill to recognize gold and silver as legal tender, sending it to the governor for final approval. This legislation, proposed by Senator Mark Abraham, stipulates that any gold or silver coin, specie, or bullion issued by any state or the U.S. government will be accepted as legal tender in Louisiana. The bill also includes provisions that allow individuals to refuse gold and silver payments unless agreed upon by contract. If enacted, Louisiana will join Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Arkansas in reestablishing constitutional money. This move aims to provide an alternative to Federal Reserve Notes, promoting the use of sound money and potentially boosting the state’s financial independence and economic stability. The adoption of gold and silver as legal tender is seen as a step towards undermining the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money, encouraging the use of precious metals in everyday transactions, and fostering a more resilient local economy.

4 Biggest Threats to Liberty: Founding Fathers Warned Us
The Founding Fathers identified four major threats to liberty: ignorance, arbitrary power, consolidation of power, and compliance. Ignorance undermines informed citizenship and democratic governance, as a populace unaware of their rights is less likely to defend them. Arbitrary power, exercised without accountability, poses a direct threat to individual freedoms and justice. The consolidation of power, particularly at the federal level, erodes state sovereignty and individual rights, leading to a centralized government that is more prone to tyranny. Lastly, compliance with unconstitutional laws and mandates weakens the foundations of liberty, allowing overreach and tyranny to flourish. These historical warnings emphasize the necessity for vigilance, education, and active resistance against encroachments on freedom. Protecting liberty requires a well-informed citizenry, robust checks on power, and a commitment to uphold constitutional principles to prevent the erosion of the republic and safeguard individual rights.

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